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  1. Congrats on hitting a million! When I hit my first million, I bought the Black Pinstripe Suit -- y'know, the outfit that costs 525,000 chips. There's no denying that I looked awesome, but it also made clear that I should not be trusted with that many chips.
  2. Right. It's not hard for one person to determine what they think is "good" play, because the question is entirely subjective, but penalizing winning players for not living up to someone else's (even our own) arbitrary standards of playing poker would cause more problems than it would solve.
  3. Rewarding players for "good" play is the same as penalizing players for "bad" play. But the more important question is, "Who decides what is 'good' play?"
  4. Did you happen to play any of those hands including duplicate 2 o' Clubs through to the end? Were they counted as a pair?
  5. From the dev who fixed it: "[Eylsiumseeker's] avatar definition was hosed and has now been reset."
  6. Great, I'm glad to hear it! Let us know if you have any further issues.
  7. I'm being told by the team that your original account should now work properly. Give it a shot and let us know if you still have problems.
  8. Yup, Rank 4 is currently the limit, though that will be changing when we release the Diamonds Affiliation.
  9. Actually, you're spelling it wrong. It's "Eylsiumseeker87," just like your forums name. But no worries, I was able to find records that corroborate everything you said, and honestly, it's baffling. We haven't banned any gamertags or IPs from the game, so that's not it, and if you've tried reinstalling and that didn't help, the next step would be to have our devs take a deeper look. I'm going to send this info off to them, and hopefully they'll be able to figure out what's happening.
  10. Are you sure about that gamertag? We don't have records of a player called "Elysiumseeker87" having played Prominence Poker. This is a solid idea that might fix things (and certainly won't hurt anything). I'd suggest giving it a shot.
  11. No, unfortunately cross-platform play is not currently possible.
  12. We did have server issues, but that was only for about five hours on the evening of 1/15. If you're still unable to get into the game, something else is going on. Let me ask you a few questions: 1) For reference, what platform are you playing on and what's your online ID? 2) Have you submitted a ticket to Customer Support? You mentioned that you saw the website, but did you actually speak to anyone there about this issue? 3) Were you able to play Prominence Poker with no issues prior to Sunday night?
  13. I don't believe we've nailed down a date for changes to the ranked games system. We're investigating ways to alter how things work currently, but we aren't quite ready to say, "stuff is changing on X date." Of course, once we are, we'll let everyone know.
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