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  1. We're looking into this.
  2. -LN- checking in

  3. Poker Strategy For Beginners; Playing Like A Rock

    I'm wondering if any other high-profile members of the community had anything else to add?
  4. Given this is the first iteration of loot cases, we're going to be doing quite a bit of tweaking in the near future to prevent things like this from happening.
  5. Wanted to jump in real quick. @drew0987 Make sure you read the forum rules. If you have opinions we want to hear them, but make sure you're providing feedback in a constructive manner. Other members of the community are right, it's a one-way ticket to Ban Town, U.S.A. So you have been warned. We do read through all the feedback, and like many members can attest to actually action off of that feedback in our updates. Not everything can be changed, but we do try to fix, tweak, and adjust what we can.
  6. You mentioned that you have a PS4 Pro. Are you using the boost feature? Might try turning that off.
  7. Tournament Lag Outs

    We're keeping an eye on things and will report back our findings.
  8. For whatever reason it seems like the game wasn't able to update. A reinstall should resolve the issue.
  9. Just discovered this game, it's on.

    Welcome to the community.
  10. Interview with Lead Designer Brandon Ulm Enjoy!
  11. We re-applied the update so achievements should show up now (they weren't before). I suspect these issues were related. Did you get a prompt for the update yet? You may need to re-check.
  12. Going to look into this.
  13. Diamond affiliation

    Thanks for the kind words! What would you like to see next? I kinda always envisioned an off the wall funhouse, but than again I've always been a bit of a joker.
  14. Thanks for the kind words everyone. The team worked really hard!
  15. Loot Cases & Shop Rarity