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  1. Yeah, slow playing is totally legit. I think what you were doing is considered "hollywooding". Now if your opponent(s) has shoved and you're slow to call (when you undeniably have the winning hand) then you're slow rolling. This is a good example for when slow rolling is acceptable. Hollywooding is another new term for me. I did not see these terms in my online poker dictionary. Yeah, he had just lost 13K. So being slow rolled when he lost his last 6K set him off. I would've been irate too. I was actually looking for a music video before stumbling across the video above. So I didn't listen to what was being said at first. YouTube is always recommending videos for me to watch, it's easy to get distracted. Here's a funny slow rolling compilation I came across:
  2. Yeah, what he did was a jackass move. I didn't catch it at first. I'm about to watch this slow roll compilation video on YouTube. I'm sure it's going to be hilarious. It's almost 30 mins long. Personally, I have no interest in teasing my opponents in such a way. I just want your chips, not a knife in my back lol Slow rolling is for the trolls. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. After watching the video again Deeb did take his time to call on the turn lol He even whispered that he was slow rolling to the player next to him. I can see how that would irritate a player during live poker. It didn't seem like a long time during the first watch. I don't think his first hesitation on the flop should be considered slow rolling, unless it's undeniably excessive. In regards to online poker, I guess slow rolling would be when a player knowingly has won the hand and let's the timer tick before calling. I never see players doing this in PP. Slow rolling could also refer to players who undeniably have the nuts during play and takes their time to make a decision. I've come across these scenarios in PP. Slow rolling, as seen on the turn in the video, is most definitely unnecessary. I didn't know slow rolling was a thing. It has never crossed my mind to make my opponent(s) wait after I've already trapped them or hit my hand. I learn something new all the time with this game.
  4. I'm always watching live tourney videos and I came across this video regarding slow rolling. I've never heard of this term prior to watching this video. So I googled "slow rolling" and it seems as if people have their own definition about what it is. One definition I read stated that slow rolling is when a player knows "undoubtedly" that they have the nuts and take a long time to make a decision. Another definition I read stated it's when a player lays down their winning hand one card at a time after the river. Also, some players think that slow playing and slow rolling are the same thing. Regardless, it seems as if veteran poker players hate this technique. Slow playing a great hand doesn't seem illegal, so I'm perplexed why this strategy would upset anyone; in regards to the video above. Was Deeb "supposed" to raise to signal to his opponent that he had the nuts? I thought the purpose of playing poker is to deceive your opponents in order to take their chips. I don't know.... I would be more upset if my opponent bluffed and then show me their hand, which happens a lot in PP. IMO, slow rolling, as it pertains to the video above, doesn't seem like an awful thing. If Deeb would've raised his opponent probably would have folded. Is a player expected to just grab the small pot in that situation? If it's ever a time to disguise your hand and play for the big pot, hitting quads on the flop is a great hand to do so with. TBH, I would've done the same thing. There's no team in poker, so don't be mad at me if I hit quads on the flop and opt to keep it to myself. Almost everyone at the table took a break after that hand.
  5. Avatar Action Tell

    I have to admit that I'm puzzled by the preset action poll. I never gave poker etiquette too much thought until it was discussed thoroughly in the Tell Sign Functionality topic. I don't think anyone who supports the current setup has a logical reason in doing so. There are plenty of video examples online that show why poker etiquette is extremely important.
  6. Casual Lobby Redesign

    How many configurable options will there be for the turn timers and blind timers? IMO, more than two options would be excessive. I would like to see a normal (current) timer and fast timer for both features: 6-8 minute blind timers for fast play (either or) 25-50 percent cut off current turn timer (either or) Additionally, do y'all have plans to add another venue(s)? Just curious. Thanks for the transparency!!!
  7. Matchmaking

    Have you seen the roadmap in the "news and updates" area? There are some pretty cool changes on the way. I'm so excited!!!
  8. I've been playing H2H matches and I noticed that I only received 10 pts for 1st place. I've only played ideal matches. I thought more points were provided in previous seasons. Has the rating calculations changed for H2H?
  9. Ranked Lobby Redesign

    Yes Yes Yes!!!! The ranked playerbase will be pleased with these changes. Good deal!!!! Are we going to get incentives for the top diamond players???
  10. Casual Lobby Redesign

    I don't understand this part. Everything else looks great!!!
  11. I just lost a 500K casual H2H tourney against a player I beat in ranked H2H. He got upset when I won and challenged me to a casual match. The casual match lasted past 1K blinds, which is a fairly long H2H match IMO. After I gained then loss the chip lead we ended up going all-in. I had a KQ offsuit and he had an A2 offsuit. He got his 2 on the flop. My opponent was direct messaging me during the ranked match. After the match I sent a DM stating "GG (Good Game)". He replied and stated "that it wasn't a GG, that I got lucky, and that Prominence wanted me to win". Then he challenged me to a casual H2H, as I mentioned earlier. I'm sure he thought I wouldn't accept, but I love this game and I will never ever back down from a challenge!!! I gave it my best shot and almost got away with another win, but H2H can be brutal. I lost, it happens. It's apart of the game, like it or not. Additionally, poker players don't get to decide how they win or lose all the time. A player can have a great strategy and still lose. I left that casual match with the same feeling I always have, win or lose. I played a good game, but obviously I should've been better. After the match I sent my opponent a DM stating "GG". He replied and stated "Ok. That's a good game". I wanted to be a jackass and tell him "Prominence wanted him to win", but I'm not a sore loser and that's not my style. I always take my losses in stride and move on to the next match with the mindset to play better and with the hope of winning. Although, it's irritating that my opponent won with a 2 pair during high blinds and that's somehow a better game than the ranked match I won. After this ordeal I thought to myself, "this game has a bunch of ignorant and self-centered cry babies". People who always either blame the game or their opponents. It's freaking ridiculous!!!
  12. Here's another example of a trap that went wrong. My opponent could have easily raised preflop and took my BB. IMO, he most definitely should've raised on the flop, but he let me stay in on the hand. I used to play this way and found some success, until it stopped working and I started getting beat on the turn/river. Obviously, poker veterans know better, but newer players think they can get away with almost anything, not realizing that they may have been lucky in the past. I actually got lucky myself on this hand. I should've raised on the turn, but my opponent was trying to bully me throughout the match and I was expecting him to raise; I most definitely would've reraised. I put 300 on the table to get a reaction. Obviously, I was up against a flush, but my trap worked and I was able to escape with a win Well... back to the slow grind
  13. Well I took a short break from the game to gather my thoughts and watch Starman orbit the earth. I was surprised to start off in the Platinum tier after finishing my provs. Here's some gameplay from my first Platinum match. I didn't start the match off well. I was on a slippery slope and ended up playing from behind. This first hand gave me some life. While I played this hand aggressively, I wasn't expecting to go all-in. I would've been happy to get a small pot, but my opponent put me in a tough situation. Not much here. Just going through the motions. I was hoping my AJ would bring some good fortune, but that wasn't the case. After being patient I came across some playable hands. I wasn't happy with my opponents all-in on my AK, but he had the short stack. I was thinking someone would, at least, have a two pair. I was elated with my full house. I thought about an all-in, but I didn't want to scare away my opponent. He wasn't going anywhere anyway. That 5 on the river had me worried a little bit, but what are the odds. I would've been crushed if he had that 5. Well, this is where I like to be, H2H. I always prefer 1st, but 2nd isn't awful. I really wanted to call her raise on my A3, but that would've been misguided. I wasn't thrilled with her reraise on my AJ. Obviously, I was worried about a flush, but my instincts in this situation wasn't going to let me back down. In hindsight I probably should've folded. Obviously, these videos are heavily trimmed. Some of these hands could've went either way, but that always seems to be the case for me when playing poker. I rarely play matches where I'm guaranteed a win. On occasion I might play a tourney and get great hands, obtain a big chip lead, and win without a lot of resistance. Although, in most cases it's a slow grind to the top.
  14. I'm came across a scenario the last time I played a ranked tourney. The first hand of the match I was dealt a 2 5, (I had the BB). The flop was 2 4 5, I raised to 500. Two of my opponents call. The turn card was a 9. I raise to 1000 with the hope that my opponents fold. One of my opponents calls. The river card was a 5. I like my chances so I go all-in. My opponent calls. He has pocket 4's. My opponent got his hand initially and expected to win with it by trapping me. Sometimes this strategy works, but I've learned that it's better to play aggressive for the small pot instead of trying to win the biggest pot for a presumably good hand. This was a mistake I made a lot in the past, expecting to win with a hand prematurely. I think in some cases traps will work, but trapping players when I already hit my hand on the flop/turn dominated my strategy and mindset; until besidefungus advised me that "any pot is a good pot". Over the past several months I've made an effort to win my hands before the river with better, more precise, bets. I've found a lot of success in this game by doing so. I'm not great at explaining how I play; but I read, I listen, I watch, and I apply all that I can to my strategy. In regards to my opponent with the pocket 4's I would have expected to lose that hand if I didn't play it aggressively on the flop. My wording might not match what I'm trying to imply, but it makes perfect sense in my mind. I ended up winning that match.