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I wouldnt say never seen anything like it and to be fair there were 4 outs in the situation as you would also be here and complain about a 5 because of the other dudes 2 outer (plus some more if anyone won by straight or flush) :P

but yeah it happens too often really. Last table I played A 3 vs A x (Preflop betting so only 2 of 5 played) on A 3 3 flop (Lucky me, all chips here pls) and of course other than that it had 3 or 4 ->A 2 4, A 3 5, A 2 3 monosuit flops in a row<- (sucks to have led out an ace here dont it). And then I got 10 10, next hand an opponent had 10 10, and hand after flop was 10 10 x.

The last thing is what gets me most of all things. While I cant make much use of it / predicting hands versus boards preflop, I really can often tell you what a guy is betting on this flop, because he got the hand i had previous board. Like a dude bets on 8h 10c Jh flop im like "Yeah 5 9 hearts I had last hand, fold". Other dude calls him down, showdown? 5 9 hearts what else xD

I could profit from that obviously if I had blockers or something (K q hearts, K 10 hearts blabla), but then again I wouldnt need the info with hands im willing to play eitherway lol

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2 hours ago, Mayo said:

Count all them beans up and tell me where we are odds wise right now?

You were lower than I would have thought, barely better than even money to win, 56%. If his A10 was suited, only 53% to win. Knowing an Ace was mucked, brings you up to a whopping 61%! 



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