Greetings Steam users! We're happy to announce that a new patch which addresses over 150+ bugs has been released on Steam. Most importantly it should help address a lot of the heavily reported issues from the community. Keep in mind that these patch notes don't cover the full extent of all the fixes, and as such we've highlighted particular issues and changes we believe are noteworthy.
As always let us know what you think in the comment section! We appreciate the support as we work on making Prominence Poker the best it can be.
Note: If the update isn't appearing, restart Steam, and it should automatically start downloading.
Big Updates
20k buy-in added to all game modes New cosmetics for males and females Over 200 new shop items will be periodically added to the game over the next 14 weeks! Keep an eye out in the shop  
Notable Changes
The following changes were made to bring parity between all platforms.
The Tough Guy Bundle Price has undergone some tuning to maintain parity between all platforms: STEAM: The Tough Guy Bundle will now award 33,000 chips at an increased price of $2.99. This bundle still has the same bonus chip value of 10%. Additional Table Item interactions!  
Bug Fixes
In total more than 150 bugs were fixed in this patch. In an effort to keep the lists readable we’ve keep the notes on the shorter side.
       Fixed a bug where a disconnect error would occur if the host launched a lobby before the client connected        Fixed a bug where in some instances a user failed to join a game session when accepting a game invite from outside of the game        Fixed an instance where the emote menu could get stuck on the game results screen        Fixed instances of the RAM getting stuck and misplaced        Fixed a freeze that would occur when a user attempted to leave the game during a tournament or the tutorial        Fixed a bug where the RAM became unselectable if the user was navigating through the shop when it was their turn        Fixed an instance where the player would get stuck in an endless loop joining a empty table        Fixed other instances of instability  
       Fixed instances of avatars incorrectly interacting with table items which would cause clipping        Fixed additional instances of clipping within character customization        Fixed instances of duplicate text or items being shown in the game         Fixed a bug where the RAM would flicker repeatedly        Fixed instances of incorrect highlight states in menus        Fixed instances of NPC’s clipping in the environments        Fixed a bug where the Table Ranking displayed inconsistent rankings        Fixed a bug where the user’s entry in the leaderboard wasn’t highlighted by default        Fixed some text inconsistencies within the Helps & Options menu        Fixed a bug where the RAM could overlap the emote menu        Fixed instances of flickering shadows in the environments        Fixed instances of items that couldn’t be identified based on gender        Fixed a bug where NPC’s would do a T-pose.  
       Fixed a bug where users were unable to send game invitations        Fixed a bug where a user couldn’t select cancel after selecting bet on the RAM        Fixed numerous bugs related to Events        Made some tweaks to speed up gameplay
Greetings! We’re happy to announce that our latest patch for Steam is now available. This update includes several quality of life improvements, and fixes around 250 bugs in total. Keep in mind that these patch notes don’t include everything, so if you notice anything that didn’t make it in the patch notes let us know in the comment section.
Also, if you register on this site with a valid Steam ID we will credit your account 1,000 free chips.
Everybody loves free chips, right?
Fixed an issue where the game may freeze when other players enter and leave either a lobby or a Ring Game; games are automatically ended when there is only one player left at the table. Fixed bug disallowing you to start a single player game  Added check to make sure player exists before allowing them to purchase Added countless fixes and polish to The Deck tutorial - Give it a shot if you haven't! Fixed other instances of crashing  
Added Gender Icons to clothing so you can distinguish what's being rewarded to you during level up We now show the all-in action icon when blinds put player all-in Fixed instances of table standings displaying incorrectly Changed boss bartender priority so that it always shows up in the intro Removed "Sandwich Making" animation Made the Tourist Tea icon pink to match the mesh Fixed display bug with rank in prestige menu Fixed flickering in various environments and menus Lobby buttons no longer scoot down the screen when you click on them Various localization fixes Fixed not hiding matinee avatar standing in t-pose in background Fixed issue with randomizing disabled features in avatar creator Disabled ear morphs and hair for certain headwear  Adjusted pivots on weapons to de-conflict with Biker Bar. Implemented UI fixes to address confusion over Underground mode Chip and Rep rewards  Fixed hang waiting for winning animations to finish  Emotes now speed up when another action is trying to play  Fixed nameplates hanging around after not having enough chips to complete a table refill  Fixed weird scroll-box behavior  Fixed many text boxes so they now scale text appropriately Allow emotes to interrupt other emotes  Added in new animations and polished existing ones Avatar no longer puts down deck when all-in and no more betting  Updated deal idle animations to fix issue with prop location. Fixed clipping bugs with full beard and English mustache Pass on Metal Blades to brighten in the store, reduce chrome look. Fixed store minimizing when invoked immediately after the user's turn Fixed bug where male long sleeve outfit and bracers intersect Fixed bug with the mayor's neck clipping his collar Fixed the Daily Cut timer not disappearing correctly Polish art pass on buttons Fixed clipping issues with medium messy hair and hats Fixed issue where client would try to show emotes menu when emotes aren't allowed Fixed not hiding matinee avatar standing in t-pose in background Fixed issue with randomizing disabled features in avatar creator Disable ear morphs and hair for certain headwear  Adjusted pivots on weapons to de-conflict with Biker Bar. Implemented UI fixes to address confusion over Underground mode Chip and Rep rewards  Fixed hang waiting for winning animations to finish  Emotes now speed up when another action is trying to play  Fixed nameplates hanging around after not having enough chips to complete a table refill   
Players now have the option of spectating after busting out of a tournament Clicking the in-game shop button now transitions you directly between shop and table Highest level player now always deals the high card Removed all traces of Dry Cleaning feature Fixed an issue where at max level of any affiliation, the remaining hands of any equipped table item still continues to be used Fixed an issue where REP earned from gifting during a game isn't applied until the game is restarted Fixed an issue with viewing profiles with a mouse and keyboard  Fixed issue with tracking of "Muck it" challenge  Fixed issues with REP bonus being rewarded incorrectly for events Fixed an issue where the RAM becomes un-selectable if the user is navigating through the shop when its their turn to act The scroll wheel is now enabled on store front featured items Implemented new Freeze Frame timing system across all levels. Fixed slight t-pose when checking when ram becomes fully active.  
We'd like to extend a massive congratulations to El Blakeo for being the first Prominence Poker player on Xbox One to reach the game's current level cap! Like all Xbox One players, El Blakeo started playing when the game debuted on August 16, and in the week since that time, El Blakeo not only reached level 310, but also reached Rank 3 in both Hearts and Clubs Affiliations! 
How'd he do it? El Blakeo says the key is playing lots of $100 buy-in head to head games, always having a table item equipped for the 10 percent Rep bonus, and playing when the in-game events are offering even more Rep bonuses (see our Calendar for more info on that). He also says racing up the leaderboards against FIGMENT79, one of the other highest-ranked Xbox One players, helped to keep things focused. "She was definitely the hardest to best and inspired me to go all the way," El Blakeo told us.
Perhaps most impressively, El Blakeo did all of this without spending a single dime on Prominence Poker. Like we say, the game is free-to-play, but absolutely not pay-to-win, and El Blakeo's rapid leaderboard climb proves as much.
It's been about a week since Prominence Poker debuted on the Xbox One and we couldn't possibly be happier with how things are going. Players have been absolutely flooding into the game since the moment it was available for download, and we can't thank you enough for your support!
However, what we can do is share with you all some very important numbers that demonstrate exactly why we're constantly high-fiving one another here in the studio:
Number of Prominence Poker players on Xbox One who have already surpassed level 100: 28 Tournaments played since launch: 48,093 Chips spent on Avatar Customization items: 732,947,250 If those chips were stacked vertically, they'd create a tower that stretches 1,540 miles into the air, or could wrap around the moon almost 1.5 times. Chips bet in multiplayer Ring Games: 2,856,552,433 That's enough chips to cover the entire length of the Amazon River 1.5 times over. Like I said, these numbers have absolutely annihilated our expectations, and with the PlayStation 4 version of Prominence Poker launching today, the future looks very bright for our game -- which is good news for players, as it gives us more freedom to build on the solid base we've created with more content, more polish, and additional technical enhancements. 
We'll have more on our future plans very soon, but for now -- and at the risk of sounding repetitive -- thank you all for enjoying Prominence Poker!
PlayStation 4 owners hoping for an authentic, engrossing, and most importantly, fun poker experience will be happy to hear that Prominence Poker is now available on PlayStation 4 in the US for the low, low price of “absolutely free to play.” Don't worry, European players, you'll have access to the game within the next 24 hours.
Prominence Poker invites would-be card sharps to the city of Prominence to seek their fame and fortune in high stakes poker games amidst the sort of crooked folks who populate a city built on fat chip stacks, luck, and human greed. Only by defeating the cunning, cutthroat factions of Prominence can players earn the opportunity to go up against “The Mayor” – the mysterious town founder, who controls both the city’s bankroll and its intimidating muscle.
Thanks to the input of four-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Max Pescatori, Prominence Poker offers PlayStation 4 players the most legitimate poker gameplay available on the console. Boasting gorgeously seedy locations, intricate character customization, and unprecedented, high-stakes poker action, Prominence Poker provides unparalleled immersion, whether you’re playing against computer-controlled players in singleplayer, or placing bets against other people in Prominence Poker’s competitive online multiplayer modes. Daily events, regular tournaments, and a host of unlockable outfits and table items ensure players will return to the tables over and over again in the hopes of striking it rich.
You can download Prominence Poker at no cost by visiting the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 4 console, or via web browser at
For more on Prominence Poker, follow us on Twitter @prominencepoker and @pipeworksstudio, or on Facebook at
It's a day of firsts here at Pipeworks HQ!
Not only are Xbox One owners now able to enjoy Prominence Poker for the first time, but we've also had our first Steam Early Access player reach both the current level cap and the current Affiliation Rank cap!
To date, BL1P has reached level 310 and worked his way through all three ranks of both the Hearts and Clubs Affiliations, earning every Affiliation-exclusive reward along the way. Despite this impressive feat, BL1P also finds the time to be one of the most active users of the Prominence Poker Steam forums.
We'd like to thank BL1P for his passion for Prominence Poker, and we wish him a hearty congratulations on this accomplishment!
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