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  1. Has anyone considered the possibility that the supposed non-randomness of the cards could be the work of 3rd parties? Seems like a great way to cheat under the radar. Ready-to-go scapegoat and everything, just blame it on the RNG. Granted I don't know the first thing about hacking/modding, nor the willingness to learn. But if I did, controlling the cards is how I'd do it.
  2. However.... Y'all are missing out on a FORTUNE by not offering boosts in the shop. I can attest, from multiple occurrences, that going from having a boost to not having a boost is PAINFULLY grindy. So much so, that I went to the shop just now, credit card in hand, fully committed to buying a 3-day boost, only to find none available. I can't be the only one that's fallen through this gaping hole in your money net.
  3. Ok, so this isn't a bug per se, but could y'all tone down the red glow at the Diamonds table? For one: it's WAY too strong. It shows up on EVERYTHING. Any white clothing is now pink, any black clothing is now brown, and anything even the slightest bit reflective is now red (every single pair of sunglasses, for example). Second: It affects things that it could not logically affect, like shoes, or the bar around the bottom of the table. How does the felt on the top of the table cause the entire bottom half of my shoes (Little Diamonds Dress) to be red?
  4. Prominence Poker is not cross-platform. If you want to play together, you will both need to play on Steam.
  5. "Duplicate" Loot box rewards too low I recently opened a loot box with a Legendary outfit inside (Lace full dress), but since I already own it, I was instead rewarded with 39k chips. I like how I still got *something*, but 39k chips? The outfit itself costs 150k, and it was a Legendary reward. An Epic chip reward gives you 40k. How does it make sense to have an Epic reward pay more than a Legendary?
  6. Think about it tho, If we had an option to start with a 200xBB stack, everyone would use it. The option would only serve to hinder those who don't know about it. Hypothetically: you join a game with a 200x stack. everyone else also has a 200x stack, and one guy has a 400x because he's been playing for a while. "Shenanigans!" You proclaim, "I should be able to start with a 400x stack. This is so unfair to me, the person who hasn't played a single hand yet!". So then a 400xBB option is added, and everyone uses it, and you join a game against a guy who's earned an 800x stack. "Shenanigans!" You proclaim yet again. "I should be able to..." (Spoiler alert: These hypothetical stacks keep doubling ad nauseum.) I agree that having a deep stack is an advantage, but it's not like players can just pull that advantage out of thin air. They have to earn it each and every time they sit down at a new table.
  7. I'd like the ability to play in specific venues of my choosing. At the very least, allow players to set a "favorite" and/or "least favorite" venue, with your preferences being taken into account when looking for a game. I even have an idea for how to pull this off without dividing the playerbase at all: Make every table cross-venue. Ok, so 6 avatars gather at a table, and all 6 of them see the same table... But why does this need to be? Why can't person A see the Kleaners while person B sees the Clubhouse? As long as everyone is in the proper seat, what difference does it make? I guess it could get confusing between tables with dealers and tables without, but you guys & gals are good at your jobs, I'm sure you could come up with a solution for that.
  8. Daily Cut sound bug Twice since the update, I've encountered a bug where the clickety-grinding noise of the daily cut plays endlessly. It seems to happen when I press A just as the numbers begin to scroll. I captured a video of it, in case y'all thought it could be helpful. Otherwise I won't bother to post it. Platform is XB1
  9. Need Help

    "Happy Hour" doubles the rep bonus from any table item that you drink (cocktails, beer, energy drinks). "Havanah Nights" is the same thing, but for items you smoke. These two happen every day at set times. On top of those, each day has its own unique rep bonus for doing various things: Muck-it Monday - the Muck-It rep reward Tourney Tuesday - Playing in tournaments Affiliation Wednesday - Wearing an affiliation outfit Thirsty Thursdays - not a rep bonus per se, but gifting refills is discounted Fanny Pack Friday - Wearing a tourist outfit Sucker Punch Saturday - from the KO rep reward Suave Sundays - wearing a suit or a dress
  10. Oooh, that's pretty. Is that 10 chairs I count at the table? Could we be seeing a hint at 9-handed tables?
  11. the "oops" emote, when timed right, looks a whole lot like your character is saying "wtf?". I often use it as such during a string of bad hands, or when someone is repeatedly going all in pre-flop.
  12. Every, and I mean EVERY emote in this game can be used to ridicule. Even the hand-peek animation can be used mockingly. At least the throat-cut and finger gun animations are silent, unlike the clapping that trolls love to spam. Some people are just un-redeemable jerks. Getting rid of a couple emotes isn't going to change that, they'll just find some other way to mock you.
  13. personally, I think it's too short. I'm not as young & spry as I used to be. Going to the restroom or making a sandwich and getting back to my xbox usually lands me just over the time limit.