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  1. Players going AFK

    Chipartist - you are defining a different issue than I first posted about. I'm referring to players who intentionally AFK for an entire ranked tournament and are guaranteed 3rd place, and most times 2nd by never playing a hand (not one). It happened to me quite often. Stop replying to the thread if you aren't going to be helpful. Do is a favor and find someone else to troll. I agree with Akheteru and would add a ban (1 hour or a day or whatever) to ensure they don't just jump into another game and do the same thing. But I already deleted the game, so I digress.
  2. Players going AFK

    What do you do about players like tatanjcg84 who go AFK and drag out a tournament, and typically get into money placement because the blinds aren't raised fast enough to kick them out? I've played too many tournaments that have lasted an extra hour because of this and am considering quitting the game, although I like most aspects of it. Frustrating because its happened to me 4 days in a row.