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  1. I like all your choices until your river bet. You'd allowed him to take the initiative on every street since he was in position. I would have waited to see what he bet and either flatted or folded based on the math/EV calcs. I would have not called the all-in because it was way fishy. I agree with your assessment that the odds of having the 10 were pretty small but the odds seem to be defied on PP a lot. Also if you really stop to think about the way the hand played out, it definitely felt like he was strong the entire way. The bet-sizing felt "valued" the entire way through and I can't see him going all in after your pretty aggressive bet on the river unless he actually wanted to get paid. The fact that he showed a bluff earlier makes this even more likely. At the absolute worst you were chopping with a call. Honestly in this scenario I would have put him on the 10. I just can't see him playing the hand this way with pocket jacks or higher and I can't give him credit for a bluff in this scenario either - too risky. I agree that maybe your initial impression of him based on those two hands caused the loss but they felt intentional (especially when he showed) and that's the mark of a player with more cunning than you gave him credit for.
  2. Maybe read up on board texture?
  3. I agree but I have heard of people using this strategy to set a loose image and then tighten their game later which is usually the opposite of what's recommended by pro players. I'm still of the theory that playing loose when the blinds are low is a mistake because the pots are too small for this to be profitable. Then because of your loose image you'll get calls in big pots and lose the option of bluffing later when taking down pots is critical. My experience has been that no matter how logical the advice you put on this board people still play the way they're gonna play because when they luck into a hand, they think they made a good play. I get bad beats a lot (the other day I had nut straight on the turn and shipped to a three bet, guy picks up a boat in the river. He reraised me with trip sevens and got there.) but it's been a profitable play for me more often than not and I want players making those mistakes against me. I just wish they had the wisdom to realize they made the mistake in the first place.
  4. As long as you're okay with how it impacts your table image, it's a legit strat.
  5. I will say that I didn't notice a big difference until I hit platinum rank. The platinum players are generally much more snug with their hole card requirements. However I just played a platinum game with two very loose players so rank isn't necessarily that huge a factor. Some players actually just don't seem to grasp the fundamentals of the Gap concept and think limping with garbage is a long term value play even though it's not. Platinum or diamond ranked play still has its drawbacks. There is a lot of limping with premium cards, still, and the games can be pretty boring.
  6. Agreed. The French girl has beaten me once when she got lucky with weaker cards three hands in a row to win. The French guy has never beaten me. So obviously they're bad at poker and colluding.
  7. It's not just a PS4 problem. I've encountered it on Xbox as well. You'd think they'd at least try to be less obvious. There is a French couple I run into routinely on the ranked tournaments who pass each other money as often as they can get away with it.
  8. I think the preflop bet was fine. By the time you raised 15k, there was only 12.5k in the pot. It's odd that you got that many calls but that's how it goes I suppose. I do think the post flop bet should have been closer to pot-sized. I would have bet about 50k. 25k into 60k gave anyone with any sort of a hand to get sticky. Course even the pot-sized bet is no guarantee that the nines would have folded with only one overcard to her pair on the flop but if you had betsized properly she would have been making a bad call for certain. With a preflop raise and strong postflop bet, she should have strongly considered the possibility that you had a high pocket pair and should have folded. Also there was a straight possibility on your board with the 7, 10, and 9. It's a bit unlikely she would have called all the betting with a gutshot but I've seen worse calls. So I think the huge river bet should have been a fold on your part. You told us what she had but if we pretend for a moment that we don't know, she played the hand as if she was slow playing you the entire way. I would have thought that she hit a set on the flop after she flatted both your post flop and post turn raises. And that river bet just screamed "how much more can I get". I don't like the way she played the hand at all. The preflop call to set mine was okay but she should have folded at least by the turn or three bet you on the turn if she thought you were betting with overcards. She really got lucky with a river card she should have never fished that long to see.
  9. The most recent outfit I got from ranking up in hearts was a cute hoodie with red sneaks. That might have been rank 4 though.
  10. I'm currently floating in diamond but that could change at any time since I'm still playing and the penalties for everything but 1st or 2nd for a diamond playing in platinum is a penalty to my rank. I've been as high as 1382. Right now I think I'm somewhere in the 1330s. I have a personal goal to break 1400. But let's face it, if I manage that I'll probably just set a new goal.
  11. Nice.
  12. An old poker friend of mine used to say "any pot is a good pot". It doesn't really matter if they fold to a raise; it's much more risky to have too many in the pot for the precise reason Warp laid out. It is difficult to play from behind but most pots early in the game are so small that I really don't think it's critical to take down pots until the blinds are in the $600 range. My strategy is to lay low and play tight until then unless an opportunity presents itself. Of course your aces were that opportunity; it just didn't work out for multiple reasons, some situational and others because of the way you played it. The important thing to remember about tournaments is that you're looking for situations more than you're looking for cards. Early in a tournament, it's very difficult to pick those moments so I generally lay low until the blinds are in the $600 range. By then I usually have a good feel for the players and what moves I can get away with while in a hand with each of them. Generally I've found platinum and diamond players to be somewhat passive and play scared because of the loss in rank points if you bust early. I capitalize on that as much as possible once the pots are big enough to be worth the effort.
  13. I just feel like if enough people in one community have a problem with the conduct of a single player, that maybe there should be repercussions for that player.
  14. I'm glad it was helpful.
  15. Dissecting hands afterward is how we all learn to be better players. Playing it the way you chose to would have been fine in certain situations - when the field has already been narrowed. Being in UTG+1, I would always recommend a raise with a large pocket pair. The problem with the limp reraise in that situation is that they didn't believe you were that strong and you didn't reraise enough. They've already invested a fair bit of money and your raise gave them 3 to one odds to recoup their investment. Unfortunately raising to give players poor odds on their draws does not guarantee a fold since I'm not sure most PP players are actually running those calculations but you can't be responsible for their poor choices. I honestly don't disagree with your call after the river. It was a fishy push ( not knowing the player) and it wasn't a significantly wet board for the range of hands most would assume she would have called with. Knowing what she actually had, she should have folded to your reraise being followed by the call from the original raiser, so she made mistakes too. She was lucky.
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