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  1. To me, playing it differently doesn't matter. Sounds like she was committed to her pocket 9s no matter what. I personally would have probably bet a bit more on the flop, maybe a 3/4 or pot size, checked the turn if she called to see if she would lead out or not. I would have seriously considered folding the Kings on the river to that size river bet. It's hard to say without any idea how the person had been playing up to that point and exactly what cards were on the board, but that size bet is either a) and out and out bluff, or b) the nuts. Looks like you were value betting and just got sucked out.
  2. That person had exited the game after the hand was dealt.
  3. The Bubble Hurts So Much

    It was rigged :-)
  4. Cool. Since we're on a post about bad beats, I just assumed. My bad. Still, these don't really show anything about the odds being off all that much. Random hands showing the odds being beaten, whatever they are, just means that it's the 20-30% of the time that you lose that hand. Really, the only way to show that the odds are off on this game is to record a session where you can log 100 hands with something like pocket aces and show that they are beaten 70% of the time. Even 100 hands is a comparatively small sample to gauge, but it would show some evidence. Again, the main reason they seem off to the better than average players is because they're are simply too many people that will play any hand on the flop and will chase any possible hand if they "hit" something they like on the flop. I just spent the evening playng in the $1K ring games. Man, is it crazy there! I goofed off just to see what people would play with, making huge bets on preflop and on the flop, and people came with total junk and still won because everybody was playing with junk. I shoved pre-flop, 4 out of 5 shoved too, leaving everything up to the poker gods and then bragging about their "win" when the get lucky.
  5. @BedsideFungus89 The clips aren't really showing bad beats for the most part. The A 4 off held up to the 8 7 off, the pocket Kings held to the pocket 6's, A 6 vs A 7 suited is a toss-up, pocket 9s to K 9 suited was a suck out, but he had more out than you to better his hand. The guy who beat you with a 6 3 won because the hand was played to the flop without any betting. If you would've placed reasonable bet on the flop, he would have folded to the Jack on the board (of course, this is PP, so you never know) The pocket K's to 8 7 off was a bad beat for sure. Everything else were all-in shoves when they should have probably been played instead. If you don't have pairs in your hand and you shove, you're leaving it all up to the poker gods to decide your fate. A 10 vs 2 3 looks good but let's face it, if he makes his pair on the flop, you're in serious trouble. We're talking odds here, so BOTH have the exact same odds of catching a pair. The A 10 is only better because the villain MUST make a pair to win. I'm not criticizing anybody's play, but really too many of the "I'm tired of the bad beats" is due to bingo play, betting out of position, playing the wrong cards in a bad position and generally other questionable plays. Hell, I'm guilty of them, too. You go on even a minor tilt and start playing stuff you know you shouldn't or you're short stacked and have little choice in the matter.
  6. So, platinum level is much more like "real" poker, then. Makes sense that the top ranked players are playing a "dull" game since good players will only being playing 20% of their hands anyway. Unfortunately, very few people interested in poker ever get to see real poker, as the TV poker shows edit out most/all the "dull" parts, youtube videos only focus on the "WOW" hands and micro/free poker sites get the "all-in, every time!" types that make the game an exciting game of down the river for the win! type playing. That said, I still think that the real culprit to top rank not playing is the game forcing a top ranked player to ONLY play with lower ranked players when there is not enough of the top tier rank to fill out a tournament. I've stated this on several different posts now, but simply put, if 3 Gold want to play a game, then they should ALL be moved down together to Silver and fill out the seats with silver from there.
  7. I made diamond!

    You will only tier down IF you are the ONLY diamond waiting on a game. if 2 or more join, then you will wait until the game fills with diamonds (if it is the highest tier) or until hell freezes over, whichever comes first.
  8. Good luck, my friend. Stay thirsty!
  9. Fully understood. Any comment on the topic at hand, though? :-)
  10. @rockguy24 I've already posted the solution above. @warp added a great idea about the everybody hitting "ready" to signal that they are okay with the game dropping down a level to fill out. While it would be great if multi-platform came along, as this game is basically dead on Steam already, it doesn't look like that is in the cards any time in the near future. I'd add that they really need to work out some of the kinks before complicating them even more with multi-platform play. The reason a lot of top tier players aren't playing is because the risk/reward is too high. They are being forced into be the only rank at that level and playing against everyone at a level lower or provisional ranked. That means that that player MUST come in first in order to gain 10-15 points. A 2nd place will gain 0-9 points. Any finish lower than 2nd is lost points (-15 to -50). So, odds-wise, that's about a 20% chance to gain 10 points, but a 50% chance to lose 15 or more points. Better just to fold (not play).
  11. Club rank not moving

    Club ranks move very, very slowly. You will be around rank 60 or so before you see rank 2 in club rank
  12. The fix is pretty simple. If 2 or more top tier players, we'll use gold here, want to play but not the 6 required to start a tourney, then drop them down to silver so all 3 play in the same game with the silver. As it stands now, drop down only works if there is one gold waiting. 2 or more means endless wait
  13. yeah, @Blaze-Nine, the 1300 was a typo. Meant 1200. And the theory is that you get to play with similar rank more often, but if you're in the top tier, that doesn't pan out, because like I said above. If you're tier level can't generate enough people to field a full tournament, you will be either stuck in lobby hell or you have to be the only person at your tier level before the game will drop you down to a lower tier to fill out the tournament seats
  14. The ranked tournament system is still broken. The major issue is still that the top ranked players cannot really move up because of the way the system determines matchmaking. Right now, Gold is the highest rank on Steam (a couple of people have eclipsed 1300 by a few points, definitely not enough to even attempt a full tournament). If I try to play rank now, I, as a Gold tier player, am forced to play with silver ranked and provisional ranked players only. This is because the matchmaking system has a flaw which prevents more than one gold player, but not enough for a full tournament, to play in the same game. If we have 2-5 gold players sitting in the lobby waiting on a game to start, the system will NEVER timeout and pull from the silver tier the remaining players. The only way that this works is for only one gold tier to enter, then, after some time, the system will drop the gold tier player into the silver ranks. What this means is that, as a gold tier player, if I choose to play a tournament, I pretty much always have to win to increase my point total. 3rd is a guaranteed loss of points. 2nd is iffy at best. Twice now, the game has said that I earned points for finishing 2nd place, yet the leaderboard did not update. Support says that they check this and I wasn't "supposed" to earn any points because I "chose" to play much lower ranked players. This also means that A) their is some sort of display error going on, or B) Support can't correctly figure out how the ELO system works in-game. Neither is beneficial to status of how rank should be working.