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  1. I might do it, I might not. I'll never tell my secrets.
  2. The devs aren't going to refund you $100 because you make poor decisions in a game.
  3. Farmer John has a point. The game won't fall apart if one person stops playing.
  4. New emotes would be nice. - Blow kiss - Thumps Up/Down - Cheer (could replace one of the dancing emotes to a cheering one)
  5. I'm sure the developers will address your concerns soon. They have other things to do than read a forum all day. Patience goes a long way.
  6. Glad you brought this up. I've had so many refills lately too and didn't know why people were suddenly so generous in the game. lol
  7. This was uploaded last August when the game first came out. When I downloaded the game when it first came out, I got a 100% rep bonus for three days. This would probably explain that players boost over 100%. Not sure about anything recent, as of today and beyond. With the addition of the Diamonds affiliation, we all got another 100% rep bonus for three days.
  8. Match Making

    Matchmaking is very fast since this new update. However, I'm still in silver and working my way up to gold. I play at all kind of odd hours. One day will be like 9am CST, then another game at 1pm CST, maybe a few more around 9pm CST. All the games start within a few minutes. I know when I made it to platinum a couple of seasons again, it took about 20-30 minutes to find players for a game. Be patient! If it's taking awhile to find a game, I do a couple of little chores until it's game time.
  9. Loving the new update! I wasn't expecting the update today on PS4. Thanks PP!
  10. Hello, this is the first time I've finished my provisional matches in the head to head tournaments. It says we get 40K for winning a match, but I only received 10K. Is this payout incorrect like the normal games? Thank you!
  11. Love this new theme! Thank you!
  12. All of this sounds great! Looking forward to the update on PS4. Thanks!
  13. Looking forward to the news!
  14. Yes! I want a "thumbs up" or something like that. I always just wave at the person who refills my drink. The waving emote doesn't seem right to use in that situation though.