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  1. Dear Wuss. I was agreeing with you!!!!!!!!!! Why must we accept you taking issue with someone else's explanation, yet you demand that everyone agree with yours? Please young man, chill out.
  2. Ok. Consider though, many people who purchase Xbox Live don't have an XB console. And PP doesn't work on older PS platforms. Pipeworks supports and maintains 3 different PP games. 1 on PS4, 1 on XB1, and 1 on Stream. Each platform is a separate and distinct game. Looking at the Ranked Tournament Leaderboard shows 4,000 on XB who are Bronze or higher, while on Stream there are 442 players total. I suspect that there are more players playing Casual Games than Ranked. The odds of you playing within your ranking in Ranked Tournaments are pretty dismal on Stream.
  3. Quality of Life Update (Steam)

    If the match-making process goes to "any" with only 1 player (you), the odds that your platinum ranking is going to be playing with at least one bronze donkey loving bingo player is increased. Good luck.
  4. What I'm politely trying to point out is why some players are experiencing problems running PP on their PC's. I don't apologize for trying to help other players. Other poker games were designed to run on older 32bit PC's, while PP was developed using state of the art technology, that was first designed to run on XB1 and PS4. PP is actually Pipeworks evolution from a poker game that they wrote to run on the previous version of XB called WSOP Full House Pro. As for my knowledge of computers, I worked for 32 years as a computer operator, programmer, and Data Base Administrator., in Silicon Valley.
  5. You're absolutely correct! The developers of apps and games will continue to develop their product to utilize the most advanced equipment available. I think Clear has already posted that PP was developed on PC's that have a central orocesser the uses a 64bit operating system. Microsoft still has 2 versions of Windows, a 32bit and a 64bit. Intel already has a core processer that will make both of these obsolete! As soon as hardware manufactures develop equipment to accommodate this new technology software companies will be developing new programs and we the end users will all purchase the latest and greatest. My introduction to computers was to run cards thru a 16K IBM 360 which had no disk-drives. I worked in the computer industry almost 20 years before I was required to use a PC in the workplace to transfer data to a liquid cooled mainframe. So yes, if you want to run state of the art software, you need to have state of the art hardware.
  6. For comparison, my download speed is 100mbps and my upload speed is 8mbps on my PC connected via Wi-Fi but my XB is wired to the modem. If you're still experiencing problems, call the help desk of your internet provider and tell them your problem. Tell them the speeds that you've recorded. More than likely they'll ask you for the make and model # of your modem. They may recommend that you purchase a different/newer modem, or suggest a house call to check your internet connection.
  7. It sounds like your PP is timing out waiting for communication links. Here's 2 things to check: are you using Wi-Fi to connect your PS4 to the internet? And connect your PC to the internet in the same manner as you do for PS4 and then do a search on Speed test and run the test, note the speeds for both upload and download and tell us the results. If you are using Wi-Fi, hardwire your PC to your modem and rerun the speed test and tell us the results.
  8. You put too much trust on random people on the internet, and you have a bias. WOW! That's very profound!
  9. Wuss, The reason you can't get a 100k tournament started is the same reason you couldn't get a decent Ranked tournament. There are not enough players playing PP on stream , at a given time, to support either option! I know because I now play on both XB and stream. They are two different games as the chips and points are separate. In the casual games of the Stream version, there is a popularity indicator that identifies if players are currently playing each type of game. Consistently, the most popular venue is 20k ring games. If you want to enjoy PP as the tens of thousands of us do, you're going to need tp buy either a PS4 or XB console. Otherwise, you're just trying to get that damn windmill to tip over.
  10. Details please. XB, or PS4, or Stream? Also, what is your location? Europe? Please understand, its currently 4:45pm on the west coast so many people in the US are commuting home, and the commute can take two more hours.
  11. Ah, Dawiz, welcome to Monday, What in the heck is wrong with observing that if you pay attention to the game then you intuitive know what the blinds are?
  12. I simply pay attention to the game.
  13. Quality of Life Update (Steam)

    Thanks. The addition of the popular meter in casual game selection is a thoughtful addition. I'm currently enjoying ring games on stream while continuing to play ranked tournaments on XB.
  14. Quality of Life Update (Steam)

    After the Thursday update, I just had an update applied to PP on my PC. Is this a work in progress???