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  2. Wow can believe it,my 10k for game was refunded but I lost the final 2 winnings
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  5. I know some might disagree, but I find that with the tournies the opening stage of blinds is really important. The blinds jump from 100 to 300 real fast, making you only have 30 reducing ones edge. So winning some small pots in the 100 stage gives you a buffer going into the first blinds jump. The best spots are the button and cutoff to open with a hand like Q9 suited, a bet of 250 or even 300 is fine (depending if someone limped before). I wouldn't worry too much about super loose players, as the key stat to keep in mind when opening lighter is if people are 3 bet happy. I find that people aren't 3 betting preflop too often or too light on Prominence (some players but mostly on ring games). Most of the time in tournies and I imagine even more so on ranked tournies you're going to get a lot of heads up or at most 3 ways to flop situations. If its an everybody is calling game (but no 3 betting being shown) then add some small pairs to your range, hit a set and stack some fools. A lot of times you'll take down a pot preflop heads up with a half pot continuation bet, especially if its a dry board like say 3, 8, A rainbow. If its a wet board like J,10,9 with two hearts then maybe you can just check some flops, just depends. There might be some minor swings in playing this way but it will give you a slight edge going into the next blinds. If you get to say 6000 or less than just wait for next blinds, as you're going to be a short stack anyways, and play a short stack strategy waiting for spots to pick up dead money. I'm not advocating total insane maniac style, but rather one should try to take hands of reasonable postflop value and try to play to win, rather than not to lose. The window you have is in the beginning, now if you're getting total junk like 93 or K3 off well just fold, not much you can do. I love this scene from searching for Bobby Fischer, I know its about chess but the speech given from the 34 second mark should have been written for poker. Sometimes I just revisit this clip as it matches my philosophy on playing any form of poker.
  6. I've been stiffed or shorted on payouts of both types of ranked tourneys. Is this fixed ? Makes the time it takes to win a tournament worthless. thanks in advance for the fix. Roadmaster75
  7. Bummer!!! I once complained to another poker site about this same thing, I was told that between my PC on the west coast of the US and their site in Northern Ireland, that there could be as many as 25 servers evolved in the link.
  8. I was just about to win a game had Ace flush pressed call and froze and said server disconnected was in the lead had 35k chips the guy I was just about to knock out had 8 k the other guy 6k in final three,then relogged in lost 10k chips ?
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  10. Appreciate the input. I definitely feel like I overcommitted to my read on the villain. Speaks to the value in having a loose image...easier to get calls with your big hands...even easier with 4 of a kind. Probably should have just let it go on the turn. Call it not worth it given that it's a ranked game where survival is the name of the game...getting into big pots with Q-9 on the first blind level and risking 6th position probably isn't very profitable long term in PP ranked. I would have loved to raise that hand pre-flop but I don't mind the decision to limp given it was a virtual guarantee that I am called by the villain and playing a larger pot out of position. Speculative hand I wanted to get in cheap and if the hand hits its potential I can win a big pot against a call-happy opponent. Beyond that it all goes back to my refusal to give up on my read and over-anxiousness to win a big pot off the super loose player. Not worth it given the situation.
  11. Yup! It was a table item that was on sale for a limited time during the Halloween season last year. If I remember right, it wasn't terribly expensive either, so a lot of them were purchased.
  12. That's why I asked about the framerate. If that's the lagging we're talking about, then yeah, the video card is probably the limiting factor. It's sufficient, but below the recommended specs, and while it may run the game, it's probably not going to be at a high framerate or visual quality.
  13. I need an event cancelled because the times are not correct and I didn't download any images for it. How do I edit it?
  14. Thanks for sharing. I, along with several others are on the same treadmill. Ranked head to head has proven to be a disaster for me so I'm playing casual tourneys until the next season starts
  15. The Radeon 6870 is slower than eg. a GTX 560. Is it really enough? (Not that I have checked the minimum requirements, but still...)
  16. Wasn't it like a Halloween special or something?
  17. I seem to be unable to reach diamond. I play several games, slowly but steadily climbing the platinum range, and then suddenly I end up fifth or even sixth in a tournament, sometimes even two consecutive tournaments, and I plummet back to the bottom of the rank. Then I start my slow but steady climb once again... only to plummet back to the bottom of the rank in a couple of games. It has happened like three times already. A steady climb, and then a sudden crash. Somehow I just can't. I have lost something like half a million chips in total.
  18. I played against a guy the other night who had a pumpkin as a table item,he was only ranked in the 20s,how and where do you obtain it?
  19. Has anyone got a picture of the golden stoogey they can share? I'd love to know how it looks,i'm currently gold almost platinum but dont think i'll make diamond haha
  20. I think preflop Q9 suited is playable in the cutoff but I'd have raised the hand to 300 since blinds were 100. The flops you want to see obviously are a Q or 9 with two clubs, Q9 or some combination of a pair and backdoor clubs. Your goal is to have turn cards that give you some added draws in your example a J, or 8, and obviously a 9 or Q is good too. I think on the turn when villian bet his range includes 10's and flushes and since the other guy called your over call was a mistake. The only hands you're ahead of are his air ball bluffs or his 9 or 3's that have an A or K or Q of hearts, or any bare heart in his hand. I think the other guy calling should have given pause as now two players could have a 10 or flush draw. That said the river makes it less likely he has a 10 but since he is capable of bluffing I think checking the river would have been better. There aren't many hands worse than yours that would call your lead out. Also it gives him a chance to shove and take pot if you two were chopping or obviously he can shove with the 10. But from a game theory optimal perspective one wants to be calling some of the time with a hand like yours since it is one of the stronger bluff catching ranges you can have. If one is always folding in this spot its exploitable. So I'm ok with river call some of the time considering opponent. But I think the two mistakes were not preflop raising the hand if you were going to play it, and two was the overcall on turn 3 ways since your hand didn't improve and all you had were bottom end bluff catchers. I think if the 10 on the turn wasn't a heart then the check/call line makes more sense (less likely to have a 10, less value and more air, although other guy calling should give pause). Its just one of those live and learn spots, there will be more hands to play.
  21. I had the same thought about Q9. The Hero is talking about not raising because of the villain instead of not raising because that is a hand of pure speculation. Sure, by the end, that was just bad luck. But the more hands you play, the more bad luck you find. And you find it exponentially, because the extra hands like Q9 are more vulnerable.
  22. Personally, I wouldn't play Q9 from UTG. Q10 maybe, but not Q9, particularly at such an early stage of the tourney. You should be super tight at this stage and allow the donks take each other out. Getting involved with mediocre hands is asking for trouble. Your post flop call is wrong too in my opinion. You only found second pair and no good draw. Get out cheap and pick a better moment.
  23. You can specify that when you create the event. Once a week seems like a good frequency.
  24. I like all your choices until your river bet. You'd allowed him to take the initiative on every street since he was in position. I would have waited to see what he bet and either flatted or folded based on the math/EV calcs. I would have not called the all-in because it was way fishy. I agree with your assessment that the odds of having the 10 were pretty small but the odds seem to be defied on PP a lot. Also if you really stop to think about the way the hand played out, it definitely felt like he was strong the entire way. The bet-sizing felt "valued" the entire way through and I can't see him going all in after your pretty aggressive bet on the river unless he actually wanted to get paid. The fact that he showed a bluff earlier makes this even more likely. At the absolute worst you were chopping with a call. Honestly in this scenario I would have put him on the 10. I just can't see him playing the hand this way with pocket jacks or higher and I can't give him credit for a bluff in this scenario either - too risky. I agree that maybe your initial impression of him based on those two hands caused the loss but they felt intentional (especially when he showed) and that's the mark of a player with more cunning than you gave him credit for.
  25. Alright, so the hardware he's running the game on is sufficient. That's good to know. So my next question is about the lag. When you say he's lagging, what do you mean? Is the framerate unstable? When he clicks a button, is there a delay before the action is completed? Are character animations slowed down?
  26. CPU 4770K, 16GB RAM, GPU Radeon 6870, Drivers up to date.
  27. i was wondering when the update for the diamonds is going to be released on ps4/xbox also you guys planing on having prominance poker for the switch as well???
  28. It can be frustratingly difficult to "read" other players sometimes. In some cases it's relatively easy, like in that example I gave previously, where I was convinced that the other player had an ace in hand, making my decision quite easy. However, othertimes, I suppose when they bet smarter (ie. rather than going suddenly all-in, they make a bet that's just about pot-sized or the like), it becomes really hard to guess if they are betting because they got a pair, or maybe two pair, of because they got a straight, or maybe even are bluffing. Sometimes I take the risk (eg. I have like three of a kind, but the other guy could possibly have a straight), and it turns out that they didn't have but eg. a pair. Othertimes, in a similar situation, it turns out that they did have a very good hand, and were pretty much slowplaying, probably to lure me into betting as much as they think I will. I get easily lured into crazy betting sprees when I have a big pocket pair. If I get three of a kind like that, it becomes even worse. If my opponent could potentially have a straight, it becomes a real gamble, especially if they bet smart.
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