Hello everyone! Thanks for providing all of the feedback! Our latest update is focused on addressing some leftover multiplayer stability issues with ghost players. This should help alleviate some of the issues you've been encountering. 

Also included in this patch is a modification to the auto graphics setting which should help improve the first-time user experience. You can delete your local saved game data to have these settings take effect before you launch the game. 

Note: This will not modification any profile attributes aside from your settings. 

Auto Quality Graphics Changes: 

• By default the auto graphics setting is now set to medium high as opposed to Ultra 
• Auto quality no longer increases while in the shell 
• Saved graphic settings are now applied before the title screen 
• Auto quality no longer toggles between two separate settings 

Note: It is recommended that if you’re still encountering issues with the auto graphics setting that you manually set the graphics option to a setting that works well on your machine (try Medium High to start). This should help alleviate issues until we do a optimization pass. Also, please ensure that your video drivers are up-to-date. It’s also important to note that we’re looking into advanced video options in the future. 


• Fixed crash when proceeding from prelobby with multiple members, as a result we’ve also addressed an issue where there were multiple hosts in the prelobby. 
• We no longer send an immediate seat state for ghost players. This should fix a rejoin-into-ghost bug, and will no longer show empty slots in the lobby as a result. 

This also fixes the following issues: 

o Camera focuses on Ghost player when re entering the table 
o Hole card UI appears for ghosted player 
o In the next hand the users chip count says 0 
o The users RAM never appears so they can't make an action. 
o In the next hand the users boost amount says -100% and RAM still doesn't appear 


• Fixed a bug where the music suddenly spiked in volume after sign-in 
Hello everyone! We've been compiling all of the feedback from our community and are happy to announce that update 14.320.005 is now available. We're hopeful that this will continue to improve the game and address many of the concerns people have had. With that being said, we're already planning out our next update which will have additional fixes that we were unable to squeeze in for this patch. 

As always we appreciate your patience and support as we work on making Prominence Poker the best it can be!


• Fixed crash when logging in.
• Users are now removed from a session if they disconnect before joining the table
• Fixed a bug with users joining a table twice, and causing ghost tables (We're also aware of other issues which will be addressed in the next update)
• Fixed Leaderboards Crash
• Fixed a network error that occurred if the user accepts an invitation to a different game with a rejoin process pending 
• Fixed a hang when leaving a session during the intro
• Added additional logging for tracking crashes
• Fixed a crash when joining a multiplayer game with a table item equipped
• Additional logging for servers added


• Additional art polish
• Additional animation polish
• Camera adjustments and polish


• All Item Prices Reduced by 25%
• Added 20 New Table Items
• Increased the amount of chips received in all Chip Bundles
• Added a New FREE Beta Reward hat - Only available for a limited time!
• Fixed a couple of store visibility issues


• Removed Trillionaire Achievement
• Increased the amount of chips earned for the affiliation chip rewards 
• Fixed issue with Turn Timer
• Fixed “be the dealer” challenge
• Fixed “Making it Rain” achievement


• Users are now informed if they have no entry on the Leaderboards
• Beta tag has been replaced with Early Access tag
• Fixed a visual bug where the lobby buy-in amount would change to 100
• Fixed issue where the rewards spinner on the game results screen wouldn’t pop up and show the correct level increase
• Added mouse scrolling on avatar editor and nicknames menu
• Fixed various rapsheet bugs
• Localization Fixes
• Fixed default buy-in
• Nicknames menu polish
• Fixed a bug when claiming the daily login bonus
• Various text adjustments
• Fixed display of owned table items
• Additional fixes and polish to the Leaderboards
• Implemented view profile on Leaderboards
Following a successful closed beta test – we can’t possibly thank our testers enough; your feedback and suggestions were brilliant – Pipeworks and publisher 505 Games are proud to announce that Prominence Poker has entered Early Access!
Not only does this mean that Prominence Poker is one step closer to its official launch, it also means that we’re opening the poker tables up to anyone with a valid Steam account. If you’ve been following the recent closed beta, just itching for a chance to toss your chips onto the table, you’ll be happy to learn that you can now join in at no cost. Prominence Poker is designed to be entirely free-to-play, now and forever, and the only things that will help you succeed at the tables are steely nerves and that fickle mistress called Lady Luck.
Our closed beta test went a long way toward improving Prominence Poker and we’re hoping that Early Access allows us to polish our game even further. If you’d like to help, you’ll find everything you need to download Prominence Poker and start playing on the game’s Steam page. We’ll see you in Prominence!

Greetings! We’re happy to reveal that our third patch for Prominence Poker is now available. This is our largest update so far with a ton of quality of life improvements as well as the addition of leaderboards. Again, we can’t thank our community enough for their fantastic feedback during the Closed Beta. As always, we encourage you to post either on the Steam forums or our official website with your suggestions, feedback, and bug reports.
We appreciate your support in helping make Prominence Poker the best it can be.
List of Improvements/Fixes:
·         Fixed Heads-Up crash
·         Fixed chip stack display crash
·         Fixed several tutorial progression halts
·         Windowed and full-screen bug fixes
·         Fixed issue where a player could sometimes not connect to the chat session
·         Game loading rework
·         Lighting pass to all environments
·         Male & female hair mesh polish and bug fixes
·         Updated flop deal and fold animations
·         Various art improvements
·         Fixed render issues on some items
·         Various changes to the animation timings
·         Updated deal and shuffle animations so that they are the correct speed
·         Rake display has been disabled until art has done a pass
·         Updated community page
·         Auto graphics is now an option in the quality spinner. The toggle has been deleted. A ‘Changes Saved’ message will now appear
·         Initial changes to lobby revamp
·         First iteration of Leaderboards feature added
·         Fixed the hover state sound for peeking at the hole cards
·         Tuned the play frequency of the Pros’ VO animations
·         Additional voice over has been added to the game
·         Fixed AI always folding bug
·         Fixed a bug where single player rep was not actually capped
·         Fixed a bug where the rake could be zero
·         Modifications to the player seat locations
·         Nicknames now unlock based on overall level and not affiliation level
·         Various localization fixes
·         Added option to mute or unmute player when the microphone enabled option is toggled in-game
·         Shortened the challenge complete toast display length from 3 seconds to 1 second
·         Several challenge bugs have been fixed
·         Fixed an instance of pre-actions not working due to the order changing.
Hey Everyone! 

A new Closed Beta patch is now available. We appreciate the support as we work toward making Prominence Poker the best it can be! If you're interested in joining the Closed Beta, you can find a code here.

This patch should address and improve the following issues: 
Character creator asset polish  Animation polish  Some orbit camera adjustments  Chip sounds added to chip tricks  Localization Updates  Environment polish (Biker Bar)  Mayor Avatar VO volume tweaks  Additional audio added to the Beast intro Matinee  HUD and Nameplate bug fixes  Fixed Rep Bonuses that were off by 1  Duplicate notifications if the player is idle have been fixed   Fixed multiplayer lobby crash
Hey Everyone!
Our first Closed Beta patch is now available. The development team here at Pipeworks plans to do weekly patches for the game that fix key issues caught by our QA department as well as things that surface from the community. We appreciate the support as we work toward making Prominence Poker the best it can be! If you're interested in joining the Closed Beta, you can find a code here.
Steam Build - This patch should fix the following issues:
Hole cards now display correctly for all player during the win reveal Fix various graphical errors including the shadow flickering Main Menu audio now plays correctly after quitting a game. Improved game stability Please refer to our list of known issues if you encounter a bug.
Find a bug? Feel free to report it here.
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