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  1. Hollywooding? There are too many terms. Just going to play poker and be labeled whatever.
  2. I'll "play dumb" and slow play depending on the table I am at and who I am playing with in PP. I don't play poker in real life and would never do that at a live table. However, in PP, I'll do this if the table is full of all-in dweebs. I'll play dumb and let them push their whole stack in and I'll happily take their chips after taking forever to figure out what I'm going to do with my Full House, 4 of a Kind, or Straight Flush.
  3. Not sure if I suggested this already or not... ignore if I have. Can we get new hair and make up combinations in the future? Can you add necklaces for accessories? I love the long gowns in the game and would love to give my character a really beautiful necklace to go with her outfit.
  4. Original. The only different thing we did to our PS4s was update the hard drive to a 2 TB, but that wouldn't have an affect on the noise level. lol
  5. That would be really cool.
  6. Mine is quiet with all games. I'm constantly cleaning the dust on and around the PS4 and it's in an open, ventilated area.
  7. blinds

    4.2 or 4.8... not sure which one it was. I was hosting a 200K tournament and that game went on for two hours. lol
  8. My household has two PS4's and my husband & I enjoy playing poker at the same table. We do not collude. We play for fun in ring games. We both wanted to play at a poker table in another casino game, but we are not allowed to sit at the same table if we share an IP. It's understandable because there are some not-so-honest people who play online poker. When PP came out and we realized we could play at the same table in this game, we were excited to be able to play poker together. It's not a bad idea to add an icon that shows people at a table who share an IP. My only concern is, other players may automatically assume that those two people are colluding and report the players if/when a report feature is added. Hell, I've been accused of colluding with a random stranger because we shared the same affiliation (hearts) and a member of the club affiliation didn't like that we kept beating his hands. It was kind of funny at the time listening to this guy lose his crap, but being reported to PP for something that I am not even doing would get old really fast. Especially if it could potentially ban innocent players from the game. DPack is right. People will abuse your report function. However, you can put a stop to it and suspend/ban those who continuously submit false reports.
  9. Just going to comment on the length of the seasons... I wouldn't mind the seasons being 45-60 days. This gives everyone sufficient time to reach the higher tiers and not have to wait so long for their end of season payouts.
  10. Could we get some new table items, please? Basket of tortilla chips w/ salsa Popcorn Candy Hot dogs Pizza Sliders You know, finger foods or something like that. Some of us getting really hungry while playing when blinds are at 2.1k/1.1k and there are still 5 players at the table.
  11. Would it be possible to let us control when our characters pick up and look at their table item instead of having it be random? There's nothing funnier than intimidating someone with a candy cane shank while waiting for them to decide their next move.
  12. Excuse the stupid question--but will PS4 be getting the "Popularity Meter" with this update or is that only for PC? I just downloaded PP on my new laptop, and it's like a whole new world for me over there. lol
  13. I know what blinds are. lol I just want to see what current blinds the table is at. Some people don't pull up the betting wheel every hand.
  14. If you're able to, please add what the current blinds are during a hand. I know it shows when the blinds are paid, but having it shown near the bottom left hand corner would be nice. I'm not sure if having the current blinds listed in that area would be too crowded.