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  2. Then let me play against better players, this is such bullshit!!!
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  4. What Does "DELT IN" Mean? What Is A 'BOOST" And How Does It Work? What Does "REP" Mean And How Does It Work? What Are "REFILLS" And How And Why Do They Work?
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  6. multi-table tournaments or even tournaments that last more days with fixed appointments also I would like to have some sort of WSOP on prominence or a world championship
  7. As long as my voice isn't being broadcasted I wouldn't mind being in a game like that, I'm not tech savy enough to do that myself though.
  8. Ring Game Buy-in Ranges

    Oh my, I am really excited that it seems you guys are going to add deep stack to the ring games. I believe this will make the games better. I always notice the pattern in ring games, usually some one comes in shoving all in. But once they double up or triple up they get really conservative, they value their chip stack a heck of a lot more. I think having the minimum buy in at 150 big blinds is great, it would be harder to just come in and keep shoving, and if they do they will go broke faster and learn to actually play with some post flop skill. Also having deeper stacks means the river becomes more of an important street than it is now, as check raise shoves and all ins will really put people to the test. As it is now the turn is where most of the decisions are made, as its where most people shove. Deep stack also emphasizes more postflop play and pot control, also balancing ones betting lines and value ranges. I really hope this feature is added, if not it will feel like parents teasing their kids they got them a awesome toy, only to say "oops sorry, here is a sweater instead." P.S. Please DO NOT let people buy in for less than 100 big blinds. One post suggested letting them buy in for half of what they do now. If you let people buy in for 50 big blinds it will be allin, all the time. If they don't value 100 big blinds as is, they will value 50 even less. They will come into a room with what would be twice the number of buy ins and figure "I can go all in 100 times in a row, lets just shove and see what happens." Their goal would be to have everyone go all in and try to double or win 6 stacks at once. Then leave with profit and then come right back in (still haven't fixed the issue of people leaving with profit and coming right back in for minimum, they need to sit down with their profit if coming back right away to same exact table). So yeah doesn't matter if we can buy in deep if some poker terrorist decides to buy in super small at 50 big blinds and just shove all the time and then leave when they win. There would be no more game and people would stop playing your game. I know one of your competitors (they are big and start with a Z) allows people to only buy in for 10 big blinds. Well the bots and regular people figured that out and that is all most buy in at, and they are now wondering why their numbers are down. So yes add deep stack and make the minimum 150 big blinds, but do not let people buy in for half of what they do now, it would destroy the game.
  9. Oh wow, thank you a lot has changed on the forums and game. For awhile it seemed like the game was abandoned, but its great that the previous ideas mentioned are going to be added. That's awesome, the roadmap feature. Oh wow, that was very fast, thank you for the response. That is awesome. P.S. On the deep stack idea, please do not let people buy in for even less of what they do now. What makes deep stack special isn't so much the max one can buy in for, but the minimum. If you let people buy in for half of what they do now, it will be all in all the time. What's the point of me buyin in for say 3 mil at a 5k/10k when someone just keeps going all in at 500k buy in every time. I don't want to play tight waiting to win a measly 50 big blinds. It would kill the skill and kill the game. It should be raise the minimum buy in or keep it as is, but please do not make it 50, unless the goal is to bring down Prominence Pokers numbers and end the game.
  10. I enjoy the game, but I was wondering if we'll ever raise the cap on the buy ins. Right now its capped at 100 big blinds. So at the 1 mil game, its 5k/10k blinds (100x10k=1 mil). I was wondering if we'll ever get the option to buy in for 2 or even 3 mil at the same game. So if I was to enter a game I could have the option to buy in from 1 mil all the way to say 3 mil. I'd like this because I could match up with the big stack and win a lot more if I hit the right hand. Also deep stack is much more fun and interesting in ring games. Its what's played on TV and streams and Prominence is all about replicating that environment. To do so we need higher buy in caps, I think that is something that should be easy to implement. Also why is there not a 2 mil game. There is a big gulf between 1 mil and 5 mil. Every other game has a 2, for example, 10k, 20k, 50k....or 100k, 200k, 500k. Yet there is no 2 mil game for the million dollar games, why is that? I like to gradually go up the stakes as I build my bankroll, but 1 to 5 mil is like crossing the Grand Canyon. So adding a 2 mil game would be awesome. Also can we eventually add PLO, I'm sure everyone would enjoy this game. It would add variety and keep people interested in the game. It is the 2nd most popular variant of poker right now. Its great action and coupled with higher buyins would generate more chip business for you. So its win win. Anyhow hope you can add higher caps for buyins, a 2 mil game and PLO. Thanks.
  11. Avatar Action Tell

    I agree. Players could easily collude in group voice chat. Additionally, I think emotes is a great feature in the game. I'm always conversating with others about the game and this topic arose. I personally don't understand why 'some' players want to cheat, it's no fun in doing so. Well anyways, thanks for the response. Keep up the great work!!!
  12. Avatar Action Tell

    Sure, people could do that, but I'm having a little trouble coming up with a scenario in which it would be necessary or preferable over all the other means of communication people have while playing Prominence. They want to collude, but to keep it fun, they want to keep it within the game world?
  13. During my communitys last MTT I was tasked with trying to figure out how to make private games public so that it shows up on the leaderboards. In the past I always setup my private table (friends only), press 'go', then invited players. The main issue when using this same approach for public matches is that a random could slip in unexpectedly. In order to make a private match public the event host has to gather players in the public lobby 'before' pressing 'go'. So setup your public table, invite players on that same screen, once all the players (friends) are in the lobby, then press 'go'. If you already knew this please ignore.
  14. Tor... I can assure you that the devs have read some of your posts. We get it... you want a fixed rating system. You have to understand that a fixed rating system isn't going to happen at this time. We all should be supporting the devs and the Roadmap in a positive and productive manner. I know I've been critical of the game in the past, but being this repetitive is not a good approach. All we can do is wait for the 1st Summer update and provide feedback (good or bad) to the devs. Until then we simply have to wait.
  15. Tor, you missed my point! I wasn't complaining! I was just stating what happened to me in one game. I play for the total experience of the game, nothing more and nothing less. If I find that I don't like the outcome of a game, then I change the way that I'm playing. I've always considered adversity as a challenge, and if you do hissy-fits when things happen to you, then please don't reference a post from me to support your claim. kind regards.
  16. Avatar Action Tell

    While discussing the tell sign and muck features with my PS friends it was mentioned that players could use emotes to collude with eachother. This type of collusion never crossed my mind. Would it be possible to prevent the active player (and dealer) from using emotes? After thinking about this further if players wanted to collude in such a way they could use signals when it's not their turn. So preventing the active player from using emotes may not resolve the issue. Additionally, I'm not sure if this type of collusion is widespread, but it's worth thinking about... I guess.
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  18. Recently, while at the gold level, I entered a ranked tourney that indicated 5 players had been selected as ideal matches and instantly the game started. I was surprised to find myself at a table with 5 silver players. The blinds were well into the 2k range, when I took a terrible bad beat as a full-boat took out my Ace high flush on the river. Both of us had gone all-in, and i left the table in 3rd place, I received a minus 3 points! Poker can be cruel and PP is a reflection of reality. I'm still convinced that I still have a shot at diamond this season.
  19. Exactly. Playing as a high tier player early is a "negative" experience by not be able to play and get rewarded full points. And also get punished harder,if you should get 4-6 place. Burt either way...there is not enough Diamond players willing to play or it's not populated enough to be able to play a full table. The developers should see this and adjust the point system to a fixed sum. I don't choose to play against lower tier but are forced to because the lack of players. I guess the developer thought there would be enough players...but as it shows it ain't. So please fix this so anyone can play and know he or she will get the points they deserve for 1..2..3rd place 0 points for awkward.
  20. #summerupdate Let's see how things are after the Summer update. I think the update will resolve a lot of issues w/o switching to a fixed point system. I'm in favor of the current variable point system. It seems more challenging. Although, if a fixed point system makes more sense after the update then so be it. I believe in a methodical approach and I think the devs should stay the course. Additionally, when the devs add a separate Ranked Bankroll Leaderboard that will make Ranked Games more interesting, especially since some players claim they don't play for chips. When the RBL is added players will be able to boast about their leaderboard standing along with ELO rating. Currently, my biggest issue with Ranked Games is the flat 10K buy-in. When tier-based buyins are reinserted I will spend more time in Ranked Games.
  21. The whole point of the points system the way it is set up is that, in theory, a Diamond player should beat a lower tier player because they are the creme de la creme. In fact the whole point of the tiers is to stratify players based on their skill. Without point reward differences for playing against lower or higher tiers, what’s the point of having tiers at all? Buried in your post, you hit the nail on the head in terms of what the real problem is: poorly populated tiers at the higher levels. Indeed, if you manage to hit Platinum within the first 3-4 days of the season, I’ve found that you have to wait about a week before you can start getting full Platinum games going.
  22. Experiencing what I experienced today..tells me that it's high time to ditch the point system as it is now and go for a fixed point system..No matter if the players are a tier lower than you. I just finished a Ranked Tournament. Being Diamond I as usual could not fill the table with Diamond players. Ended up with 3 Diamond and 3 Platinum players. After a long hard match where the blinds were up to 3600 i ended up 3rd. And got 0 points. This because the game deduct 2 points for every Platinum player. So instead of rewarding me for getting feels more like a slap in the Face. Really...0 points. ??!!! If there was enough Diamond players..This would not be a Problem. It's easy to see and understand that many STOP playing if reaching Diamond. Why should they risk the reward (1.5mill chips) for reaching Diamond ? A fixed +30..15..5 -5..15..30 would make the tier matching a non problem. That way if getting as me,3rd in this tournament,you get something. Getting 0 is an insult and a good reminder for many to just stop playing once they reach Diamond. I do hope the point system get fixed and not be like it is now winn less..loose more. It just put people of from playing Ranked and corrupt the whole reason for making the effort to play.
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