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  1. Double Diamond two seasons in a row!!! It's magic... P.S. - Farmer John here's my positive post, and the one above. You missed that one.
  2. I'm back!

    I wish you would compliment my posts!!! Ugh... retired ppl get on my nerves... jk
  3. Morning Poker Event:
  4. I've sailed through the Bahamas once for three days... ....... But I was 13 yrs old and I was on a Carnival Cruise. Does that count? Lol I felt some of Irma's Tropical Storm here in South Carolina. Off subject, but I also witnessed the total solar eclipse here in the Upstate last month. First and last time looking at a total solar eclipse with the naked eye.
  5. TBH... I'm just jealous because you're retired. Sounds peaceful.
  6. You're exactly right! I've been hosting a lot of 100K Tourneys and players play more strategically. I dont see anything wrong with the card generator. I'm sure the 200K game I'm hosting tomorrow and Saturday will be just as competitive.
  7. Warp... It's all good man. You ain't gotta do all that.
  8. Whatever, I'm just stating facts. If I was retired like you I wouldn't give a damn either. You throw me under the bus for my critique of the game, but did you count all my positive posts dating back to August 2016? No you didn't. FYI - I'm on track to have 300 members in my PP PS4 community. Its all good over here.
  9. -LN- checking in

    Hello, Your welcomed to join the Poker Stars Club on this site and the Poker Stars PSN community. Here's some details regarding the community: See you at the tables!!!
  10. Broadcasting Gameplay So I wanted to broadcast some gameplay for my PS4 community on a regular basis. I broadcasted an event yesterday and realized that viewers can see my cards. I watched some gameplay on my tablet during the game. Is there a way to mask my cards during the broadcast? If not, then it makes no sense to broadcast events. I didn't time the delay, but I would hate for competitors at the table to be watching me play during the game.
  11. The Poker Stars PS4 community needs Event Hosts (mods): Here's some details regarding the community in general: We have 200+ players and counting. Come and enjoy some good poker competition!!!
  12. Casual Tourney Games

    Community Event Host (Moderator) Requirements: 1. At least 21 yrs of age. 2. Have at least 1.5 million chips. 3. Play at least 2-3 times a week. 4. Must be patient, prompt, and organized. 5. Can't be a member or moderator of other poker communities. Community event hosts are required to use the current event format exactly: Battle of the Poker Stars for 100 - 200K Tourneys This Means War for 500K Tourneys Poker Domination for 1M Tourneys *Include the territory abbreviation (NA, EU) denoting each territories 9pm event.
  13. Casual Tourney Games

    Hello Poker Stars!!! Welcome to the "best" poker community on PSN!!! Waiting for "public" higher stake games can be a pain. That's the main reason I created this community. I joined and observed other PSN poker communities and was disappointed. Communities should be fun, creative, organized, instructive, engaging, and most importantly ACTIVE!!! That's my goal for this community, but I can't do it alone. In order for this community to function you all have to pitch in. I chose 9pm as a default time because it works best for my current situation. I figured 9pm would be a decent time for the populous also. My situation will not remain the same so I need your assistance. It's simple... help me hosts the default time slots . You don't have to do it everyday or every other day. If you have time to attend a event then you can host a event. It's technically the same thing. We need some good moderators. So if you love poker as much as I do then "step up" so our community isn't the next one to walk down that hallway of poker shame. See you at the tables!!!
  14. It would be nice if the devs rewarded "new" random emotes in loot cases. Just a thought