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  2. I just quickly want to point out that the possibility of multi-platform play isn't really up to us. Regardless of our desires, cross-platform play involves cooperation from platform holders, and since those platform holders (Microsoft, Sony, and, effectively, Valve) are competitors, they aren't generally prone to working together without a massive financial incentive.
  3. Maybe not so mental to me now. I've played a lot of poker last day or two compared to , well ever. I've had some luck today with pocket Aces. Me calling an all in, but because I'm playing a smaller buy in I'm not so concerned and still, I learn something new all the time. Mostly for losing. The AA 26 (full house) he was beat. Only enough chips for SB or BB. So it was an automatic call. Don't remember the hand now. Played too bloody much. Yes I've already dropped two cash buy in levels so there's less pressure. I'm still happy to get advice from yous guys or at least your take on things. These games I've been playing are quick. Its fast tracked me to learning the game quicker. Learning couple new moves and at the time , learning to fold when even If I have a tasty hand. Not often but I'm getting there. For example some stuff I picked up. If someone limps in or checks in these games. And the flop shows high value card and they raise but no much, even if I haven't got anything ill reraise to see wherr they at (surprising how many times they fold). Checkers, they check check check till they hit something time and time again. (Love they guys haha) Aggressive bums from the off. I just sit back until I have a good hand and let them build the pot for me, they soon after getting a beat either just go all in or be very passive. Tight players: well it turns to a battle wits and high value hole cars. Can be a classic game , lasting for more time than the usual. And more little things. Standard stuff for you guys I know and I know this ain't a winning formula and it depends on a number of things but I'm getting there.
  4. @rockguy24 I've already posted the solution above. @warp added a great idea about the everybody hitting "ready" to signal that they are okay with the game dropping down a level to fill out. While it would be great if multi-platform came along, as this game is basically dead on Steam already, it doesn't look like that is in the cards any time in the near future. I'd add that they really need to work out some of the kinks before complicating them even more with multi-platform play. The reason a lot of top tier players aren't playing is because the risk/reward is too high. They are being forced into be the only rank at that level and playing against everyone at a level lower or provisional ranked. That means that that player MUST come in first in order to gain 10-15 points. A 2nd place will gain 0-9 points. Any finish lower than 2nd is lost points (-15 to -50). So, odds-wise, that's about a 20% chance to gain 10 points, but a 50% chance to lose 15 or more points. Better just to fold (not play).
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  6. The only two things I can think of at the moment that may help this issue would be: 1 ) make it so that Xbox and PS4 players can play together, even those that play on PC if possible. This would create a more populated leaderboard . 2) divide the leaderboard up into sections and give out some kind of reward for finishing 1st thru 3rd, then maybe a reward for 4th thru 7th and so on. Perhaps what is happening is players are hittting a particular tier and just don't want to risk dropping out of that tier because as it stands now you only get rewarded on what tier you finish the season in. One of the problems I see with this idea though is a lot of players finishing the season tied with the same rating, having to come up with a way to break up a tie could be a whole other headache. I wish there was some kind of solution to this though.
  7. Short answer: I'd rather not encourage achievement hunters to do the bare minimum necessary to unlock an achievement.
  8. Nice one!! When on a winning streak, make sure to keep your cool. It's easy to get the feeling of invincibility and to start calling loosely which can very quickly turn to tilt. Stay patient and stick to the T/A mentality until you are completely comfortable with it and then you can start to alter your style to suit the table. Manage your bank roll properly! ie. don't go overboard and risk too much at once. When you lose a hand you thought you were going to win, analyse the hand carefully and ask yourself what you did wrong. Learn from it. Good luck!
  9. You were lower than I would have thought, barely better than even money to win, 56%. If his A10 was suited, only 53% to win. Knowing an Ace was mucked, brings you up to a whopping 61%!
  10. When I was plat there would usually be a diamond player with us, Im surprised you dont get games at all. its just 5 minutes or so till you tierdown, do you always get other diamonds to be stuck in lobbyhell before that, or not even wait 5-10 mins?
  11. That. Any sort of prompting players to qeue a downtiered game at any time all agree would be sweet.
  12. Im not saying you should do it by any means, just disagree on the "mental" yeah if you are good at the guessing game slowpoker and patience sure beats allinning preflop anyways, but how did you lose A A to 2 6? Was it one of those no leadout games? I could see 22 66 A6 suited or something but 26 ouch Oo
  13. I wouldnt say never seen anything like it and to be fair there were 4 outs in the situation as you would also be here and complain about a 5 because of the other dudes 2 outer (plus some more if anyone won by straight or flush) but yeah it happens too often really. Last table I played A 3 vs A x (Preflop betting so only 2 of 5 played) on A 3 3 flop (Lucky me, all chips here pls) and of course other than that it had 3 or 4 ->A 2 4, A 3 5, A 2 3 monosuit flops in a row<- (sucks to have led out an ace here dont it). And then I got 10 10, next hand an opponent had 10 10, and hand after flop was 10 10 x. The last thing is what gets me most of all things. While I cant make much use of it / predicting hands versus boards preflop, I really can often tell you what a guy is betting on this flop, because he got the hand i had previous board. Like a dude bets on 8h 10c Jh flop im like "Yeah 5 9 hearts I had last hand, fold". Other dude calls him down, showdown? 5 9 hearts what else I could profit from that obviously if I had blockers or something (K q hearts, K 10 hearts blabla), but then again I wouldnt need the info with hands im willing to play eitherway lol
  14. Why u never specific bruh. How many hands are considered a play (I take it u didnt really say 6 there) Dont tell me going bankrupt or knocking a person out is the condition to be met, that would be hurrible ^^
  15. As he said, if you stick to one affiliation from level 10 on you will be level 60(min) before reaching level 2 of said affiliation, if you switch to other affiliations higher (I made rank 2 at 75 or so because I picked up other clubs first rewards which are usually free chips) Where exactly is the jacket on the bar, I dont remember rank 1? Its just speculation on my end which hasnt been confirmed by a represantitive, but one bar/rank seems 50 levels, and it has 10 segments. So each segment/Reward is 5 levels. How long it will take is hard to say how much do you play? How good are you at laying down preflop, laying down loserhands, winning showdowns, allinning at the right time? what level are your challenges? Especially challenges like fold x hands preflop, play y blinds, win z showdowns, make a pairs, fold b hands that wouldnt have won, be dealer c times etc are important for your leveling progress. If all those are like fold 400 hands and at 10/400 its a slow progress ahead, if they are 390/400 or 0/20 you will pick up massive exp If you have a huge bankroll you could go to 100 ringgame and all in every decent hand while laying down a majority of crap and the leveling will be relatively fast since you work on all challenges
  16. Thanks. I'm asking because I wanted the biker jacket, how long before I can get it?
  17. Well, I'm just sticking with the beats Zan and boy do I got one for ya on BB #5 in a row holding KK or AA. please first let us understand because it is easy to think I'm full of shit here, this really happened. So I get my next installment of KK last nigh playing in a tourney with a bud for 20k. Preflop gets all the money in with two callers, which believe me, I hated the second guy coming with us, as he was just calling off all his money. KK A10 55... Now here we My buddy who is not the same buddy from the last installment says, I folded an ace. Starting to sound familiar? 2 outer right? Flop rolls, first card A😲 Count all them beans up and tell me where we are odds wise right now? it hurts my head to think about 40 years...never seen anything like it.
  18. Club ranks move very, very slowly. You will be around rank 60 or so before you see rank 2 in club rank
  19. I've been playing this game for couple weeks now and my club (the clubs) seems not to be moving. I'm still at rank 1. Am I missing something here?
  20. Enjoying the newest update. Would just like to mention though that I find it rather difficult at times to find a Ranked Match within the Platinum Division. The wait time seems to be anywhere from 30 mins to an hour and some nights even more. I do enjoy the fact that the game searches through a lower bracket if no players in your division can be found but I was curious as to if there was any thought into maybe filling a table with as many "same division" players as possible and THEN searching the lower brackets. Being stuck with 4/6 Platinum Players only to just watch everyone leave can be frustrating. Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this post. Happy Gaming guys!
  21. I will . Soon as I get on, haha. I would've believe this story without proof.
  22. Show some screenshots of Prominence
  23. Initial tourney pay. Spinny. Not a advert in site Sorry clear not trying to spam the site with other platform poker. Just can't believe my luck and have no other poker lads that would understand the significance of any this.
  24. @Zanatoo hey man. This the last time I'm go say thanks, but fkn thanks man. I just won £2.5m on a 100k spin and go! I would never have played so well without your simple steps. Granted i have had to learn quickly and with the spin and goes you can't be so tight. But I played well enough with part your plan and part me being a lucky bum. Rags to riches baby! Couldn't make this sh it up. I know I know, I'm a mug playing the 100ks but I was doing ok, win some lose some but the opponents are quality compares to the 10k. Kids have chicken pox so playing PP is not an option but I'm raring to get the ps4 on soon as they better. I'm also part of a soccer league so will need to split time with poker and this but I'm buzzing the now with poker. Boring you yet? Lol. Here is how I win the £2.5m I flop an ace diamond flush. The poor lad pushed all in also with a flush. Unlucky really, for him. Then I chip lead and the other lad has next to nothing, I just be aggressive and make him do or die all in. He did with K high while I had A8 or something. I took a photo. Pair of 8s for me. I took a crazy beat earlier. I have 4 8 short stack. Guy has K 4 I flop 484 I should've nailed him there but he slow calls me so I play along, twice. Turn K river K. I looked up the odds on that. Very slim. I should've just took the flop but was short stacked and wanted more. Lesson learned. Cheers. Last post on this thread. Looking forward to some PP now.
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  26. Maybe use a similar system as with casual tournaments and starting with less than 6 players. In those tournaments, if there are less than 6 players queueing, if they all select "ready" the tournament will start with whatever players are currently there. In the case of ranked tournaments use a similar system, not to start the game with less than 6 players, but to bring lower-tiered players to fill up the missing seats.
  27. Nope, Ring Games count too. But the key is the word "play." Spend some time there. Maybe play a half-dozen hands. Joining and leaving, hoping to earn the requirements for the trophy as quickly as possible, doesn't really work.
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