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  1. It's happened to me a few times but more often it's been a damn good fold.
  2. I finally got to play one ranked tourney and one ranked heads up towards my provisional games last night. I took first in the tourney but lost the heads up. I used to think I was good at heads up but I haven't been too successful on that side of ranked. I feel like this has a bit more to do with bad luck against aggressive players but I need to figure out how to be more successful there too.
  3. I have yet to hit diamond this season (although I'm very close at the moment) but being diamond rank hasn't stopped me from playing within the platinum tier. I don't like the risk to reward ratio but I'm confident enough in my ability to place that I've been willing to take that risk. Generally I've found that platinum players are pretty solid so I'm not as fearful of taking a horrible beat there as I would be at gold tier or below. However I do know that a lot of players who hit diamond stop playing for the season. I think this is doubly true for those who sort of "lucked" into their placement. This makes getting an all diamond game nigh near impossible. I personally would love to play all diamond tables more often, and if there is a reasonable way to get diamond level players to continue to play, I'm all for it. I also would love to see more reward for players who consistently hit diamond level each season. After the provisionals and clawing your way back up each and every season, it seems like maybe there should be a greater reward for the consistency than lucking your way to the top.
  4. So long, Prominence!

    That's a shame really. The last few times I've played with you, you were a lot better than the first time I played with you.
  5. Rank Games Gold Level

    Yeah. I was hoping for an easy pot with the raise and at least hoping to see a flop cheap with a narrowed field but I didn't raise big because I didn't want to overcommit myself with a weak ace. I still like my play alright. I like my fold even better.
  6. I was just thinking that it would be nice to be able to mark yourself as sitting out while you're in the queue waiting for players. Since the lobbies take so long to fill I often put myself in one and then wander off to do dishes or something and when I don't quite make it back when the game starts at least players won't be waiting out my full timer for the fold.
  7. Rank Games Gold Level

    Thankfully I've just edged my way back to platinum after a brief jaunt to gold tier. Let me just say gold has lost its luster. I don't see how the play here is much better than silver or bronze. I vote we start a coal tier. By about the third hand of the tournament, two players were all in with a 78os and 36h. I laid low until I picked up an AQos. I raised to $350. Two callers. I won $2650 and they saw my hand. Despite this, when I opened the pot a few hands later to $600 with an A7c, YOLO decided that three-betting me with an A6os was a good idea and then Chowderhead Jones shipped it with K9h. I folded (and would have lost) the best hand but I'm still a bit baffled that these blokes would decide that those were their "best plays" with those hands when the tightest player at the table raised from UTG. Ultimately I couldn't pull out the win because I folded everytime they all decided to jump in the line and rock their bodies with their marginal holdings. By the time the luckbox across from me eliminated the third player, I was severely outstacked. What can you do you know? Anyway I'm attaching some clips for your enjoyment and amusement and I'm glad to be back in platinum. I really don't want to go back to gold turd again!
  8. I have my runs of bad luck but I think the absolute worst thing is when you're running bad and the other heads up player taunts you via message about how much better they are. For the record, it's hard not to be "good" when you hit everything or keep getting high pocket pairs every other hand. I hope he loses all the ranked points he just earned. Dont get me wrong, I don't think he was bad, I'm just not altogether convinced that he's a better player.
  9. 2 color. I'm for a real experience as much as is possible.
  10. I actually go the other way in situations like this. I do my best to rid myself of the "live" players first and then deal with the AFKs afterward but my play itself wouldn't change. I might open up my lead out range a little but I would still be folding my garbage. Eventually either you or the other active players will have hands to raise with and the AFKs will blind out, but raising with everything will likely backfire if and when the live players realize what you're up to and fight back. I actually think that choice is more likely to result in an early exit than tightening up your game. And raising with solid hands should result in you picking up the dead money often enough that you are able to maintain your chipstack to place.
  11. I made diamond!

    I managed to claw my way back to diamond as well. Hopefully next season will go a bit more smoothly.
  12. The Midas Touch

    Lol. Serves him right for calling you with a pair of fives on that flop!
  13. The Midas Touch

    Finally got my first royal on PP.
  14. Agreed. However the emotes don't bother me as much as they used to; I'm much more irritated by really bad players getting lucky over and over. However I guess that can't be helped if they don't want to be better.
  15. I made diamond!

    Good luck. I'm back to platinum but still playing!