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  1. Midnight Poker League Event. See our website for further details. Contact Anthony Thitchener on facebook or Xx_Big_ACT_xX on Ps4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/midnightpokerleague/ www.midnightpokerleague.webs.com We play every Friday and Saturday at 11pm eastern. Open to all USA / Canada residents (only)... These eventsd take place on the Playstation 4, and we calculate points and have multi table tourney.. U wont find another league like this.. Dont be too late. our 25th season starts this Friday night.. simply apply on facebook to join the group, and I will hit u up with all info,.. we use Facebook for points updates, signup sheets and results postings... JOIN IN ON THE FUN!.. most competitive players around!~ Anthony Thitchener Xx_Big_ACT_xX _____________________________________________________________________ QUICK SUMMARY OF RULES...... ----OFFICIAL MPL RULEBOOK---- *SCHEDULE* FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 11PM START TIME (EASTERN) SIGNUP SHEETS ARE CLOSED HALF AN HOUR PRIOR TO THE START OF THE EVENT, ---------------------- **MPL ROSTERS** ROSTERS ARE SENT OUT BY Xx_BIG_ACT_xX 10-20 MINS PRIOR TO THE START OF THE EVENT. ROSTERS INCLUDE THE TABLES AND WHO SITS WHERE, AS WELL AS WHO HOST WILL BE. ONCE U RECEIVE THE ROSTER, ITS TIME FOR HOSTS TO START THE TABLE SO IT IS RECOMMENDED TO START LOOKING FOR YOUR TABLE WITHIN MINUTES OF RECEIVING ROSTERS. TABLES START NO LATER THAN 11PM BUT CAN START ONCE EVERYONE ON ROSTER SHOWS. ROSTERS ARE MADE UP BY WHO SIGNS UP AND THE POINTS STANDINGS. THE FIRST EVENT OF THE MONTH IS MADE BY THE FINAL RESULTS FROM THE PREVIOUS SEASON. *TABLE POINTS SYSTEM* Q1: 1- +15 and advance 2- +12 and advance 3- +10 and advance 4- +6 5- +5 6- +4 Q2: 1- +15 and advance 2- +12 and advance 3- +10 and advance 4- +6 5- +5 6- +4 FINAL TABLE: 1- +30 2- +25 3- +20 4- +15 5- +12 6- +10 _________________________ 3 Table Events Q1: 1- +20 and advance 2- +17 and advance 3- +15 4- +11 5- +10 6- +9 Q2: 1- +20 and advance 2- +17 and advance 3- +15 4- +11 5- +10 6- +9 Q3: 1- +20 and advance 2- +17 and advance 3- +15 4- +11 5- +10 6- +9 Final Table: 1- +40 2- +30 3- +25 4- +20 5- +15 6- +12 +2 Pts for each KO **HOSTING** ALL HOSTS ARE REQUIRED TO MAKE TABLES 20K BUY TOURNAMENT GAME.. THEY ARE REQUIRED TO SEND THE FINAL RESULTS FOR EACH POSITION TO Xx_BIG_ACT_xX EITHER DURING OR AFTER THE EVENT. (AS THEY HAPPEN IS PREFERRED) ALL HOSTS ARE EXPECTED TO STAY THROUGHOUT THE DURATION OF AN EVENT AND TO NEVER LEAVE BEFORE THE END OF THE TABLE. HOSTS ARE ALSO EXPECTED TO INFORM BIG_ACT WHEN THERE TABLE IS READY OR WHO THEY ARE MISSING WHEN ITS TIME TO START.. **FREEZING/LOSS OF CONNECTION** WE DO NOT HAVE TO RESTART ANY TABLES ON THIS GAME, BC IT DOES NOT HAVE THE ISSUES WE HAD ON THE LAST ONE. IF A PLAYER LOSES CONNECTION, THEY RECEIVE THE POSITION AVAILABLE NEXT, AND THE TABLE CONTINUES PLAY. **LOSS OF POINTS** A PLAYER CAN LOSE 10 PTS IF THEY SIGNUP AND DO NOT SHOW UP. WE CAN WAIT UP TO 10 MINS FOR A PLAYER AS LONG AS WE ARE INFORMED THEY ARE COMING. IF YOU ARE OFFLINE AND NOWHERE TO BE FOUND AT TIME OF START THEN TABLES ARE RE-ARRANGED AS NECESSARY AND RESUME PLAY WITH THE ABSENT PLAYER BEING DOCKED 10 PTS. A 2ND OFFENSE IS -25 PTS, AND U LOSE 10 EXTRA POINTS ON TOP OF THAT EVERY TIME U DONT SHOW AFTER SIGNING UP. 3 TIMES IN A SEASON MAY RESULT IN BAN FROM THE LEAGUE. **ATTENDANCE** WE ASK THAT PEOPLE BE AVAILABLE BY AT LEAST 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE START OF THE EVENT TO ASSURE THEY ARE PLAYING AND CAN ALSO RECEIVE ROSTERS AND BE READY TO GO. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL ITS TIME TO START TO SIGN-ON OR GET ON THE GAME. WE WONT WAIT. only sign up if u plan to attend. players are not mandated to play and should only signup when they know they can make it.. missing games if perfectly fine, so only play when u can! 1ST PLACE RECEIVES A MPL SEASON CHAMPION BRACELET IN THE MAIL IF THEY ARE POINTS LEADER AFTER THE LAST EVENT IN A SEASON. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE DONT HESITATE TO CONTACT XX_BIG_ACT_XX ON PS4 OR Anthony Thitchener on Facebook.


    Ps4 only.
  3. Looking for players (ps4)

    Eastern Standard Time. (North America players only)
  4. We should have a choice to select BLIND LEVELS when hosting a tournament.. seems like it goes up every 10 minutes.. and makes tournaments last a really long time for some of us.. Having the choice of 5 min blinds would be a great addition!
  5. Looking for players (ps4)

    www.midnightpokerleague.webs.com we play every Friday and Saturday at 11pm.. Multi Table tournaments with qualifiers and final tables.. we track points and crown champions with a real life wrist band (as shown on website) for each champion. always taking recruits.. if interested add me on ps4 (same name as my ID here...) request to join the league by joining on Facebook (USA PLAYERS ONLY).. https://www.facebook.com/groups/midnightpokerleague/
  6. Midnight Poker League PS4

    Sorry so late for reply.. Been very busy... Its more casual and show up when u can.. We keep track of points.. only thing u need is to add me on ps4.. and request to join our facebook group page to be informed and sign up for events.
  7. Midnight Poker League PS4



    Join us on facebook (if u play on ps4 version)... as the first event is on Friday for January... search MPL Midnight Poker league on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/midnightpokerleague/
  9. Did you know you can create community events and earn free chips?

    So with our new month coming up in the Midnight Poker League, I can create events in January and get people to sign up there? If 5 people sign up and RSVP I get the chips?.. I never knew that! Thats pretty awesome... If anyone is intereste din joining us, come be apart of a poker league that has been running with some of the toughest poker competition around... We keep track of league records and champions, and award Championship Bracelets to the Points winners at the end of every season.. Come join us for Season 23 in January over on Prominence for the Playstation 4! https://www.facebook.com/groups/midnightpokerleague/ http://www.midnightpokerleague.webs.com/
  10. I fold instead of checking when I see a free flop, and I got shit cards and there is nothing but high cards.. And I need a beer..
  11. Midnight Poker League PS4

    Still looking for players to compete in the league on weekends. The days are not final, and when we have a roster, we will vote on days and times to play.. Don't be shy.. Hit me up with a friend request and ask for details . I'd be happy to help.

    Midnight Poker League Event. See our website for further details. Contact Anthony Thitchener on facebook or Xx_Big_ACT_xX on Ps4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/midnightpokerleague/ www.midnightpokerleague.webs.com
  13. Midnight Poker League PS4

  14. Ps4 player from frigid Anchorage Ak

    I've played with ya Mitch. Look forward to playing with ya much more.. Hey hit me up on there of ur interested in joining a poker league I ran for a few years on high stake on PS3, and we're starting it back up.. Looking for good players, who respect the game of poker. Lemme know if interested or if u knew anyone who might be.
  15. Thanks SevenSides.. Reading all of this really helps me to understand it all now. They don't do a well job explaining it, but as u explained it, it makes sense now. As an ambassador to this game on ps4 Playing tons of hours of poker, I was still confused on this, so thanks a lot. Helped very much here.