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  1. If the implication is that the PS4 is noisy with this particular game and not usually with other games, that means that this game is using an unusual amount of cpu time. Just because some PS4's out there are noisy all the time doesn't change that fact in any way.
  2. Uh... I think that the original question refers to the PS4 being noisy with this particular game. The implication being that it's not normal with other games (probably with exceptions, of course). My guess is that the fans running at full speed is an indication of very high CPU use (it's unlikely to be heavy GPU use, as PP is far from being graphically heavy). While some games do require a lot of CPU time, it's not very usual (of course depends on the game). PP doesn't seem like the type of game that would require a lot of CPU, given that there aren't tons of CPU-heavy simulations or other kinds of calculations going on (at least nothing that's apparent). Unfortunately it's not possible to monitor CPU (or GPU) use on the PS4 (at least that I'm aware of), so it's impossible to say what exactly is happening, but if the problem is high CPU use, maybe this is something for the developers to look at. Why is PP using so much CPU? There doesn't seem to be any rational reason for it. Most other games, even much heavier ones, don't seem to stress the console's fans so much.
  3. Actually the "oops" action looks more like a shrug. Could mean "sorry", "what happened?", or something like that.
  4. Quick Chat

    Please make it so that one doesn't have to mute players in order to avoid being spammed messages. Simply add an increasing delay between being able to send messages, with a cooldown period. (In other words, if you send more than two messages too quickly, you won't be able to send a new message eg. for the next 5 seconds. And if you send a message pretty much immediately after those 5 seconds, you get a 10-second penalty, and so on. If you wait for long enough, your "cumulative penalty" lowers.)
  5. Note that movements can be "spammed". Just quickly switch between "check" and "bet" back and forth to see what I'm talking about. I don't think it would be a good idea to show those for every player at all times.
  6. Then why are you continuing it? Go right ahead. I don't care.
  7. It's also possible that reptilians are using their psychic powers to affect the game. But the question is whether you have some proof of that, or are you just throwing wild allegations.
  8. Yes, I'm suggesting exactly that. I think the developers would be highly interested in finding out if their servers are being hacked. You do understand that there's a difference between hacking the console and hacking the server where the card mechanics are being run, right? You cannot affect how the server shuffles the deck from your console, no matter what you do, even if you hack into your console.
  9. I must confess I sometimes can't help but feel a bit sorry about someone who I get the feeling is getting disconnections without their own fault, and are losing their stacks. (I then silence that tiny voice by thinking that this is just play money. They are really losing anything. My heart is cold and dark.)
  10. Some players will consider hiding any possible tells more important than looking foolish. They fear that they can't control their subconscious subtle expressions when they look at their hands or when the next card appears on the table, and that experienced players will notice those expressions.
  11. You are seriously claiming that there exist hacking tools out there which you can download, put into an usb stick, connect it to your console, and have the console run it and hack Pipeworks's server in order to manipulate the cards that the server is generating? Of course you have some evidence to back up this claim, that such a software exists out there, and that Pipeworks's servers are being constantly hacked by it? That some hacker out there explicitly found a security hole in Pipeworks's servers, created an automated tool to exploit that security hole, found a security hole in the Xbox and PS consoles that allows it to run the tool from an usb stick, and is distributing this software for people to use? I'll believe it when you provide some evidence of this.
  12. How is this different from someone simply playing very conservatively? This happens all the time. Heck, I use that tactic quite frequently: Just limp or fold pre-flop, fold if I don't think I will win, and let the other players knock each other out. It's a perfectly legal tactic. There is no rule that says that you have to bet or call if you don't want to. Of course that tactic cannot be used forever. If you play too conservatively for too long, your stack will get smaller and smaller, and as the blinds go higher, you'll eventually find that you don't have enough chips to stay in the game. I myself don't mind people sitting out. It's easy enough to spot, and they can never beat me. It's easy money. The more people sit out, the better it is for me. I'll take their money and the ranking points, thank you very much. Some people have suggested that people who are sitting out would get an icon over them indicating so. Maybe that would be a good solution. After all, 95% of players don't understand it when someone is sitting out, and keep giving them free chips by needlessly folding and checking, when they could just make a minimum raise and instantly win.
  13. I have tried some "normal" online poker games, ie. those that are just a top-view of a table and nothing more, and I find them really sterile and boring. Of course it would get better with time and practice, but they oftentimes feel very daunting and hard to follow. People tend to play very fast, and cards appear on the board in very quick succession, and everything tends to happen very fast and it's hard to follow what's happening. I find very little joy or entertainment in those games. They feel more like just sterile grinding without the flavor. There's also the lack of being able to "read" people in the same way as in PP. You can't see how long or how often they look at their hands, you can't see if they are rushing to the action before it's their turn, there's often no gestures of any kind (and in the few cases there are, they are much more abstract and detached, often eg. just in the form of a speech balloon or such). PP gets a bit closer to the experience of playing a game of poker on a real table with real people.
  14. Are you seriously suggesting that numerous people have hacked into the servers in order to manipulate the cards... in this free-to-play game where there's nothing of real value to gain?
  15. In my opinion, if somebody loses to a guy who isn't even there, it's their own fault.