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  1. 616 Ranked Tournaments played with 373 wins of 3rd or better and I just made Diamond for the first time! I may change my nickname to The Grinder
  2. I feel your pain. Yesterday I limped into 3rd place by winning only 2 hands! Even the hands I folded didn't have a chance for a river win. Tonight, though, I could do no wrong. it was fun !
  3. Playing Ranked H2H has no effect on your other ranked rewards. Your total season rewards are the sum of both venues.
  4. Select Leaderboard, then select Ranked Tournaments and note how many diamond players there are spread over 24 time zones. You've maxed out for the season in the Ranked tourney category for this season. Congratulations! There's no point in playing Ranked tournaments anymore so my suggestion would be to play Ranked H2H or casual games until the 1st of March.
  5. Suggestions

    I know the feeling! I counted 5 bad beats during one game, and none of them were PP's fault. PP provides a table and a deck of cards, nothing more. All players receive cards from the same deck and when 6 players play , five of those players are not going to win! I'm responsible for when I check, raise, or fold, and when I'm dissatisfied with the outcome, it's an indication that I should change the way I'm playing.
  6. Authenacation Error

    That's what I thought, until I was able to access PP on my PC. Perhaps Microsoft's Xbox Live has some sort of separation of duties. It's working now though, so all's well....
  7. Is anyone else having this problem? I can't log into PP on my Xbox at 5:30pm pacific time. I receive an error message that I have an authentication error. I've recycled everything and verified the Xbox Live is up and running. I'm able to play PP on my PC. ?????
  8. I just received a message that the PP servers are going down at the top of the hour (8am PST). All buy-ins and entry fees will be refunded. What for and how long????
  9. I appreciate your refreshing candor. I play PP for entertainment. Prior to 2009 I had never played Hold-em poker, and PP has become an enjoyable part of my day.
  10. The important thing is to not let the results of the last hand influence the next hand. I accept the fact that I'm never going to win every game, I just want to win more games than I don't win. Note that I didn't use the word lose, if I don't win it just means somebody else did. Maybe it's a generational thing, but I've found that sometimes my only recourse has been to keep trying different things until something works. This has saved me in all sorts of situations. from being 200 miles offshore alone on my sailboat when the weather turned to crap, to being short stack with less that 4k in chips. I survived both.
  11. Interesting justification for losing.
  12. Suggestions

    Good point. PP was written to provide entertainment to a majority of players. That they're still considering ways to improve the game for the majority of players is to be applauded.
  13. A re ALL PS4's experiencing noisy disk drives? Buy an XB, problem solved!
  14. Warp, I invite you to google search "noisy PS4's". this was a problem with earlier Xbox's and was corrected by the manufacture, Besides, some posters have reported no problems with their PS 4's.
  15. Yes it hurts to lose! This season is fitting the pattern of past seasons. My highest ranking was 1272, but now I'm back in the weeds. and am just starting another drift upward through the gold ranking. I was short stack at a full table the other day at less than 4k in chips and went on to win the game, so there is hope.