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  2. Squid's comment is pretty much spot on for the "standard" way to play. As stated, how your chip stack compares to the villain and blinds change the way you play. Heads up is a completely different from playing 4-6 handed games. Assuming the same or larger stack sizes, you playable hand ranges open up dramatically. Pairs will win a lot more heads up than not. As to preflop betting, my rule of thumb is if it's a playable hand, I'm betting (I'll always play in the BB if the villain lets me, regardless of hand). You'll get a lot of folds to players that will only play "good" hands. You'll also get a lot of calls from the "let's see the flop" people who will call with crap. A continuation bet will usually net you the pot. Of course, you have to have a good read on when to fold as well. Even Sammy's idea works to a degree. If you fold when your in small blind or fold at the first bet and only play top hands, you can easily put the villain on tilt. So when you call or go all-in, they will start calling you with about anything. Take them to the cleaners!
  3. This is something we'll likely need to address as I can see how this could be confusing. Thanks for the report.
  4. Well then, these challenges are kind of pointless then. I've never even seen a "standard" tournament have anyone in queue. Guess it would work if you guys ever get it setup for poker leagues to use. Thanks, Clear
  5. So, I searched around online and found this little gem at pokerlistngs on a blog post titled: Online Versus Live Play. Now on this, they are talking about playing 2 to 4 tables at a time to get to that "8 times as many hands" on number one. Still online play moves MUCH FASTER than standard live play. I'd guess that on PP, you're probably seeing 50-60 hands per hour. Live play, 30 per hour is high and probably closer to 10-15 per hour for most low stakes/friend's night type games. Of course, 2 and 3 are the big ones here when comparing PP to anything else.
  6. Just found out that these challenges don't apply to ranked.
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  8. I saw a real life unicorn last night. On top of that, a buddy of mine actually played on a full Silver table! In seriousness, perhaps this shows the rating system is beginning to work as intended. Time will tell, as it always does.....
  9. even the bronze level tournament payouts are not correct, if you do the math the prize pool is not divided properly in my opinion. 3rd place should at least get their buy-in back. I can't remember what they had the top 3 getting but I remember it being wrong. A full table of silver level players currently creates a prize pool of 61,500 bucks, but yet on your screen your seeing 30,000 dollars being payed out to the top 3 so are these just being shown wrong or are these the actual payouts not counting any bonus chips of course. I ask because every time since I became a silver player I get thrown into a bronze level tournament.
  10. Thanks for sharing! Nobody whined or complained about the results. Stuff happens
  11. And I responded before I got CC giving us the real numbers. Doh!
  12. I think they are trying to avoid calling you all idiots. This is a tired topic, and method being used here lends itself to a crappy conconclusions. If you want to claim that the shuffle is juiced, you need numbers, not anecdotes. You need to compare the numbers the game produces with expected results. But no one here making the argument has a clue what the expected results are, let alone how they compare to the game.
  13. Not to rain on your parade, but winning against a community of casual players by no means qualifies you as "decent" or skilled. And I know that makes me sound like a dick and I apologize for that, but a trash mediocre piece of shit player like myself, who wins 90% of the tourneys he enters in this game, (Hell, I'm being modest, I win more than that), has no place offering advice on "the dance" or the heads-up as you referred to it. But because I'm so arrogant, I'll give it a shot. For anyone still reading this, when the tournament is down to two, do yourself a favor and look at that stupid asshole directly across from you, and then fold. And after you're done folding, fold again. Then when the time is right and you stand a decent chance at winning, shove your stack in their face. And if you happen to lose, well, that's poker. But at least you went out swingin'.
  14. The only "quirky" thing I notice with this algorithm is repeating pockets. For example, getting pocket 10's and then seeing a person get 'em the very next hand. But even then it's not the shuffle, it's me picking up on patterns that are really spread out and ignoring all the in-between. Oh the joys of the human mind.
  15. We ran a shuffle test on our deck. Here are the results after 2 billion hands: Mathematical Probability % of Hands % Difference High Card 17.4119 % 17.4110 % 0.01 % Pair 43.8225 % 43.8210 % 0.00 % Two Pair 23.4955 % 23.4969 % 0.01 % Three of a Kind 4.8299 % 4.8307 % 0.02 % Straight 4.6194 % 4.6200 % 0.01 % Flush 3.0255 % 3.0244 % 0.04 % Full House 2.5961 % 2.5967 % 0.02 % Four of a Kind 0.1681 % 0.1682 % 0.08 % Straight Flush 0.0279 % 0.0279 % 0.22 % Royal Flush 0.0032 % 0.0032 % 0.03 %
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  17. And no im hardly broke. I make 200k (not much if u play 1 mio ringgames i guess) in 3 days of 5k tournaments (Thats different. We are simply talking +40 buyins for measure) , win above 50%. Why provoke like that in the first place? Cant keep it civil?
  18. To me (i think you refer to OP but ill say it anyway) it is because it happens every frigginsecond hand, and people with "Thats normal, it happens in real poker too!" are a bit sheep or unexperienced ->here<- on PP. You get on a table and first three flops? A 2 3 diamonds, A 4 5 spade, A 2 4 diamonds. After that 8 4 4, 10 5 5, 6 4 4. Wow really? Leading out is just pointless because the winner will need a random crap hand. Limping every pot possible if not protected is actually awesome. And no it doesnt happen at that frequency elsewhere, it really doesnt If the only hand in headsup you get to slowpoker between shoving and folding ends up J 9 v J 8 and the board comes J 8 J 9 x? Lmao. U lead out suits, get one caller, flop jack high flush with A Q on board, naturall they keep coming, caller has king the only card to beat u? And as far as experience goes, i checked it all the time, betting came from him and i knew he had it (i got chips behind till river as u can see). It just made me "yea who cares f this...". And look the last 3 tables, there have been 5 times paired eights on the board each of those tables (and a 3rd in hand). The rng is was so trippin, after the one board x 8 x 8 x, i got 3 8 and friggin raised it. Was not disappointed the least. Next hand sb else gets pocket 8s. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Also i often think i know what the agressor of the last board had. 3 c 4 c Q d board massively raised all fold he doesnt show. Next hand i get A Q c just thinking "yeah that i would have bet, too, nh u got pal". If it were sometimes happening, sure ok. But at the given frquency, bad RNG is simply fit
  19. Both very valid points, i was just joking a bit to begin with. CBA to watch, but did it go well? ^^
  20. All hes saying tho is that the "silver payout" is listed as the same as bronze regardless of tables, so you using the word "silver payout" to educate us only causes more confusion. (yes you get silver payouts on bronze table, but silver payout is same as bronze payout, so you actually get bronze? xD) You should say 36k or whatever if thats what you are trying to say, which the game itself doesnt tell us, soooo fix pls
  21. I am capable of reading. I know what people are referring to. What I am saying, from what I can recall from when I was silver back when the earth was cooling, is that if you pay Silver buy-ins, you'll get silver payouts, regardless of whether it is a Bronze table. While my reading comprehension is top notch, I will grant that my memory is of lesser quality, so I stand ready to be corrected.
  22. Hey Andrew! Welcome to the community, hope to see you around the forums
  23. Hecubus912, what everyone is referring to here is that the payouts for silver are listed as: 1st place: $18K, 2nd place: $7.5K, 3rd place: $4.5K, or exactly the same as a bronze level tournament payout even though the entry cost is more ($5k for bronze, $10k for silver). So there is an actual issue here. Either the payouts need to be adjusted accordingly or, as you say, you receive more than this from a silver ranked tournament, this is a "display error" that needs to be fixed.
  24. Again, if you pay silver buy-ins, you get silver payouts.
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