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  1. I have no idea how they can say they never see it and at the same time be top players. I get AK in headsup versus 83 and hit nothing/lose, opponent gets ak and drumrolls... AAA board quad aces ftw. Q 4 v a 5? 4 4 J (Yea finally over) ... 2 3, straight over trips. Takes like 5 headsup hands to see hilarious. Was all the same game, i went in 50k vs 10k and lost quickly. Please dont tell me ak vs 83 losing can happen. I know that. But watching trips, houses, straights and quads unfolding with both players making great hands in a pure shove-n-see headsup? Yeah um ok Ps i lost my last 5 kk and 5 aa, ALL of them. To 10 q shoving my kings with 10s on flop then getting another, and k 10 on a straight draw where i made trip aces with aa (9 q 2 a j or so). Similiar goes for other players. Yes you are 80 percent to lose. No sweat, those hands are rubbish anyways lol Just do yourself a favor and fold QQ KK AA (especially QQQ KKK AAA as others will take that third card for their draws), unless you are still hoping to chop with the clearly superior hands such as q 10, k 10 etc like this guy here. he got lucky Also if sb offers you sidebets for A 10/J/Q/K versus A 4/5/6, bet on A 4/5/6
  2. No way, I have it since 1 week oO
  3. Discount items, like front page advertisement on "hot" stuff. If theres a difference maybe the problem relates to ps4 only. Those pages are just empty, and checking the store manually shows there isnt a single discount on anything. Its one thing if thats intended, but it just LOOKS broken as you also get those "Hot items adverts" upon entering/connecting prominence, and now its a blank screen lol
  4. I pointed it out to nex a while ago, I dont have a shop since quite some time now. He said he put their best men on it, lets see if they r any good http://www.prominencepoker.com/index.php?/forums/topic/2779-sitoutchallenges-shopoffer-down/
  5. If your understanding of better players is people driving action plenty and doing so in the right spots id imagine plat could be a good place. Anything below is just to dangerous because of bad calls getting lucky. And at diamond I would expect mainly nits/R e a l l y tight players (Not goldlike tight hurhur), but I havent been there so Objectively they get better towards the top obviously, but if you like their playstyles is a totally different question
  6. The two without hearts got reaaaaaally lucky there, wouldnt have surprised me 1 bit had he flushed yall
  7. Im with you on sitout being implemented questionably and regularly abused, the shuffling/RNG not being great, donks in bronze-silver and partly late season gold, plenty of tables not being the biggest fun/ best poker n all but trapping is an art, nothing wrong with it Of course you check quads unless you put your opponent on higher trips or straight/royal flush draw and hope for someone else to drive the action for you. If u wanna fish u dont blast loud music
  8. In all honesty now, gold isnt very good (Im saying that being gold myself atm). U start at 1000 silver and if u either win 4 tables by playing good/ getting lucky / at least not getting unlucky OR sit 7-8 of them out you're there. By now (The later in the season the more people move up, and as far as the middle is concerned this means there will be plenty of low calibers) its infested by those people willing to call big leadouts with 10 4 suited OR even jamming with that, especially those with rating 1100-1130 who just made it out of the bingohall (Which bronze always used to be and silver late season is as well) and think that shit will fly forever. The best way to go about bad agressive players is tightening up. When i was plat early season there used to be reasonable fun games , I wouldnt expect the same at late season gold. Granny poker is the way to go, TAG+LAG is just taking huge risks given nowadays goldies ranges and foldwillingness arent exactly reasonable I cant agree on gold being too tight, quite the opposite. I get action a lot from inferior hands when I try agression
  9. Hmmm im like 99.999999999% sure (never say never lol) there were parts in games that would tell me "you cannot record a video now" oO
  10. I think so too, but do you have a source for me?
  11. U got the wrong partner for that conversation style if quoting me was intended in any way. Im one of the, if not THE first person to tell you how pisspoor the RNG is on here. You can check the general discussion area, there are plenty of threads to talk about this. But why would I drop any math if you go the way about things u do? Hardly ever seen quads live, NEVER a double paired board and 8 8 8 on the board is BS? I dare say u have not really played lots of it, because yes those things happen live too. Anywhere near as often as on PP with a shitty default c library? Not even close, the generator is pisspoor yes, I was actually on your side bruh, just pointing out you dont look credible saying certain things the way u say them (Never seen a double paired board. No seriously... And you may not have SEEN all four aces in play as smart people figure out A3 with just pair of aces doesnt cut it with 3 people betting heavily, but I ASSURE you they have been around if you played plenty. Even if all 3 go to showdown they might not show what they had after losing elsewhere) oO As for the sites u mention, they can afford to drop more cash on the generation. PP will hardly have the budget of fulltilt, pokerstars or whatever. And yet, there are complaints about those sites too, reasonable or not If you really really want to talk with anyone just about odds I recommend the user @ Zanatoo (how do I summon people lol) he likes doing it. I dont as, once again, i know the rng on here is trash and have no reason to defend any of it. I just pointed out the things u say about livepoker or other sites are absurd, not that PP wasnt worse in this regard... Which it is
  12. Does it not? Im about to shoot myself every day or two for wasting 20 minutes of my life minraising an afker in order to win a 76k virtual pot and 20 rating instead of 30k and 5 rating (Plus im not even sure you get that 2nd place reward if you just leave. Never tried?). Ive never walked away from it as of now/DO take it, but with gusto? Perhaps you are crazy like that PS : i recently picked up disc jam and 9 of 10 opponents cant touch me at all. But you know, the 10th is the one I enjoy, not those who dont defend themselves. And the reddit seems full of people thinking this way - No game/competition, no fun (You arent getting money btw, just virtual worthless coins) The thing is, this is about attitude not logic. Yes it does ->make sense<- to see it either way
  13. I have seen 2 royals, more than a handful of quads and plenty of boards doublepairing and i just turned 29+ Dont exactly play every day live but... yes the generator isnt good nevertheless ^^
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