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  1. Playing live poker, I chopped three pots in a row with the person next to me because we each had the same cards three times in a row. If it CAN happen, eventually it WILL happen.
  2. Forgive my ignorance, but I don’t know what it means to straddle. If seen it on tv and YouTube, but I’ve never known what it means.....
  3. Had a great one last night playing heads up with this fool who went all in pre-flop every hand except one. I just kept folding waiting for good cards and this one time he didn’t shove preflop, I had K2. He limped, I called and the flop came down 22x. Then he shoves, and I have the joy of stacking him. He still got some chips left, but now I can loosen up a bit. He wins the next next hand, shoving preflop naturally. The next hand I have J9. I call the blind, knowing he’ll shove. I call his raise and flop 999. It was a thing of beauty. Nothing I hate more than player who think they’ve downloaded a bingo game instead of a poker game.
  4. Suggestions

    Hooray! He’s alive! But my point stands: the developers have been unresponsive in this part of the forum for weeks, if not months. I’ve had a simple question pending since the Diamond update: how does the new matchmaking work? I’m still waiting for an answer. Being here is helpful I suppose. Being responsive is better.
  5. Suggestions

    Hey may have been in the forums, but there have been no responses to concerns, complaints or requests in weeks. Of that, I’m positive.
  6. Suggestions

    Yeah. Good luck with that. Seems like nobody official is responding to anything in the forums any more.
  7. Casual Tournaments

    I actually goofed up on the math. He’s won 3 tournaments per hour since the beginning of the season. That’s assuming no sleep, playing 24/7. If we assume he has no job, does nothing but play PP but still needs 8 hours of sleep each day, he’s winning better than four tournaments per hour. Meanwhile, I can’t find a single one to play in. Seems odd.
  8. Casual Tournaments I’m curious about the casual tournaments. The top guy on the leaderboards on Xbox has won an average of one tournament every 3 hours since the beginning of the season. This seems odd to me, not only because his winning percentage must be astronomical, but ever since PP started with ranked tournaments, I’ve never been able to rustle up a casual tournament. Running from 100 chip buy-ins up to a million, I have not seen even one other person waiting to play for months. Has anybody had any luck trying to get a casual tournament going?
  9. So in that instance, your villain had pocket kings. What did you do to force him out of the pot? Admittedly, it’d be difficult to push him off KK, but either way, he had two outs left in the deck and hit one of them. Bad luck. We’ve all been on both sides of the one or two outer. C’est la vie. For about the zillionth time, it is not the deck.
  10. No idea what the odds are, but I feel your pain. Frankly, I might have been hesitant to shove and might have just called his raise. Always got to be wary of the flush draw in that scenario.
  11. Yes. How odd it is that the person who wins a tournament is the one who wins the most hands. It's so obvious! How could we all have missed it? On an unrelated note, I have to see my doctor now. I sprained my eye because I rolled it so hard.....
  12. Some of what is being ignored isn't just complaining though. I've asked for clarity on the new matchmaking because it has clearly changed since the update. It'd be nice to know how it works from the horse's mouth rather than guessing. It has been weeks. I don't think it is too much to ask.
  13. Except with the new matchmaking, it's difficult to arrange to be in the same game. I have a buddy I used to play with all the time. He played more for the social aspect. The last few times we tried to get in the same game even though we were close in rank at the Gold level, with the new matchmaking it was a fail. He's since stopped playing. I can only imagine how hard it'd be to make sure 6 people were playing at the same table. Aside from that, even if it was possible, do I want to play the same five players all the time?
  14. I have posted and sent a message to Clear looking for some clarity on the new matchmaking and likewise have heard nothing but crickets. It is quite vexing when you feel ignored.