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  2. Sounds like you have a zombie.
  3. 95% but it's irrelevant anyway. The money was already in. If you'd put the money in at 95% and lost then it would be a severe bad beat but putting the money in when your about 55-60% is little more than a coin flip as you are only slightly favorite but favorite none the less. Incidentally, AA vrs any one pocket pair is 80% to win, against 2 PPair - 66%, against 3 PPair - 53%. Here's an interesting scenario... Note that the 8♦7♦ is actually the second fav to win even though they are the lowest cards.
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  5. I play a lot of game some times, maybe 130-150 GBs a month on high months. But last month it said I ran 35.6 TBs of data!!! TERABYTES!! Yes I repeat TERABYTES!!! 😵 no freaking way! In addition it happened during finals month! Highly unlikely!!!! Anybody have any insight??
  6. Back in the days of nickel mechanical slots and $2 blackjack, I'd drive from San Francisco to the casinos of Reno. When I stayed for a couple of days and won enough to pay for gas, room, meals and a show. I considered it a win-win. After a blackjack hand the dealer would discuss the odds of the game just played and pit-bosses would join the conversation. Different times.
  7. Yeah man, thats a good thing. In fact you'd hope it cost you 50k to play, because that means it's current provisional estimation for you is a platinum.
  8. My anecdote for when I feel I am on a bad luck streak or feeling that the game has "selected" a winner is to buy stuff for my character. Find a balance of stockpiling chips and putting them towards items. After all you can't lose outfits and table items in a ring match. That strategy actually works in real life too, when at a casino and your up, go buy dinner or put it towards your bill. Then go gamble with what you got left, you'll be a far happier gambler.
  9. Haha yeah I was about to say a bunch of noobs on in ring game. So post flop (no one had even a pair and it flopped one club for "sir chaps my fanny") with A,A,A what's that like 98% to win?! LOL
  10. Yeah, four people all in means your odds of winning are slashed massively. You would still be favourite pre flop but probably less than 60% to win. Three straight suits on the board in not unusual. This is all about the caliber of player you are up against. If you want to play at tables where you won't see the likes four people all in pre flop you will need to play for real money.
  11. Yeah again today I just lost preflop pot of 262k with four people all in. I had A,A flop gave me A,A,A and I got beat by a dude with K,10 clubs who pulled flush. The cards flipped in this order (heart,spade, club,club, club) Theee straight clubs on the board... WOW
  12. The emotes are a good way to show how we feel, it would be great if we could get some more, see if you can make this happen please
  13. Rigged Yes it is! The algorithm in it say so. In any porke game live online whatever! Sombody got to get paid. We all know it a free game but really is it free, that why they call it Pay to Play! I like this game a lot but, I've played many online poker game and this is by far the best, but it's rigged no matter what you say! What you guys should do is have a special area for those who pay for chips, play and those who don't get it like it is. I've never lost as much in my life as I have n this game. Yes I play professionally but that should not matter. Good poker is good poker. CSM Baby
  14. More often than not, is not working this season.
  15. Did another player, in the final 3, suddenly, start sitting out on every hand? Indicating that they had lost internet connection.
  16. If you got disconnected during a hand you otherwise would have won, support will refund you. I think this is the link...
  17. This is the key, "more often than not". How often will depend on how many are in the hand and what hands they are holding, and what comes on the flop obviously, but AA will ALWAYS be favourite pre-flop. It may not be afterwards but always will be in your situation therefor YES is the correct answer. This is the trick to winning at poker, especially online poker. Calculating odds and pot odds correctly, that is, calling where you should WIN more often than not and folding where you should LOSE more often than not is what it's all about.
  18. You possibly sat in on a $5m game, even an empty one, the money was deducted from your account to the table, but upon your departure there was a delay in moving your money from the table back to your account. Just a theory.
  19. Bad beats happen all the time, but for people to play this game for more than a month then say that there not are waaaaay too many odd defying suckouts, they are delusional or in on it. Lol. IJS...If you are all in against the big stack, don't be shocked to see runner-runner for the suck-out on the matter how far they are behind. It happens at least 75% of the time and they are usually so odds-defying that you have to have a drink afterwards.
  20. And when you get to watch Phil and Tony at the same table, it's pure poker gold! Regarding the OP, it happens a lot and right now I'm on a really bad streak so it SEEMS to happen much more often.
  21. Preflop? Absolutely, especially if you're the only one making the call. And I say this as someone who just got knocked back down to Gold when my AA got cracked by KK when they hit their set on the turn. You'll always remember the times you got cracked, but the double up or knock out will happen in that scenario far more often than not.
  22. Depends. Chip counts, number of players still in the game, etc, etc. Gambling ain't about absolutes.
  23. Why wouldn't you call someone else's all in with AA? Sure, you'll get cracked sometimes but the answer is yes.
  24. Simply answer "Yes" or "No" *3 times now in tourney play I've been burned by the ever so enticing A,A pre flop "all in" raise. Im almost to the point that I'm gonna start limping A,A, seriously grinds my gears.
  25. Sounds like you just got beat ...
  26. Earlier
  27. I was just wondering if anyone knows what happened to my game that triggered this message? It's the 2nd time is happened but never for this many chips. I saved the relevant video of me leaving the table right before I got the message.
  28. The thing most people don't care enough about or don't think about in these free to play poker games is bankroll management, I actually think they should eliminate the daily cut, it's not like a person can't buy chips through the store. I'm not sure steam has a store for that but still would be interesting to see how many players go broke.
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