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  1. You can specify that when you create the event. Once a week seems like a good frequency.
  2. This is a bug we're aware of and looking to resolve as soon as we can.
  3. Mobile testing of new stuff. Woot!

  4. As part of our site update, we're going to make things like events have a more prominent role, and be easier to get into
  5. They're actually natively built into the site, however the theme doesn't utilize them. In this new revision content discovery will be much easier. You'll also notice some changes like the homepage article styling, and such.
  6. Note: You may notice some visual changes on the live site. Think of it as a tease of things to come
  7. I'm in the process of doing a pretty significant revamp to the site, which will include a lot of things people have been asking for as well as some other goodies. It also should eliminate any mobile issues. Things that will be included: Search function (anything on the site, with advanced options) Member Directory Forum breadcrumbs Different pages in general with an updated color scheme Additional community features Looking into the card stuff people have requested
  8. We want to know what you want in the game going forward.
  9. You can also follow our social media channels:
  10. How's everyone doing thus far?
  11. This is something we've been exploring.
  12. Yes, you can play it on Steam (PC).
  13. If you come across that type of activity, PM me the names of the players and we can investigate.
  14. I'll pass this feedback along.
  15. I know we're doing some matchmaking adjustments that should help alleviate some issues.
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