At long last, Prominence Poker has come to Xbox One as part of the Xbox Summer Spotlight, and we’re celebrating with a special Xbox Game With Dev livestream on August 16!
Prominence Poker allows players to enter the city of Prominence and seek out fame and fortune with high stakes poker games in a gambling utopia founded by crooked goons. By building their reputation through defeating cunning factions in Prominence, players will have the opportunity to go up against “The Mayor” – the mysterious town founder. 
Thanks to the input of four-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Max Pescatori, Prominence Poker offers would-be card sharps the most authentic poker experience available on Xbox One. Boasting gorgeously seedy locations, intricate character customization, and unprecedented, high-stakes poker action, Prominence Poker provides unparalleled immersion, whether you’re playing against computer-controlled players in singleplayer, or placing bets against other people in Prominence Poker’s competitive online multiplayer modes. Daily events, regular tournaments, and a host of unlockable outfits and table items ensure players will return to the tables over and over again in the hopes of striking it rich.
You can download Prominence Poker at no cost by visiting the Xbox Store on your console, or at
For more information on Prominence Poker, take a look at our official website at, follow us on Twitter @prominencepoker and @pipeworksstudio, or on Facebook at 
And don’t forget to tune in to the Xbox Game With Dev livestream on August 16 at 2:30 PM PDT:
505 Games and indie studio Pipeworks, developers of the upcoming multiplayer poker game Prominence Poker, are pleased to announce today that Xbox One owners can put their antes on the table and pre-download the game in advance of its upcoming release for Xbox One on August 16.  The game will also be released for PlayStation 4 later this year and remain available on Windows PC via Steam’s Early Access Program.
Prominence Poker is an authentic poker experience that boasts a high level of detail in its mechanics thanks to the considerable input of four-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet holder Max Pescatori.
As a special promotion for launch, players have a chance to play the game against Pescatori.  By mastering Prominence Poker's gameplay - notably the ability to bluff, read tells from players and the game of poker itself - and building their bankroll, players can qualify for a private match against the poker legend himself.
In the game, players will visit and play their way through the city of Prominence, a gambling utopia founded by crooked goons, and seek the thrill of high stakes poker - while risking it all to win over the underground empire. After creating their alter ego, players will challenge unscrupulous characters across four cunning factions - all for a final showdown with "The Mayor" - the mysterious town founder.
Prominence Poker is currently available for Windows PC on Steam’s Early Access Program as a free download for those that want to help shape the game during the title’s final stage of development. The game’ will launch for Xbox One on August 16 while its full launch on Windows PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4 is expected later this year.
Pre-download Prominence Poker for free on Xbox One here.
This is a great weekend to play some Prominence Poker, as we've just released a significant update that adds daily events, improves the in-game UI, grants all players a free Rep boost, and much more! For full details, take a look at the official patch notes:
PATCH NOTES - Update 23.373.001
EVENTS have come to Prominence
The time has come for EVENTS to be released into the streets of Prominence! And just in time for SUCKER PUNCH SATURDAYS.
SUCKER PUNCH SATURDAYS: All Day long, receive TRIPLE REP from the Knockout REP Reward
Events occur every day, granting rewards for performing specific actions, using certain items and even representing your current affiliation.
Please view the EVENTS section of the HOW TO PLAY menu for information about event criteria, scheduling and rewards!
In our last patch, we removed the Dry Cleaning system, hinting towards revamping the system into something a bit more rewarding. Welcome BOOSTS.
BOOSTS will drastically amplify both your REP and Daily Cut rewards for 3 full days! All players will receive this FREE 3 Day BOOST upon creating their account and logging in for the first time.
Fear not existing players, you will receive your FREE 3 Day REP BOOST upon your next log-in.
Reworked the way players join their first AFFILIATION
As mentioned in the prior patch, we noticed that there was some confusion surrounding the Affiliations and how to join them. We took a step back and realized that the process required in joining an Affiliation felt more like a chore than a reward.
We have changed the Affiliation join process. Players will no longer be required to beat the Affiliations Boss in the Underground in order to join their first Affiliation. Now, all players will be directed to the Affiliation menu upon returning to the Main Menu after reaching level 10. Players can then join an affiliation of their choice and begin reaping the rewards without having to complete any additional actions.
Choose wisely my fanny pack wearing friends, only your first Affiliation can be joined without beating the Boss.
BOUNTIES have replaced Timed Challenges
We have reworked the timed challenges displayed on the PLAY! and PAUSE Menus, turning them into BOUNTIES.
BOUNTIES reward CHIPS instead of REP for completion! Players can hold 1 Weekly and 3 Daily challenges at a time.
Weekly challenges reset each week, Daily each day at 00:00 UTC (this will be the same time that your Daily Cut is ready), so make sure to complete these before they expire!
DAILY CUT payout changes and increased messaging
We have adjusted the DAILY CUT reward values and increased rewards for building a Streak. We have also added additional messaging to let players know when their next cut is ready, as well as what level they will receive their Next Cut Increase.
We wanted to emphasize the Streak Bonus multiplier instead of the Base Bonus to further reward players who come back more often. Players will also now build their streaks quicker, resulting in more chips faster for consecutive log-ins.
We are always looking to improve the game, along with the larger changes mentioned above, here are some quality of life improvements we’ve made. If you’d like to know more about these changes, or suggest new ones, please let us know on the Forums!
Reduced higher Buy-In unlock levels so that table limits unlock much earlier  
Most limits will now unlock by level 10 and all buy-ins are unlocked by level 50  
Multiple improvements to the way cards display on the screen  
Fixes blank cards showing up sometimes  
Makes transitions generally more robust.  
Added additional animations when players join and leave the table  
Bug Fixes
Additional stability fixes  
Allow camera control during muck selection  
Fixed a bug where Challenges that required the player to equip a specific table item were not progressing  
Fixed a bug where Challenges that required players to Refill were not progressing correctly with Table Refills  
Force empty hole cards state when a new hand is dealt  
Added call-fold configuration to RAM  
Fixed bug caused by toggling between controller and mouse  
Added "Muck It" REP Reward  
This REP Reward awards REP for showing cards at the end of the hand  
Updated HAND RANKINGS button in Controls screen  
Fixed multiple bugs that would occur when spamming buttons  
Rework featured item loading, fixing an issue where featured item cards were displaying blank  
Updated Credits  
Fixed an issue that caused the game camera to clip through the level upon exiting a game  
Multiple item icons have undergone art adjustments  
Fixed multiple issues with avatar hair and items clipping when the orbit camera is at certain angles  
Fixed multiple Translucency and material sorting issues within the Venues  
Numerous fixes to English strings  
Added numerous translations  
Global volume mixing and balancing  
Fixed issues with Mayor FUE VO and Boss VO going silent and not coming back  
Fixed a bug where no sound effect was playing when switching genders with the controller
Earlier today, we released the largest update in the history of Prominence Poker. It includes all kinds of tweaks, fixes, changes, and additions, and should drastically improve the game for all players. You can find comprehensive patch notes on the forums, but for more insight into what's included in the update, and for a glimpse into the future of Prominence Poker, I spoke with Lead Designer Brandon Ulm.
Earnest Cavalli, Pipeworks Community Specialist: As I’m sure players are aware, this update took a bit longer to release than we had initially planned. What happened? 
Brandon Ulm, Prominence Poker Lead Designer: We wanted this update to be as good as it possibly could be, but there were difficulties in the development process like submitting the game to Microsoft and Sony. So, what we decided to do was take a little bit more time, gather a bit more feedback from the community forums, and really focus on some of the issues that have been called out by the community. We wanted those to be the first things we fixed, and we also wanted to focus on really polishing up the current features that we have. 
That’s why this update has taken longer than our previous updates, but it will have been worth the wait because the update is a lot bigger, you’ll see a lot of big changes – and there are a lot of changes to come as well.
Earnest Cavalli: This update is an especially large update, with numerous additions. Can you describe the most important ways the game has changed?
Brandon Ulm: We’ll start with some of the fixes. Some of the huge issues, like ghost players and the multiple crashes that were happening, both in the front-end and during gameplay, were right up front on our list of things to fix. Additionally, there were a lot of delays in some of the gameplay animations that were causing certain parts of gameplay to pause. The drama was being snuffed out.
Earnest Cavalli Is part of that the issue players have reported with the card reveals being synced with the dealer?
Brandon Ulm: We have synced up the cards! That’s always been a part of our plans -- and we have more plans around that coming in the future – but that’s a good example: When the dealer deals the cards now, the cards appear on the HUD at the exact same time. 
There were also a lot of pauses where the game was waiting for other, unimportant animations before resuming gameplay. We’ve tightened that up a bit; it’s always going to be a work in progress, but you can expect that to get better and better over time.
We’ve also decided to remove and redesign the dry cleaning system. Anyone who currently has dry cleaning will have the benefits until they expire, so you will not have wasted your chips, but in its current state the system was kinda confusing and, we felt, really lackluster. We feel we can do better, so expect big changes to come to that system in the relatively near future. We’re hoping it will be something that is a lot more fun, and makes a lot more sense.
We also noticed that a lot of people seem to be confused by the current Affiliation system and its rewards. We’re working on a fix for that. But we also felt that for those people who understood how it works, the Affiliation system wasn’t very rewarding. It’s kind of like a chore, and once you get done with your chore, you don’t get a payoff at the end. So, we’ve reorganized all of the Affiliation rewards. Now, players can expect that when they join an Affiliation, they will receive the Affiliation’s outfit (which we consider the best item available from Affiliations), as well as an additional chip reward. And as always, players will receive both the male and female versions of those outfits for free.  
On a similar note, we noticed that the Underground mode experience is really hard. We don’t think that should be so hard right out of the gate. Players are just starting and they have to play through a six-player table? That’s really hard, and it takes a long time! So, we’ve made some adjustments, and now the Underground mode will scale in difficulty based on your current rank.
It will be really, really easy when you’re a Tourist, and when you rank up it will get a little harder. When you start gaining ranks in an Affiliation it will get harder and harder for that Affiliation’s Henchmen and Boss battle. For instance, if you’re Rank 3 in the Clubs Affiliation, it’s going to be a really hard experience, but if you switch over to the Hearts Affiliation, where you’re only Rank 1, it’s going to be much less difficult. Also, the rewards scale with the difficulty, so you can expect more Reputation and chip rewards from playing at higher Ranks.
Finally, we’ve changed the way Prominence Poker loads. Previously, we were loading everything in a level then dropping players into a table. As players have seen, this caused long loading times. Instead, we’re now just loading the environments initially, then loading the background avatars and the life in the background later. This should get players into the game much faster, but you may notice some weird spawning of avatars in the background. Don’t be alarmed, that’s for everyone’s benefit and should drastically reduce load times.
Earnest Cavalli: And that won’t have any impact on gameplay because it’s just background aesthetics?
Brandon Ulm: Yeah. Players may notice some framerate loss when the avatars are being loaded, but that’s something we’ll be continually tweaking to smooth out.
Earnest Cavalli: How do you feel the Early Access test has gone so far, and can you share some examples of what we’ve learned?
Brandon Ulm: I feel that it’s going well. I’m grateful for the community, all of their support, and all of the work and effort they’re putting into reporting issues and telling friends about the game, and being good community members to one another. It’s been a pretty positive environment at the tables. It’s really appreciated.
Earnest Cavalli: It has! We’ve got the nicest players. 
Brandon Ulm: Yeah, I think that’s something every game strives for: a positive and welcoming community. 
I think we’ve gotten exactly what we wanted from the Early Access test. We wanted to put the game out there for our players, see how they respond to it, see the things they like and dislike, and change our plans to accommodate our players. So far, on all counts, I think it’s been very successful.
Earnest Cavalli: Final question: Obviously you can’t guarantee anything just yet, but can you give us a brief overview of what sorts of plans are in the works for the future of Prominence Poker?
Brandon Ulm: Players can expect to see two additional Affiliations, as well as more Ranks for all of the Affiliations. They can also expect to see a lot of tuning and tweaking with the Affiliation systems in general until we get it right and we get it fun. That system is what makes Prominence Poker different from other poker games, so it’s important that we get it right.
Expect a lot of tweaks -- and we’d love to hear as much feedback as we can about what players want to do. What kind of gametypes and situations do players want to be in that makes them feel as if they’re representing their Affiliation while feeling like they’re competing against the others?
We also have additional game modes coming soon, like Ranked Play (which we’re very excited about). That’s going to start out with a variation of an Elo rating system aimed toward multiple players. It’s going to be really interesting to see how people like it, and how everything shakes out.  
Greetings! We're happy to announce that a massive update for Prominence Poker is now available. This should help alleviate a lot of the issues the community have been reporting. As always let us know what you think on the forums! 
This list initially included a few changes that aren't quite yet ready for official release. They're still coming, but are not included in today's patch. Those fixes include:
Usernames above 20 characters will now properly truncate The click menu will now default to open Added item names to the Featured items when they are not selected Fixed some artifacts that were appearing at the bottom of the Featured Item page in the shop We apologize for any confusion.
Re-Organized the Affiliation Rewards for all Affiliations
We want the Affiliations to be unique, fun and diversifying.

We have added additional messaging to the Affiliation Join and Rank Up process, as well as re-organized, added and swapped out some of the rewards. Players will now receive the Affiliation Outfits (for both genders) the moment they join/rank up, along with a new Chip Reward. Additionally, we have swapped out both of the Affiliations’ associated Table Items, replacing them with items that are more thematically fitting to the Affiliation. Lastly, we have added another, larger, Chip Reward as the last reward in all Affiliations Ranks.

We will continue to improve Affiliations, addressing other issues in the weeks to come. Join the discussion in our Forums to let us know what you like, dislike, or any ideas that you may have.
Underground mode difficulty and rewards now scale based on player Rank
We have heard your pleas -- as well as our own--and tuned down the difficulty of the Henchmen Battles in the Underground.

Now, all Underground Henchmen and Boss battles will scale in both difficulty and rewards as you rise in the Ranks of your Affiliations. So have no fear my fresh Tourist friends, Al “The Scar” Montana and Brandon “The Savage” Ulm will no longer be crushing souls in the early stages of the game. These two henchmen have been moved to the later ranks for all you poker brawlers who seek revenge.
Leaderboard Reset
In order to fix some bugs around our Leaderboards, it is required that we do a full Leaderboard reset.  This will not be a regular thing, outside of the normal Season Leaderboard Resets. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Removed the dry cleaning system
The Dry Cleaning system wasn’t quite fulfilling the role it was intended for. We have removed Dry Cleaning for now and will be replacing it with a better feature in the future. We’ll tell you all about it as it comes online.
We are always looking to improve the game, along with the larger changes mentioned above, here are some quality of life improvements we’ve made. If you’d like to know more about these changes, or suggest new ones, please let us know on the Forums!
Synced up the cards being dealt on the table with the cards being dealt on the HUD during gameplay Updated the artwork and animations for the Muck Selection UI Added a timer to the Daily Cut screen Additional Load Time Optimizations Added the bonus chip display in the Buy Chips menu Added a button to access the Daily Cut menu onto the Main Menu Added additional transition animations to the Radial Action Menu Moved the Preset Action UI into the 2D HUD Added names, nicknames and affiliation icons to Random AI players in Single Player Added a progress bar to all Loading screens Relocated and reduced the size of the REP Rewards that display at the end of the hand Reworked venue intro camera sequences Added standing card dealing animations Changed The Godmothers play style in order to make her more difficult  
Bug Fixes
Additional fixes for the ghost/table issues, these should be significantly reduced Connectivity and connection to server lost issues should be significantly reduced Fixed a bug where hand progression would sometimes stop in singleplayer Fixed an issue where the radial action menu would disappear Fixed a crash that would occur on the title screen Fixed an issue where the game would crash during the introduction video Fixed an issue where muting a player in multiplayer would cause a crash Fixed an issue where when the user would disconnect during the intro animation and rejoin they would crash Fixed a bug where accepting consecutive invites before the game result screen loaded would cause a soft-lock (crash) Fixed a crash in the tutorial before the last card in the last hand was dealt Fixed a bug where changing the game type to head to head with more than 2 players would give a generic connection error Fixed an instance where changing from fullscreen to window mode and applying defaults would disable functionality to the left arrow Fixed a bug where players’ nameplates and table refills would not function when using a mouse and keyboard Fixed a bug where clicking compare when no user was selected would cause a network error Fixed a bug where the user would see a network error displayed when joining a friend’s game that could not be joined Fixed a bug where the winning hand screen persisted during the next hand, blocking all actions for the player  
Fixed a bug where the winner was incorrect in split pot scenarios Fixed instances of camera jitter at the end of intros Fixed numerous bugs related to the Radial Action Menu Fixed a bug where the player avatar appeared and played at a MP table before the player was loaded into that table Fixed a bug where players were receiving the Affiliation rewards for all ranks of that affiliation when leveling Fixed a bug where refilling the table did not multiply the rep reward by the number of users gifted Fixed multiple challenges that were not progressing. Fixed a bug where a player was permanently muted when a player spammed the mute button while loading into a lobby Fixed instances of achievements not tracking Fixed a bug where avatar animations & states were hidden or canceled by various actions Fixed a bug where the players avatar would still be present at the table despite being knocked out of the table Fixed a bug where joining a game in progress did not display the player’s hole cards  
Fixed a bug where the scrolling arrow UI for rewards on the game results screen didn’t function Updated the art for the Muck Selector UI Fixed a bug where the users’ profile names would be cut off in the Table Standings and Lobby if they were too long Fixed an instance where hitting ALT+TAB after switching to full-screen would show a stretched screen Fixed a bug where the 2000 chips reward from the tourist affiliation did not have an image Fixed a bug where Blind icons were being displayed over empty seats Fixed a bug where information was not displayed in the correct columns in the stats page Fixed placeholder text and images present in the rank reward banner when using a Male Avatar Fixed a bug where the player’s bankroll did not reflect the initial chip reward when joining an affiliation Fixed a bug where the UI in the Featured Items section of the store was grayed out and could not be clicked Fixed instances of the UI overlapping over key information Fixed a bug where the tournament game result screen would display the previous result for a second when losing a tournament game Fixed a bug where the game results screen level up and item reward animations didn’t play Fixed numerous user interface bugs related to REP Fixed a bug where loading animation for the pre-lobby was falsely triggering Fixed numerous display bugs related to the Leaderboards  
Fixed instance of background avatars in the Kleaners missing the top half of their hair Fixed several instances of skin clipping through multiple outfits Fixed instances of animations not triggering during the introduction cutscenes Fixed instances where the avatar of a joining player would appear as a t-pose Fixed several bugs where animations were not triggering properly Fixed a bug where the avatar could become stuck in the peek animation when their avatar is in the pre-check position Fixed a bug where characters would remain standing after rebuying  
Added a shrink function to many text boxes, so localization shouldn’t display clipped the outside of containers Numerous fixes to the localization strings  
Fixed a bug in the tutorial where the voice over calls the card before the flip Fixed a bug where the timer SFX would persist between games  
If you’re creating a game about cars, you talk to a race driver. If you’re creating a game about the military, you talk to a soldier. And if you’re creating a game about poker, like we are, you consult poker legend Max Pescatori for the kind of insight that a person can only earn by playing cards at the highest level against the world’s best competition for more than a decade.
If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the name, Max Pescatori is a longtime poker pro hailing from Milan, Italy. Since he started playing professionally in 2003, Max has racked up 15 titles, four World Series of Poker bracelets, and over $3.7 million in winnings. Needless to say, Max knows a thing or two about playing poker, and his first-hand expertise has been tremendously helpful in refining the pace of our game. His knowledge of player psychology and practical poker strategies are a key reason why Prominence Poker is so compelling.
“Prominence Poker is highly stylized with a compelling storyline, so it’s an honor to contribute to a poker game that values the strategy, depth and complexities of Texas Hold ‘em,” stated Pescatori. "Given Pipeworks' proven track record with poker mechanics in World Series of Poker: Full House Pro, it’s been great to offer my experience to help them bring the table experience to life in Prominence Poker."
As a special "thank you" for all of his help, we've immortalized Max Pescatori within Prominence. Not a bad likeness, huh? 

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