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  1. That's very odd! I've got a few questions: 1) How long has this been occurring? Is it a new issue, or is this something you've been dealing with for a while now? 2) What platform are you playing on? 3) When you say "constantly changing," what exactly do you mean? Is the timer wheel running down faster than it should be? Does the wheel not show up at all?
  2. Oh! Well, that's great! I'm glad things worked themselves out. If it ever happens again without reverting back to normal, let Customer Support know.
  3. Yeah, pretty much. At least with this one central thread, all of the information we've presented and all the arguments around that are in a single spot.
  4. It sounds like you should submit a ticket to Customer Support: There's a link at the top-right of that page where you can submit a ticket. Explain what happened, include as much detail as possible (when this happened, your bankroll before and after), and they should be able to look into things.
  5. The Boost Bonus you're referring to can't be activated by players. Currently, it's used for special events. For instance, when a new player starts playing Prominence Poker, they have a Boost Bonus for 72 hours.
  6. I was gonna answer the question, but flowerror covered everything.
  7. Glad you like it! We're going to keep an eye on things and continue to tweak stuff as necessary, but it seems like things are moving in the right direction.
  8. You've got me. All of the components of that computer you described meet the Prominence Poker recommend specs, except for the graphics card.
  9. Sounds like it's the graphics card. It's not quite powerful enough to run Prominence Poker properly, and is struggling to maintain a reasonable framerate.
  10. Yup! It was a table item that was on sale for a limited time during the Halloween season last year. If I remember right, it wasn't terribly expensive either, so a lot of them were purchased.
  11. That's why I asked about the framerate. If that's the lagging we're talking about, then yeah, the video card is probably the limiting factor. It's sufficient, but below the recommended specs, and while it may run the game, it's probably not going to be at a high framerate or visual quality.
  12. Alright, so the hardware he's running the game on is mostly sufficient. That's good to know. So my next question is about the lag. When you say he's lagging, what do you mean? Is the framerate unstable? When he clicks a button, is there a delay before the action is completed? Are character animations slowed down?
  13. I don't normally do requests, but I think you're onto something here. This thread has devolved into personal attacks and semantic arguments over what is and isn't "cheating." So ...
  14. My first question is what are the specs of your friend's computer?
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