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  1. @rockguy24 I've already posted the solution above. @warp added a great idea about the everybody hitting "ready" to signal that they are okay with the game dropping down a level to fill out. While it would be great if multi-platform came along, as this game is basically dead on Steam already, it doesn't look like that is in the cards any time in the near future. I'd add that they really need to work out some of the kinks before complicating them even more with multi-platform play. The reason a lot of top tier players aren't playing is because the risk/reward is too high. They are being forced into be the only rank at that level and playing against everyone at a level lower or provisional ranked. That means that that player MUST come in first in order to gain 10-15 points. A 2nd place will gain 0-9 points. Any finish lower than 2nd is lost points (-15 to -50). So, odds-wise, that's about a 20% chance to gain 10 points, but a 50% chance to lose 15 or more points. Better just to fold (not play).
  2. Club ranks move very, very slowly. You will be around rank 60 or so before you see rank 2 in club rank
  3. The fix is pretty simple. If 2 or more top tier players, we'll use gold here, want to play but not the 6 required to start a tourney, then drop them down to silver so all 3 play in the same game with the silver. As it stands now, drop down only works if there is one gold waiting. 2 or more means endless wait
  4. yeah, @Blaze-Nine, the 1300 was a typo. Meant 1200. And the theory is that you get to play with similar rank more often, but if you're in the top tier, that doesn't pan out, because like I said above. If you're tier level can't generate enough people to field a full tournament, you will be either stuck in lobby hell or you have to be the only person at your tier level before the game will drop you down to a lower tier to fill out the tournament seats
  5. The ranked tournament system is still broken. The major issue is still that the top ranked players cannot really move up because of the way the system determines matchmaking. Right now, Gold is the highest rank on Steam (a couple of people have eclipsed 1300 by a few points, definitely not enough to even attempt a full tournament). If I try to play rank now, I, as a Gold tier player, am forced to play with silver ranked and provisional ranked players only. This is because the matchmaking system has a flaw which prevents more than one gold player, but not enough for a full tournament, to play in the same game. If we have 2-5 gold players sitting in the lobby waiting on a game to start, the system will NEVER timeout and pull from the silver tier the remaining players. The only way that this works is for only one gold tier to enter, then, after some time, the system will drop the gold tier player into the silver ranks. What this means is that, as a gold tier player, if I choose to play a tournament, I pretty much always have to win to increase my point total. 3rd is a guaranteed loss of points. 2nd is iffy at best. Twice now, the game has said that I earned points for finishing 2nd place, yet the leaderboard did not update. Support says that they check this and I wasn't "supposed" to earn any points because I "chose" to play much lower ranked players. This also means that A) their is some sort of display error going on, or B) Support can't correctly figure out how the ELO system works in-game. Neither is beneficial to status of how rank should be working.
  6. @Warp, no, you did not fold a winning hand. You folded because you correctly read that the all-in had an Ace. To make that call, you would have had to risk $8K to win $10K while holding a hand that literally only had 2 outs (the other Kings) to improve enough to be the winning hand. You were also out of position, meaning that others behind you could also join in (they did), further weakening your chances. Yes, it sucks when you see that you "could have won" if you just stayed in the hand. But for every time you see that, there will be a dozen more where you'll say, "damn, glad I got out of that mess!" Great fold in my opinion, bro.
  7. C'mon, @HyricanDR, I love you man, but really? KQ vs KJ is basically a coin flip. Flipping a coin 10 times does not mean that you'll get to see 5 heads and 5 tails. EACH time you flip, you have a 50% chance of getting one or the other. And what in the world are you doing playing a Q 3? If the villain had pocket 3's, then you were dominated from the start. Talking odds, he's a 65-70% favorite there. @Zanatoo has explained odds factoring pretty well above, so I won't do it here. But let's get real, IF there is any issues with the RNG, the most likely issue is a possible (I said possible, @Zanatoo! :-) ) duplication issue with the cards. That's something that will NEVER be seriously considered until people stop complaining about getting beaten when they have chosen to either a) play poorly or b) not understand how odds factoring works or c) a little of both. It sucks when you play poorly, but it happens...to everyone. Last night, I was at a 100K ring game. Got pocket nines. Bet 4x big blind and 2 others came in for the flop. 10, J, 7 with a possible diamond 4 to flush, showing. Check around. Turn is a 10, possible diamond flush. One guy bets, 2nd calls. It this point, I'm probably beat. Either one of these guys has a flush, J or 10 from the bet, BUT the bet is only 20% of pot, so I call. Turn is a 10. First guy is all-in, 2nd guy...all-in. I KNOW I'm beaten. There is a HIGH chance that at least one of these guys made a higher full house than I. I even say to myself, I'm beaten..better fold. Somehow, that thought didn't make it to my hand as I watched the little arrow swiftly roll over the CALL button and click it. Everybody turns. Guy A - Pocket Qs, Guy B - J 10. Crushed with a 4 of a kind. In short, it happens. On the plus side, I got a whopping 500 points for a bad beat full house. Whoo-hoo!
  8. @rvamax, from your posts, it sounds like the biggest issue you're having is that you think that going all-in is a valid, game winning strategy. There are very few instances where 1-bet shoving is a valid strategy preflop (especially when playing with a known high level of donks who call anything) and only a few where it makes sense after, especially in a tournament.
  9. @Warp, here's a quick analysis of your games: JJ pocket pair - Assuming that this is a tournament, correct? JJ's are a tough hand to play. They're not nearly as good as people think. Not sure of the position you're sitting with these, but you mentioned you limped. Standard practice, this is wrong. You either raise or fold. In this game (meaning, PP) I can understand it, but I also think by limping, you give others the chance to dictate the bets. The size of the 3-bet or 4-bet should have determined whether you continued or not. JJ's only have about a 44% chance of winning a pot. I think you made a good lay down. KK pocket pair- 1st, very hard to watch with the constant spinning, just sayin'. One, you limped in with pocket K's. A definite no-no. You didn't bet on the flop. In this case, it likely wouldn't have forced either of these two out, as they both flopped two pair, but it could have helped you read their possible hands better and gave you some insight on how to proceed. I large bet could have been a set of 9's, for example. Two, following your gameplay, the turn now has a possible straight on the board. Even a small bet here would have helped you determine where these guys were with their hands. Big 3-bets means a possible fold for you. Depends on how these guys had been playing Three, the river now shows possible straight, two possible trips with would translate into a full house with the river 8. The lack of betting on any of the previous rounds means that you have no clue where these guys might be with their hands. The dude ahead of you goes from zero to 60 on the river with an all-in. You only have a 2-pair with a person still to bet behind you. This is a no-brainer clear fold position. Pretty much every possible hand that they could have that they would bet with (let alone all-in with) is going to beat your 2-pair.
  11. No, it did not. Futhermore, the support ticket response was that I wasn't due any points based off of the much lower than myself people I was playing against. That would be fine if the game didn't state that I had "won" the 10 points for a 2nd place finish in the popup after the tournament. So, either the ELO system is bugged or there is some kind of weird display bug that must randomly pick numbers to display or something (if it isn't using the ELO system to pull those points). Support ticket didn't seem like they were taking it seriously at all. Basically told me that if I couldn't supply "proof" via a screenshot that it didn't happen. I really don't care about the 10 points, but there is obviously a bug and was a little disappointed in the treatment via the support ticket. Thanks for keeping tabs on it, though, @ClearConscious :-)
  12. @BedsideFungus89 Good luck. Keep us posted.
  13. @ClearConscious Just to let you know, this has never been resolved. I sent in a support ticket as well, but haven't heard back on that either after initial emails.
  14. I'll admit that I'm guilty of showing my cards at times on triple points day just to get the bonus points. I actually thought it was hilarious that a poker game is misusing the term, "mucking" Shows how much they know! :-) Totally agree that the massive points you get for shoving (and showing on triple points day) is encouraging bad play, especially considering clairvoyant (knowing you're beat, in essence, good poker play) nets you a whopping 50 points.
  15. I really don't know about provisional matchmaking, but if it does match you up with people from your past tier, what is the point of having another round of provisional matches anyway? Why not simply start everybody out where they were last season? It would be great if we had some clarifications on how the matchmaking worked and how the ELO system deals with provisional players. Personally, if you have 2 or more seasons in, I think you shouldn't have to play provisionals anymore. They could always just average your position from your previous seasons and start you there. This would also help in keeping the top tiers populated on a consistent basis as the game goes on.
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