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  1. The thing most people don't care enough about or don't think about in these free to play poker games is bankroll management, I actually think they should eliminate the daily cut, it's not like a person can't buy chips through the store. I'm not sure steam has a store for that but still would be interesting to see how many players go broke.
  2. man that is impressive.
  3. pardon me for my ignorance, but what exactly is Executioner Trophy?
  4. I was just wondering if the play was any better in $1 mil ring. My bankroll isn't quite ready for stakes that high, but by reading this post I won't have to worry about it.
  5. Thank You, this helps a lot!
  6. I retired my gaming pc so I moved my PS4 to that monitor, it's a 24 inch Asus. For some reason I like playing on my smaller monitor versus the larger screen.
  7. If I'm doing any of this through the browser on my ps4 is the edit button visible?
  8. I forgot to mention this group is for the PS4.
  9. Since the last time I tried to create a community event on here I have been unable to form a group of 6 players for a casual tournament for a Sunday night time slot. These tournaments would be held every other weekend starting on April 23rd if possible. If anyone is interested simply message me.
  10. I stand by what I've posted before by just keeping the seasons longer, for those of us that can't be on here daily, it would be appreciated.
  11. probably be too many tables, the tables in PP only have six seats. Keeping that finale limited to 6 or 12 players hopefully keeps the top of the leaderboard active throughout the entire season while giving the lower ranked Diamond players a chance to climb up the leaderboard. If you made all Diamond players eligible for final event I think you would have what you have now but who knows maybe my whole idea is just dumb. I'm just brainstorming.
  12. about 24 hours.
  13. a headset, by going into the audio settings in the options menu you should be able to adjust your chat audio accordingly.
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