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  1. Not quite yet. We'll let you know as soon as we can. Thanks!
  2. hi...I've reached rank4 on spades, clubs and hearts, and beat the henchmen and bosses...but diamond is still locked...I cant rank up without getting

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    2. Mr P1atinum

      Mr P1atinum

      how soon? I just make money till then?....really wanted to build my rep....seems a bit pointless really...thanx for getting back to me...I really appreciate it..

    3. ClearConscious


      We don't have an ETA quite yet, but it's almost done.

    4. Mr P1atinum

      Mr P1atinum

      thanx...looking forward to it....thanx for the quick the game..

  3. It's good to see this thread still kicking and screaming. People complained about the same thing on our WSOP game, and we used an entirely different shuffling mechanic. We have investigated these reports and came to the conclusion that there doesn't need to be any adjustment on our end. That being said, we're not in the business of censoring threads unless they break our forum guidelines. Remember to respect your fellow peers; everyone is here for the same reason.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to join the site and introduce yourself. Welcome to the community!
  5. I'm going to close this thread, and PM you.
  6. It looks like you busted out.
  7. Hey there! I've went through your history, and it doesn't appear at any point you lost 100,000 chips. Our back-end data is pretty robust so it's normally pretty easy to find any discrepancies. What timezone are you in?
  8. You can quote people on your preferred platform, and they'll receive a notification :).
  9. Welcome to the community! How long have you been playing?
  10. What time did this occur?
  11. Going to look into this for you.
  12. We're investigating things on our end.
  13. Have you restarted your console and router?
  14. There's a multitude of various reasons that could be occurring, but the most common is issues on Steam, PSN, or Xbox Live. Any time you come across issues a connection issue it's worth checking out the service status pages per platform.
  15. There's a manage event button with a drop-down that has additional details like edit.
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