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  1. Need Help

    "Happy Hour" doubles the rep bonus from any table item that you drink (cocktails, beer, energy drinks). "Havanah Nights" is the same thing, but for items you smoke. These two happen every day at set times. On top of those, each day has its own unique rep bonus for doing various things: Muck-it Monday - the Muck-It rep reward Tourney Tuesday - Playing in tournaments Affiliation Wednesday - Wearing an affiliation outfit Thirsty Thursdays - not a rep bonus per se, but gifting refills is discounted Fanny Pack Friday - Wearing a tourist outfit Sucker Punch Saturday - from the KO rep reward Suave Sundays - wearing a suit or a dress
  2. Wow.... just wow. Bruh, you're really gonna compare graphics from a small game company in Oregon to a game made by Rockstar; proprietors of one of the most powerful game engines to date, with literal BILLIONS of dollars and hundreds (if not thousands) of employees at their disposal? Tell me, are you the kind of guy that berates & criticizes Little League children for not playing as well as an MLB team? Because that's pretty much what you're doing here. This game doesn't NEED hyper-realism. It doesn't NEED 4k Ultra HD. It's poker. The game could show nothing but a table with an MS Solitaire deck on it, and numerical values for chips, and it would be the exact same game. When you look at the Casino table, can you tell it's set in a Casino? Do the slot machines in the background look like slot machines? When you look at a person, does your brain recognize that amalgam of polygons as a person? If so, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. You talk about this game like everyone's walking around with Final Fantasy 7-style triangular biceps. No wonder Pipeworks isn't wasting their time replying to you. If someone was relentlessly trying to find every little fault in everything *I* did, I'd ignore them, too. I'm not saying Prominence Poker is the best video game in existence, but I dunno what you expected out of a free one. Just go ahead and take a look at the other free games on xbox/ps4/steam (and yes, I'm including the ones provided monthly by ps4 and xbox). 9 out of 10 of them are complete crap, far more deserving of your chagrin. Still not satisfied? Well, you claim to know your way around UE4. Make your own damn game, and shut up about it.
  3. Oooh, that's pretty. Is that 10 chairs I count at the table? Could we be seeing a hint at 9-handed tables?
  4. the "oops" emote, when timed right, looks a whole lot like your character is saying "wtf?". I often use it as such during a string of bad hands, or when someone is repeatedly going all in pre-flop.
  5. Every, and I mean EVERY emote in this game can be used to ridicule. Even the hand-peek animation can be used mockingly. At least the throat-cut and finger gun animations are silent, unlike the clapping that trolls love to spam. Some people are just un-redeemable jerks. Getting rid of a couple emotes isn't going to change that, they'll just find some other way to mock you.
  6. personally, I think it's too short. I'm not as young & spry as I used to be. Going to the restroom or making a sandwich and getting back to my xbox usually lands me just over the time limit.
  7. That was a HUUUUGE step in the right direction, but it's still far from being the standard. Plus, Sony has been less than helpful in that process from what I understand. Currently, Xbox and PS players cannot play rocket league together. Microsoft claims to be all for the idea, but Sony keeps responding with empty corporate non-answers. Side note: I didn't know you were on xb1, kinda surprised I haven't run in to you yet. what format/buy-in do you typically play?
  8. I'm still very much a novice, so I like to see as many different play styles as I can at a table. So long as they aren't the super-aggro type who raises <1/10th of the buy-in every opportunity to do so. Been seeing a lot of them lately.
  9. Says the guy who came here posting about a topic that has already been brought to the team's attention, followed by a bunch of poor-me's and dont-you-know-who-I-am's. Which leaderboard did you say you were at the top of again? Because if it's anything besides "List: Friends" then I'm gonna have a hard time believing you. Especially since you obviously have a problem with letting go of hands that would have won 2 cards ago. Either you're going all-in on the flop, or you just assume that everyone who reps a better hand than you is bluffing. Both of those are gonna turn your chips into salt REAL fast. Speaking of salt, isn't it funny how nobody complains about "the algorithm" when they're the ones getting a lucky river card? Not to sound like a grammar nazi or anything, but do you really expect to be taken seriously when you can't even bother to proofread your own posts? You're coming across like you don't even know the difference between a J and an A.
  10. I sorta like this idea, but I keep my game music muted so I can listen to the radio. I can only hear "All systems go!" so many times before I wanna claw my eardrums out.
  11. If you could play poker with anyone, who would you want sitting at the table? By anyone, I mean ANYONE; past or present, fictitious or historical. Personally, I would want to play with Dave Grohl (lead singer of Foo Fighters), Nathan Fillion, Patrick Stewart, Bill Nye, & Louie CK. (I prefer 6 players over 9). All of them strike me as down-to-earth, laid back people
  12. Poker Playlist

  13. Poker Playlist

    I prefer to listen to instrumental music when I play, and I'm a big fan of hard rock, industrial, and some electronica. I listen to a lot of Karma to Burn, Pelican, Lindsey Stirling, Buckethead, Joe Satriani... pretty much anything with a guitar and no singing. Here's one of my favorites by Pelican
  14. I don't know how you guys feel about emote spamming, but personally, I want to slap people who can't sit still for more than 3 seconds without clapping, or throat-cutting, or chacha-ing the entire time they're there. I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of emote limit implemented. for example, you'd get 1 or 2 emote uses at the start of each hand, with a max of 3-5. Not only would it stop spammers cold in their tracks, it would add that much more value to genuinely used emotes. While we're on the topic of emotes, you could have triple the emote selection by holding RB/LB (R1/L1) when we press the D-pad, since these buttons are only ever used for changing the betting range. Also, I'd like to take some time to talk about timers. I love the idea of timers in that people can't tank a previously smooth-running game. However, I've noticed that a fair amount of players will just simply go afk instead of sitting out. I think that if your run out the clock without so much as touching the controller, then you should start your next turn with a half-clock. Also, every once in a while when I have a big decision to make, the timer feels too short. Maybe add a timer extend feature? It would need a cooldown to prevent people from trolling with it, though.