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  1. Finally!

    Congratulations! It’s a tough haul.
  2. And more venting. Short stacked and all in w/ suited AJ v A7. Villain hits his seven on the river could it be the 7 of spades along with the other two spades that were on the board? Of course not That would be what the kids would call “good” luck. All in on the turn w/ a straight to the 6 vs chip lead with two pair, queens and deuces. Four outs assuming nobody else has a Q or a deuce. Hits the Queen for the boat. I have 10x with 10Jxx on the board. I’m not playing aggressively because of that Jack and having lately what the kids call “bad” luck. 10 hits on the river giving me the set. If ANY other card comes out, I’m folding to a raise because I’m afraid of that Jack. But with a set of tens, I should be safe, right? Even if he has just one Jack, I’m solid gold. If course he raises, I re-raise all in only to find when I finally have some good cards, he’s been slow playing pocket Jacks to whole time. This has been super frustrating because I am typically a top 150-100 player, but sweet fancy Moses, it seems the cards and the luck have deserted me, even when I’m playing well.
  3. I once slow rolled a clown who had been shoving all in post flop almost every hand when I flopped quad kings. I was tired of his crap and slow rolling him was the best way to let him know. Generally though, after the river or if the other player has shoved, it is a bit of a douche move that wastes the time of everyone on the table and shows disrespect to all players at the table. Before the river on the other hand or if there are still others in the hand, taking some time when you have the nuts is simply Hollywooding and is totally acceptable.
  4. Matchmaking

    I hadn’t seen that. Thanks for the tip. It does look like some good changes may be on the way.
  5. You’re not wrong Farmer. Nothing better than those nights when you’re bulletproof.
  6. And now I simply must vent. How many times will I get burned this week by people hitting 3 outers or less? Six times in the last two days, I’ve been all-in totally dominating. Six times, I’ve been crushed by someone hitting a 3 outer or a 2 outer. Or worse, runners for the flush or straight. Man, I really hate poker sometimes.
  7. I have to ask: what the devil is up with the matchmaking? Twice now, I’ve been trying to rustle up a gold match. It says Ideal Match and I’ve been matched with 4 people. Suddenly, I’m matched with 9 people and the game is starting and when I get in, I find I’m the only Gold sitting at a table with all Silver or provisional. That is hardly Ideal. We need to be able to see the ranks of the people we’re actually matched up against so we have the option to play or not. I have no problem playing at a table with one or two silvers (as one might expect if it is showing 4 ideal matches), but a table full of them? No thanks. The risk/reward just isn’t there.
  8. This is why as a general rule, I try to ignore messages in game. Most of the time, it’s people trying to goad you into bad play. I’ve met some great people and great players through Prominence and the old WSOP, but man, there are too many trolls out there.
  9. I feel your pain. This month: Called a preflop shove with AA v J8. Lost with a set of aces to runners for the straight. Called a shove holding top two pair after the flop. Runners for the straight killed me again. KK v 98 off. Hit my set. He hit four spades to go with his 8 of spades. Just now got out kicked A9 v A10 with a pair of aces on the flop. And that’s just a small sampling of the wretched beats I’ve had this month. God, but I hate poker sometimes. But somehow, I can’t stop playing.
  10. I’ve got no problem with being ganged up on when I’m the short stack, but if there’s three of us left, I fold on the button and the BB folds when the SB limps and is short stacked, it’s pretty obvious that there’s collusion going on. More so when the player names are so similar, they’re clearly part of a clan of some kind. When I saw that, I knew what was going to go on, but it was too late: ranked tournaments What’re you gonna do? I know there’s no way to really stop collusion, but really, what’s the point of even discussing it without some real ramifications for people when they’re busted doing it? And how do you prove it beyond doubt? I’ve been accused of team play just because I’m in a party with someone, but I don’t collide because it’s an ignorant thing to do. Frankly, I think it’s just one of the hazards of online poker and there’s not much to be done about it.
  11. I suppose my question is can you really do anything about collusion once you’ve caught it? Has anyone been barred from playing after someone has reported collusion? I have 30 minutes of video from a game that I was playing tonight where it was pretty obvious. I still crushed then both in the end, but really - if I reported it and the video was sufficient evidence, what would really happen?
  12. If you say so. It worked more often than not for me. The thing is, as meaningless as you think levels are, they became even more so once people could gain enormous amounts of rep by gift spamming the tables rather than through actual gameplay. It was a real mis-step that permanently damaged that aspect of PP.
  13. I actually liked the level system until it got completely gimped when they made it possible to gain huge amounts of rep through gifts at the tables. Until then, I found that the level gave a good indication of the experience level and type of play you could expect to see. Once then, not so much.
  14. No. And neither do TV hackers. TV Farmer. And the winky face at the end is meant to denote humor. Sorry you missed that.
  15. How about escalating rep rewards for the winning streak the longer your streak continues?