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  1. This game simply can not compete with the many avenues poker players have on PC. Most PC poker players don't have steam on their PC. I started playing poker on freepoker.org several years ago. When I'm on PC these days I go to wsop.com. When given the option to either download this game from steam or go directly to a poker website, people are going to migrate to the easier, more convenient, option every time. My PC is dated. I can't even download this game. Although, my PC still can access the internet and more. I have no reason to buy another one. I need a laptop, my old one stopped working. The point I'm hinting at is that I'm sure their are people like me who will use a dated PC until the wheels fall off. That's the day when you can't update your PC to the newest Windows. It all falls down from there. That's what happened to my laptop. Now does that mean the devs should give up on PC? Of course not. IMO, a lot of console gamers will switch to gaming PC's in the future. I think steam will continue to gain "more" popularity in the years to come (with the layman). Personally, I've never played a game on steam. I also don't know anyone who plays games on steam. IMO, steam, and PC gaming in general, is for tech savvy people. Whatever techies are doing today the layman will be doing 1-2 yrs from now or more, especially when hardware prices drop (if it ever happens). Most people who buy consoles don't care about specs. They just want a system that works with their flat screen. So all in all, the devs have no control over people's behaviors and that will have an effect on the PC player base.
  2. My brain is still itching lol... I've come to the conclusion that ranked games are not for me. When ranked games were introduced I was elated bc the only option we had prior was casual tourneys. I was happy the devs added a game mode with enhanced matchmaking (w/o partys). Although, the removal of tiered buy-ins is a "big" issue for me. I think the current setup is geared more towards players who have a lower bankroll. I'm currently at 10M and it doesn't make sense for me to grind my way to Diamond anymore to get the 1.5M chip award. I would rather just play ring games and PS community higher stake tourneys. Hopefully, you all will add in-game networking asap for all players, especially since most of your playerbase doesn't participate in communities. As with any game, I'm trying to figure out where I fit in this game, what works best for me. I will play ranked games again if one of the following is added or changed: Tiered buyins. A chip multiplier for top ranked players. A quicker blind structure if the buy-in remains at 10K. The end of season rewards are increased. Before the last update occurred one of my primary goals was to make it to the next tier to play on higher stake tables. My ultimate goal was to play 100K games with other Diamond players. Since the tiered buy-ins were removed I just don't have the motivation to grind out 10K games everyday for 1.5M chips per month. I've made every suggestion that has been on my mind in this topic and previous topics I've created over the past year. Some opinions I think are legitimate concerns, and I'm aware that some might not be (hopefully not all lol). Please don't kill the messenger lol....
  3. I agree. Everything should be fun and enjoyable most definitely. I think it's a great ideal for a table item. I just think it would be hard to keep your pup from running amuck on the table. That's why you need a purse for your pup... The devs could also create a "chihuahua bundle" with clothes, hats, and accessories to match your purse or something like that.
  4. Sparky, I've been thinking about your suggestion. My initial thoughts were "nah, I don't see that happening". But that would make me a hypocrite since I complain about people downplaying my suggestions. Personally, I think it would be kind of weird to have a chihuahua just sitting on the table by itself, but maybe the devs can work something out. What do you think about a "chihuahua purse"? The chihuahua can randomly peak it's head out and the purse can make little movements. The player can also pet the chihuahua.
  5. Well... this was fun! I'll be back in a couple of months to entertain the forum. Hopefully we'll continue to see great updates to this game we love in the near future. Thanks for your time and my apologies for my imperfections. Carpe Diem
  6. It would be cool if you all could turn the loot cases into a mini slot machine of randomized items, and include a trading system for players. You all could possibly gain some nice residual revenues for your future digital content. I was up all night trading crates and digital content on RL. It was a pretty cool experience.
  7. Nothing at all. Although, there's a reason for every sound suggestion. This game will never grow if the hammer is dropped on good (or great) feedback. I think we all expect something different from the game, which is natural. Although, there are a lot of gaming studio forums out there that have members who are much more demanding than this one.
  8. I lost a 1M Tourney two days ago. My KK got beat by a straight on the river. I almost won the match. The very next hand my AQ (QQ on the flop) got beat by another straight on the river. Blinds were high. I would've gained the lead back, but I had to settle for 500k. Things happen, I'm not complaining about it though. Poker and gambling, in general, is full of inconsistencies.
  9. I don't think its a bad ideal to have the blind information shown in small print on the UI for each round throughout the match. Although, it might not be a necessity. It would be nice to have the information on the UI for recording gameplay. P.S. - This forum needs to stop downplaying suggestions made by others. Every sound suggestion and opinion matters. Seek first to understand, Then to be understood.
  10. So I was thinking, the current "quick play" mode is over hyped. In all actuality it's just a "lazy button". While it's nice to be able to jump into a ring game quickly, players can easily go through casual games to get to the same destination. It would be nice if quick play took players to a "sub menu" and then from there players can choose a ring or tourney game based on their "default buy-in". Tourney quick play games could have a 6-8 min blind structure including a fast timer. This mode could include an approximate wait time feature. I think this game needs such a system to keep players in the loop and as a secondary tourney option to the "current" ranked games. Potentially players could gain/lose chips at a faster rate. Additionally, matchmaking would improve for casual tourneys bc players won't be stuck in one tourney for a long time. This would be a happy medium for players who also enjoy fast tourneys similar to the app experience without the games being as short as app based poker (which undoubtedly has millions of players). Why not "try" to tap into that market???? Personally, sometimes I go home during my hour lunch break and play games. It would be nice to play tourneys in those type of situations. Sometimes I have family matters to tend to, and it would be nice to play a quick tourney when I don't have as much time to play ranked games. As it stands, anything is better than the "current" casual tourney matchmaking situation. Although, the current casual tourneys could remain unchanged for players who prefer that experience, public or private. Some players have asked for multi level (table) tourneys in the past, quick play for tourneys could open the floodgates for such a feature. I don't see how multi level tourneys can ever come to fruition with a 15min blind structure.
  11. Casual Tourney Games

    The Poker Stars PS4 community has been removed. You're welcomed to join "Prominence Poker Legends" to play higher stakes casual tourneys. This community is always accepting new members and is actively searching for more North American (and European) event hosts. I'll be hosting 200K Tourneys on Wednesdays at 9pm US EST. See you at the tables!!!
  12. I recently joined the Prominence Poker Legends community. It's the go-to for higher stakes casual tourneys on the PS4. Thanks for the invite sparky! FYI - I'll be hosting 200K Tourneys on Wednesdays, 9pm US EST.