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  1. That's really funny. You make it sound like you don't like the fact that the card dealing is too random, and instead you want them to develop an "algorithm" to make it fairer for the stronger players (ie. you). In other words, you want them to rig the game, stack the deck, in your favor. Care to describe this magical algorithm of yours that would make the game "fair" (ie. so that you don't lose so often)? Something like "if I have a pair of picture cards or aces in hand, I must never lose", and similar rules?
  2. That's the very point! And it should definitely stay. If someone jumps the gun, he is indeed giving information to other players about his actions. Thus don't jump the gun! Likewise you can use it to fool people. For example when you are on the big blind, make a raise before it's your turn, and it will look to other players that they will not get into the round by limping, and it might induce them to fold. Once your turn comes, you can cancel your action if you so wish. That's one of the most beautiful parts of this particular game. Mind games. Most definitely do not get rid of it!
  3. Perhaps you don't understand the difference between "ranking system" and "ranked games".
  4. No. You must be confusing me for somebody else.
  5. Nowhere did I say I don't like the ranging system. Perhaps try some reading comprehension, even if it might be difficult for you.
  6. Don't get beaten by weaker players. It's simple.
  7. I can find you on youtube not one, but two different instance of real-life poker where a player got quad aces and another a royal flush. The probability of that is approximately one in 163 million. Are you saying it's impossible because it's so unlikely?
  8. Maybe English is difficult for you to understand, and thus therefore you can't understand what the sentence "I think the ranking system is ok" means. If that's the case, I could try using simpler English and try to explain it to you.
  9. I'm not the first one to note this, but anyways... I think the ranking system is ok. However, there's one frustrating, and tiresome aspect of it: When I join a ranked game, I have zero choice over who I will be playing against. This means that if I happen to be put against people who are all over a 100 points below me, this means that I have very little to gain in that game, and a lot to lose. The worst thing is that I'm stuck in that game, unless I want to lose 30 to 40 ranking points (sometimes even more). I just have to endure it, and try to get at least to second place. The higher you get in the rankings, the more often you find yourself in that situation. Very little to gain, a lot to lose. If the amount you could gain is minuscule because everybody else is so much lower in the rankings, then even if you were to win, you would just be wasting at worst a couple of hours of slow grinding, trying to ensure that second or first place. Starting a ranked game is a complete gamble in this sense.
  10. It can indeed be really tiresome when a game just goes on and on, with the big blind raising eg. from 600 to 2100 during the course of an hour, with four players left all that time, doing almost nothing more then folding. It's one thing to play carefully, but it can get really tiresome to just sit there for an hour with players just redistributing their chips among themselves by constantly folding.
  11. That might be so, but perhaps you could ease on trying to explain technical trivialities which, frankly, you seem to have little knowledge of. That being said, that doesn't excuse Wuss^Timmy from acting like a complete jerk.
  12. I don't know if this is intentional, but in this game a sitting-out player, who was in the big blind, left the game (perhaps kicked out by the system?). In the next turn the BB skipped over the next player (me in this case). I was under the gun, and then on the small blind. The big blind skipped me. (Not that I'm complaining. I'm just wondering if this is intentional or a bug.)
  13. This request elicited a feeling of empathy in me. I approve. A cat could also be cool.
  14. Why? The game is already suffering from a lack of players, especially on the PC side, with people sometimes having to wait literally for hours in order to get into a tournament. And you want to restrict it even more?
  15. So where exactly is your proof? Where are your numbers and measurements? The only "proof" you have is the word of a couple of self-proclaimed "smart" "experienced players" who make a completely subjective claim about their feeling the game being rigged. At the same time you completely ignore people who say that they don't see anything wrong with the game, and that they don't experience these claimed inconsistencies. You put too much trust on random people on the internet, and you have a bias.