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  1. Excuse the stupid question--but will PS4 be getting the "Popularity Meter" with this update or is that only for PC? I just downloaded PP on my new laptop, and it's like a whole new world for me over there. lol
  2. I know what blinds are. lol I just want to see what current blinds the table is at. Some people don't pull up the betting wheel every hand.
  3. If you're able to, please add what the current blinds are during a hand. I know it shows when the blinds are paid, but having it shown near the bottom left hand corner would be nice. I'm not sure if having the current blinds listed in that area would be too crowded.
  4. Wiz, I paid money on Overwatch for the game. I do not spend money on loot boxes as I earn free loot boxes when I level up. Just like I earn free loot cases in PP when I rank up. If PP wanted to add loot case packages in the PSN store, that would be pretty cool. They would have a certain number of players who will purchase those packages. Personally, I am not one of them and that's OK. Rocket League doesn't get my money either, unless they have a really cool car I want. Otherwise, I'm a cheapskate and use my money for real life necessities. You don't know how much PP is earning off their chip packages. Why are you so adamant on PP adding more paid digital content? It wouldn't be a horrible idea, I mean, they know how to make a profit. But coming at it this way seems very demanding. Like, if you don't get your way with the demand of paid content you will quit playing the game again.
  5. We have unranked quick play and unranked tournaments, although the tournaments for unranked are not "quick" play. They are still there. Adding unranked quick play tournaments seems kind of like a waste. We have in-game chat, unless you are talking about in-game text chat. PP is more than likely making money off of their chip packages in the PSN store. I'm not sure what else you want them to add in regards to paid digital content.
  6. Great, thank you! Any word when this update will go live on PS4?
  7. I play another casino game on the PS4 on occasion. Their poker tables increase the blinds way too quickly and it sucks the fun out of the game. If PP followed their blind increases, it would turn me off from the game completely.
  8. What is/was broken? The game has had no major issues as far as I can recall and I've been playing since its release.
  9. Inactivity

    How would you like to see this "sit out" addressed? Any time I use the sit out option (because kids...), the timer is 10 minutes. If I am not mistaken, if the timer runs out, I get booted from the game. The player in question who was "sitting out", was probably letting the timer run out on purpose to play mind games with their opponents.
  10. Could we possibly receive incentives for completing the daily and weekly challenges for consecutive days/weeks? Example: If we complete our daily challenges 7 days in a row, we receive a rare loot case. If we complete the daily challenges 14 days in a row, we receive an epic loot case, 28 days in a row we receive a legendary loot case. If we complete all weekly challenges in a month, we could receive a legendary loot case for that as well. (My bad if I got the order of loot cases out of order... lol)
  11. I've never seen anything like that before. I play on PS4 though.
  12. It's totes feasible based on my selfish, poker addict calculations.
  13. I once received 25,000 rep for refilling one of our tables for Battle of the Poker stars. It was insane. So it definitely explains why people would want to constantly spam the button. I wonder how long it will take the career spammers to see that the rep has been drastically decreased? lol
  14. Yeah, this was a ranked tournament.