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  1. Actually it's just enough to go to the game menu (just press the options button). The boost symbols are on the bottom right corner of the screen. From the menu you can also switch your table item (go to the shop/stash submenu).
  2. For some reason there have been lately several people in the habit of "spamming" the game with table refills. As in, they might do it 20 or 30 times during a single game. Not that I'm complaining. It's free rep. It just gives some hilariously ridiculous numbers like this:
  3. I'm not using WiFi for my PS4. I don't have many connectivity problems, but they do happen sometimes. At least a couple of times the problem has been on Sony's side (the PS4 itself says so in the error message, and everything else in my house can connect to the internet just fine). In some places in the world internet connections are much less reliable, and connection problems more usual. Is it fair for them to be punished because of that?
  4. Ah, you were the one talking in the other thread how a console without a disk drive would have more "solid graphics", and how the PS4 is a Korean company. Right.
  5. It would be really nice to get some kind of response to this.
  6. On one hand people complain when they have to wait for hours for the game to start. On the other hand people don't want to play tournament games they don't like. How exactly do you suggest these two opposing problems to be solved?
  7. Yeah, I'm going to call Sony and complain that their servers aren't working. So no, the problem isn't "my connection". And even if it were, so what? I should be punished because my ISP had a temporary problem, which I had absolutely nothing to do with? (And why does everybody think that Wi-Fi has anything to do with this? Firstly, I'm not using Wi-Fi. And secondly, even if I were, it doesn't cause connection problems.)
  8. For the millionth time: If you really think that's a working tactic, then why don't you use it yourself? Kicking people out of the tournament because of a bad internet connection is the travesty. They are losing their coins for no fault of their own.
  9. I'm not really sure I understand the idea with the loot cases. More specifically, I'm not sure why they are granted in such large amounts. Since the update, I have played something like 5 ranked matches, and I have been given 11 loot cases. (I have only opened 2.) This feels like a strangely excessive amount. (Not that I'm complaining per se, as it would feel strange to complain about getting tons of free stuff, but the generosity just seems strange. I don't really understand the idea.) Maybe they become rarer later, or something?
  10. Do you want an option to play, as a Diamond ranked player, against five Bronze-ranked players? Or what exactly is it that you are seeking?
  11. Also, the meaning of the numbers in the "Matched x/y Players" line are obscure. One would think that the first number means the number of players that are suitable for this match, and the second number the total amount of players seeking for a match. However, these numbers will typically be something like 4/11 when the match starts (with 6 players). I don't get it.
  12. The recent update gave us the answer. When you have a bonus that doubles your rep, it will show that 105% (the 5% probably coming from your table item).
  13. I suppose that since the theme of the game is underground poker rings ran by criminal groups, a cliche would be some kind of cellar run by some gang. But that might be too boring and too overused. Perhaps the next venue could break away from that mold and do something completely different and exotic. I lack good ideas at this moment, though.
  14. All other discussion in this thread aside, is there a reason why a higher-quality PRNG isn't being used, such as the Mersenne Twister? I'm sure that a good implementation for the language you are using is readily available. (If it's C++, it's even in the standard library). This would put aside for once and all whether the PRNG is of enough quality or not. I don't think relying on System.Random is such a good idea. And switching to a more high-quality PRNG ought to be a relatively simple change. (And while you are at it, why not simplify the implementation of deck shuffling? A common, and good, wisdom in computing science is that when you try to "improve" a PRNG by adding your own logic to it, more often than not you'll just end up making it worse. The technical reason for this is that achieving high quality in random number generation is quite advanced and meticulous mathematics, and messing up the implementation can very easily just lower the quality, when you don't know what you are doing. Patterns may be introduced that weren't there before. Just use the good old Fisher-Yates shuffle, with that high-quality PRNG.)
  15. I will refer you to this post the next time you post on this forum.