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  1. Yup! It was a table item that was on sale for a limited time during the Halloween season last year. If I remember right, it wasn't terribly expensive either, so a lot of them were purchased.
  2. That's why I asked about the framerate. If that's the lagging we're talking about, then yeah, the video card is probably the limiting factor. It's sufficient, but below the recommended specs, and while it may run the game, it's probably not going to be at a high framerate or visual quality.
  3. Alright, so the hardware he's running the game on is sufficient. That's good to know. So my next question is about the lag. When you say he's lagging, what do you mean? Is the framerate unstable? When he clicks a button, is there a delay before the action is completed? Are character animations slowed down?
  4. I don't normally do requests, but I think you're onto something here. This thread has devolved into personal attacks and semantic arguments over what is and isn't "cheating." So ...
  5. My first question is what are the specs of your friend's computer?
  6. Yeah, while it takes some time to accrue the necessary Rep, Rep isn't especially hard to come by, so if you're actively trying to gain levels quickly, it's not too difficult. When we expanded the level cap after the Spades affiliation update, we had players hit the new level cap within a week, so now, months after the update, there are quite a few people at very high levels. Helpfully, a player's level is only indicative of how much they've played, not how good they are.
  7. Have you changed your default buy-in in the options menu?
  8. Nah, you're just far from the first person to mention it, and I can only point out that telephones exist so many times before it starts sounding redundant. Here's the thing: We could remove party chat (which would upset a lot of people), we could start banning people at even the slightest hint of collusion (again, lots of people getting upset), but none of it would have any real impact because telephones exist. If two players want to coordinate their actions via phone (or Skype, or IM, or any of the hundreds of other communications platforms we have no control over), we've got no way to stop them. Being more draconian guarantees that we'll upset some people, with no guarantee it would have any impact on people colluding with one another.
  9. Hm. That's odd. It should've popped up pretty quickly. That said, there's always the chance it could be delayed a bit, so if it hasn't appeared after 24 hours, respond here again and we'll do a proper investigation.
  10. There's not really a good way to tell. You being able to connect to Xbox Live only really demonstrates that you can reach Microsoft's servers and has very little to do with whether you can connect to a given game. And unless you're playing from a university dorm room or a government facility, you likely have consumer-grade broadband internet which can fluctuate for any number of reasons, ranging from concurrently streaming video, to site outages, to ISP issues.
  11. Thanks for the heads up! I've just dispatched our best people to fix the issue.
  12. Probably not. Your best bet is to upload the screenshot directly from your PS4 to either Facebook or Twitter, then save or copy/paste the image from there.
  13. Short answer: Farmer John is right. There's no way to objectively prove what happened, and giving people what are effectively do-overs on hands because they claim they were disconnected is not a good precedent to set. Yup. People absolutely do this. And we do catch on quickly. That's why we require an abundance of objective evidence when people submit a ticket asking us to give them chips or Rep points due to a disconnection.
  14. They're working on their quads. Wall sits are great, but air sits are how you get truly ripped! (On a serious note, yeah, we're aware of this weirdness and are working to fix it in our next update.)
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