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  1. Some of what is being ignored isn't just complaining though. I've asked for clarity on the new matchmaking because it has clearly changed since the update. It'd be nice to know how it works from the horse's mouth rather than guessing. It has been weeks. I don't think it is too much to ask.
  2. It's been three weeks. They've been silent in other topics too. A simple "We're looking into it" might be nice.
  3. Except with the new matchmaking, it's difficult to arrange to be in the same game. I have a buddy I used to play with all the time. He played more for the social aspect. The last few times we tried to get in the same game even though we were close in rank at the Gold level, with the new matchmaking it was a fail. He's since stopped playing. I can only imagine how hard it'd be to make sure 6 people were playing at the same table. Aside from that, even if it was possible, do I want to play the same five players all the time?
  4. I have posted and sent a message to Clear looking for some clarity on the new matchmaking and likewise have heard nothing but crickets. It is quite vexing when you feel ignored.
  5. Winning points

    I don't think it is entirely implausible with the new matchmaking. If you are a couple hundred points above the competition, with the ELO system, I can see how it could happen. Although if he's talking about the first game, it seems at least a little hinky. I don't know if they adjusted the point formula with the update or not Nex? Clear? Will you be sharing any information about the matchmaking changes and if there've been tweak to the points system?
  6. Match Making

    And if the best competition is five Bronze players when I'm Platinum? No thanks. But different strokes for different folks.
  7. The system isn't meant to take luck in any single game into account. It is meant to measure skill over the long term. You'll get burned by bad beats, but long term, those beats even out if you're a skilled player The problem now is matchmaking. Because Clear and Nex have remained silent on the issue, I have no idea why it works the way that it does. The game now scacrifices the ability to play within your tier to support the ability to get a game. Since I hit Platinum, I have not played a full Platinum table with the new matchmaking. In fact in every game, there has been at least one player more than 100 points below me. I've been lucky and playing well, but Sweet Fancy Moses, do I ever wonder if it's worth playing the next game if I have to risk a ton of points against players with points that low.
  8. Hmmmm. I thought you were done with this game.
  9. Match Making

    Getting a game isn't the problem. It is who you're matched with that is. I'm Platinum and played a game Saturday morning with one other Platinum player, two high Golds and two Bronze player who both had under 900 points. There was no notice of down tiering, and of course, by the time I'm in the game, it's too late - I'm playing with donkeys and have a ton of points at risk for little reward. I'd much rather have a bit of a wait for a game than be matched with player more than 300 points below my rank any day of the week. As I've said, the whole reason I play the ranked tourneys is so I can avoid those donkeys.....
  10. Match Making

    I'd like some clarity on the matchmaking on how to interpret it when it says 4/16 or some such and why it seems that there's no no way to know if you've been down tiered. The game I'm in right now as a Platinum player includes two Gold players and two Bronze players who each have less than 900 points. Dear god, one of the reasons I play ranked is to steer clear of those Bronze donkeys.
  11. What I want them to fix (and it really ought to be easy) is the leaderboards that default to chip totals 90% of the time when you try to filter them to see where your friends are. It's a minor thing but really ought to be an easy fix.
  12. Diamond affiliation I just wanted to say kudos on the new room. It looks great and only about a million times better than the Russian meat locker. Nice job!
  13. Actually, there's another clip from that same game where Phil treats that guy quite poorly. I think part of the point of the video is that even with ever diminishing odds, he still took three bad beats. It happens. It is the nature of the game. And it's the bad beats you remember. Again, I've seen few posts, from you or anyone else where they talk about the times they hit runners for the win.
  14. Actually Farmer, I was merely pointing out that the OP was incorrect about Diamond games And making a (I thought) innocuous suggestion that it'd be nice if down-tiering was optional. But thanks for you input.
  15. Poor Phil. Screwed by the algorithm again.....