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  1. I just quickly want to point out that the possibility of multi-platform play isn't really up to us. Regardless of our desires, cross-platform play involves cooperation from platform holders, and since those platform holders (Microsoft, Sony, and, effectively, Valve) are competitors, they aren't generally prone to working together without a massive financial incentive.
  2. Short answer: I'd rather not encourage achievement hunters to do the bare minimum necessary to unlock an achievement.
  3. Nope, Ring Games count too. But the key is the word "play." Spend some time there. Maybe play a half-dozen hands. Joining and leaving, hoping to earn the requirements for the trophy as quickly as possible, doesn't really work.
  4. Like the description states, you've got to play 50 games in a location. Joining a game is not the same as playing a game, and Practice Mode doesn't count as a game.
  5. We looked into it, and you're correct. The achievement isn't working for us either. Fortunately, we've got a fix that will be deployed alongside our next update. Thanks for letting us know!
  6. Only on Fridays and Sundays, where the game asks you to wear a Tourist outfit and a Suit/Dress respectively. You can use the faction outfit the rest of the week (and if you're really attached to it, you're completely free to just ignore those specific days).
  7. I'd also suggest taking a look at the Events Calendar: The majority of the official events will allow you to earn significantly boosted Rep for performing simple actions, like wearing a certain outfit on a certain day, or playing with a drink table item equipped. That should help you earn Rep a bit more quickly.
  8. You're not living until you've gone all in totally blind.
  9. Those of you wishing you could dive into a game immediately upon firing up Prominence Poker should be pleased with today's update. Along with a handful of minor fixes and tweaks, we've added a Quick Play option to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. Here's how it works: At the top of the Main Menu, you'll now see an option called "Quick Play." If you click that option, Prominence Poker will add you to the first available game with minimal wait. By default, Quick Play will attempt to find tables with buy-ins that are 5% of your total bankroll, but if you'd prefer higher stakes games, you can change your Default Buy-in in the Game Options menu to any level from from 5% to 80%. As always, the team behind Prominence Poker relies on your crucial feedback, so give Quick Play a try and let us know what you think!
  10. I'd just like to quote this, and say that I will be giggling about that sentence all day.
  11. It looks like the 85k chips were deposited into your bankroll on 2/2 at 1:27PM UTC.
  12. A new season of Ranked Games in Prominence Poker starts in just a few hours, but before you all start attacking the leaderboards, we'd like to let you in on a few of the changes you'll see during the new season. First off, our seasons have been extended. Instead of a single month, players now have two months before the leaderboards reset and start a new season. Second, we've heard your feedback and have changed the points necessary to reach each ranked tier. This should make breaking into the higher tiers a bit easier. Have a look: Tier Old New Bronze 0-1199 0-999 Silver 1200-1399 1000-1099 Gold 1400-1599 1100-1199 Platinum 1600-1799 1200-1299 Diamond 1800+ 1300+ As always, we'll continue to evaluate your feedback and make changes to the Ranked Games system, so please, let us know what you think!
  13. By playing during events and equipping table items. A full list of our events can be found in the Events page.
  14. Almost all boosts you see are applied to Rep (though there is also the rare Daily Bonus boost that increases the amount of chips you receive when you log in).
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