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  4. You say bugs bugs bugs - and that's all you got? Maybe the toon is working on his glutes
  5. This has happened to me a few times - I think the last time was around 9/16 or so. I had to exit the game to get it to stop.
  6. I placed second and received a 0 points - guess I should count myself lucky! overall - I like this poker game and environment. Thank you to the developers
  7. What you wrote has absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote. I have a PS4 Pro and a 4k display. It would be nice if PP were to support the 4k resolution (or, at the very least, one of the higher resolutions that are being used by other games on the PS4 Pro, such as for example 1440p used by Titanfall 2, or 3200x1800 used by FF XV). It might even be able to run at native 4k@30Hz, given that 60 Hz isn't really all that crucial with this kind of game.
  8. ranked tournaments

    As far as Consoles im a real fanboy of the playstation and it all come down to that it has consistently worked through out the years, its not owned by microsoft and the CEO for the console is a damn genius. The guy has come out against SONY's DRM policies openly and easily. He once got a softball question from a kid at a gaming mag asking if he felt his consoles were to overpriced for Xmas and his answer was the stuff of pure pleasure.. paraphrasing Given that many people seem priced out of your console for the holiday season do you feel you set the price to high for the PS3? - Not at all. In fact i have a lot of explaining to do to my bosses and ahareholders. You see i sold 100% of what we made so clearly my price point was too low. But to add insult to injury my customer base knew this and were selling it at a 300% mark-up and got it. So... yeah, i dont think i was overpriced is the short answer to your question. .||Love that man||
  9. Never is rather harsh, given the electronics industry's habit for innovation. Sony 4k UHDTV has been on the market for several months. Currently nobody broadcast in UHDTV, indeed several broadcasts companies still are not equipped to handle HDTV. These new TV screens have more pixels per square inch than the human eye can process. I checked these TV's out when they first started hitting the stores, about a year ago. The store video will blow you away. So to does the price - a 65" 4k UHDTV curved screen started at $35,000. I think I'll pass.
  10. Given that they have never shown any interest in making a 4k version for the PS4 Pro, I doubt it.
  11. ranked tournaments

    Bummer, I'd enjoy playing with you. If you're thinking about purchasing an Xbox, I'd suggest waiting to see what the new version of Xbox offers.
  12. ranked tournaments

    I was wondering about your times for getting a good game. It does differ because the amount of active players is different. For example 9 days left in tournament play on the PC and when i checked the leader board last night position 1-5 was still gold. So in short its hard to get a good high value tourn on the PC following your time example.
  13. I got Double Diamond!

    I agree with you. The ability to quickly identify the mode of the table and the playing style of the individual players is critical. to your success. Two other things that influence your outcome, is to be aware of how the game changes as players are eliminated. Bluffing, for instance, works better with fewer players. The other thing is to change your own style of play as the game progresses, don't become predicable.
  14. ranked tournaments

    No. I'm on Xbox, why. I think the same PP program is running on PC, PS4 and Xbox, it's the platform to present the same version of PP to the internet that's different.
  15. At the beginning of the season I had a string of really bad luck (I even posted in another thread a video about that situation where I lose a huge amount of chips in the the first two rounds of a tournament, first with trips, and then with a broadway), which sunk me as low as silver. Then I started actually paying attention and playing smart, and I succeeded in raising to diamond. Btw, it's incredible how differently people play at silver than they do at platinum. I staid at silver for one single tournament, and it was probably the fastest tournament I have ever played. I won it. All the other players played like they didn't care the slightest bit about actually winning, making completely stupid all-ins. (Ok, I'm judging from one single game, but still...)
  16. I got Double Diamond!

    Congratulations, your superior play has shown that you are indeed the greatest player to ever grace this forum. I was really looking for positive commits about other things, but I'll take what I can.
  17. ranked tournaments

    Are you on PC farmer?
  18. Double Diamond two seasons in a row!!! It's magic... P.S. - Farmer John here's my positive post, and the one above. You missed that one.
  19. I'm back!

    DaWiz I'll make you a deal. You write a positive post and I'll compliment it. Promise.
  20. I'm back!

    I wish you would compliment my posts!!! Ugh... retired ppl get on my nerves... jk
  21. Well, it has been a week. No response. Now I'll have to decide if I'm just done with this game, or whether I was just overreacting...
  22. ranked tournaments

    ??? I play ranked tournaments every day, sometimes as many as 3 in one day, usually in the mornings Pacific Time. From silver to platinum to gold. This has never happened to me. When the matchmaking goes to 'any match', or to much time is being spent for a 'good match', I terminate the process and start over. Usually a 'ideal match' will start within 5 minutes after I've returned to matchmaking.
  23. ranked tournaments

    The only problem id have and have had is you play for a hr or so win then only get 5 points or come in 2nd and lose points. Fix the point system and i wouldnt care.
  24. ranked tournaments Why don't you just let the first 6 players go into a tournament? Sometimes even when you have gone right through to "Any match" search it still shows 2 or 3 of 10 or even up 20 players matched this is ridiculous , who cares what rank you play against in a tournament let's just have the first 6 to join go into a match please as it takes about 20 mins to join a game
  25. Prominence Poker Pros

    Warum sind in den ?????Besonderen Blauen Beute Koffer ???? 15000 Chips??? Was soll das echt... besonders ist anders... das ist zu wenig für blau... Lg Bettina😕
  26. Hi, apologies if these have been mentioned by someone else, I haven't read the entire thread. I would really like a fold and show option. As much as I like showing my hand after a big bluff it would be awesome if I was last to act and I made what I think is a big laydown and have the ability to show my opponent without having to screenshot it and message over the PSN. The other feature I think would be good is having a moderated create your own nickname with the legendary and billionaire etc, nicknames reserved to those acquire them through ability. Lastly I would like the ability to buy any items that are currently only able to unlock through loot crate. Owning a certain item used to be a sign of someone who could afford to buy expensive items but now anyone can get said item randomly through loot crate. Keep up the awesome job
  27. It did help greatly thank you.
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