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  2. If I'm doing any of this through the browser on my ps4 is the edit button visible?
  3. Note that some buttons are visible on some devices and not others. For example the search button and 'unread content' button are visible on tablet but not desktop.
  4. Maybe he busts out after only 3 or 4 hands....
  5. 20 games a day!!!! Even for super accelerated play, that's 20 hours in a 24 hour day, Plus wait time for a game to start and then add in the time to compose several multiple screen post on this forum!! I'm impressed.
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  7. So you play 20 games a day, totaling over a thousand games, and thus when in one of those games a very unusual circumstance happens, it must be because the rng is bad. You do understand that if what you claim is true, then everybody would be seeing such circumstances, not just you, who is playing dozens of games every day?
  8. The timer gives you longer to make your mind up on the turn and river than it does on the deal and flop. This is normal (but longer than two seconds). It sounds to me like you had problems with your internet connection and re-connected just in time to see the hand timer run out, which is a bummer but happens from time to time.
  9. The reason I fold a lot is that I refuse to check/raise when I know I can't win. When I notice someone sitting on winning hands, or over betting in hopes of a river winner, I go conservative. I've been short stack and managed and to finish either first or second many times.
  10. #1. Time out for ranked tournaments #2 The ability to shoot yourself with the gun
  11. The abuse of this is ruining ranked. More often than not there are 1/2 players that sit out either the whole match or jump in once the have placed 3rd and start going all in. You can raise to get them out of the hand but it only really works if they are next to you. What I really don't understand is why ring game implements it but tournaments don't.
  12. Dont get me wrong but... Kings arent strong, and you dang sure wouldnt CBET a 10 4 2 board after leading out? Because the other must have 2 pair? So he called a leadout with 10 4, 10 2, or 4 2? Or a straight draw? I hope u mean A 3 suited, not 3 5 os. Trips are the only thing you should expect to beat you there, and 10 10 would be a very tight limp leaving the realistic hands down to 2 2 or 4 4 . Which wouldve been a very good trap playing it the way villain does. Sorry that input doesnt sound like good poker, unless you play doyle brunson where you should instafold that flop. "on prominence" Seems the right thing to add. You might have to fold the riverbet if too large thats true. But until then placing bigger bets to either close it or doublecheck villains got you make sense, and they really shouldve closed it
  13. Last week
  14. There is a greater reward oO you get the reward every month whereas the dude who "lucked" gets it only once if they updated the titles and items each season he would have own to show off while you have plenty to choose from.
  15. I have yet to hit diamond this season (although I'm very close at the moment) but being diamond rank hasn't stopped me from playing within the platinum tier. I don't like the risk to reward ratio but I'm confident enough in my ability to place that I've been willing to take that risk. Generally I've found that platinum players are pretty solid so I'm not as fearful of taking a horrible beat there as I would be at gold tier or below. However I do know that a lot of players who hit diamond stop playing for the season. I think this is doubly true for those who sort of "lucked" into their placement. This makes getting an all diamond game nigh near impossible. I personally would love to play all diamond tables more often, and if there is a reasonable way to get diamond level players to continue to play, I'm all for it. I also would love to see more reward for players who consistently hit diamond level each season. After the provisionals and clawing your way back up each and every season, it seems like maybe there should be a greater reward for the consistency than lucking your way to the top.
  16. Feel free to invite if you see me on. If not in a game, I'll join. GT: BAW
  17. I forgot to mention this group is for the PS4.
  18. What would I know. But they patch all 1-3 months or so and you never know what they do (like those broken things... Didnt get attention last two patches so im not counting on the next to do it either). Point is, askin several times within just days doesnt make sense, they dont patch that frequently. So I bring it up every 1-2 months
  19. It's just frustrating. All the time I've put into this game only for it to be broken. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr if they ain't gonna fix them they should remove em so my percentage can go back up to 95% when is the diamond dlc being added, maybe they'll implement a fix with that 🤔
  20. Relax. The display of ranked payouts is wrong ever since they introduced it. These trophis are broken ever since introduction. A lot of the challenges make no sense (Play 50 hands in MILLION BUYIN to get 500 chips. Get a royal flush for 200 rep). A bunch of people are capped out level 610 all affiliations at 4.99 and diamonds are still missing. The butchers venue is killing consoles performancewise. Hightier ranked is hard to get games for, and people all have suggestions how to improve the system. A bug here, glitch there. They add things like quickplay because they too have ideas. They made a thread asking what ppl want. Most dont say any of the above, but ask for omaha and multitable. Theres a lot to do (Not sure trophies are a priority)... and they arent fast
  21. *pat pat* Sometimes you are, sometimes you arent. Enjoy it
  22. I'm totally right? Now that's two things we agree on.
  23. True. We established your oppinion is many sit cuz they care for ratin and therefore want tiertables . In my oppinion a few (No youre not the only one, never said that) do so , ->but many do it because the risk is simply not worth it when you reach your peak at plat or diamond, downtiered o r p u r e tables<- Im one of those and im surely not the only one we agree on a lot to be fair, just not this paragraph right here id stop as a diamond (Just for a few days, until payday. And not completely, just ranked. Id play casual to satisfy the urge) regardless of what tables there are, UNLESS i get either peakreward or incentive to keep going. Better, both. Hey you know what? Im of the oppinion the tableitems and titles should change / be new. Because you are totally right
  24. Now those are potential solutions I can get behind, particularly the longer seasons. I think that worked well. Having dynamic tiers is tougher. I like having a static number to aim for. I think it might also handicap players who can play as much. I'd certainly be willing experiment with it though. As for the total number of players, I think it's pretty good on XBox. I can't vouch for PS4, but I've heard not so great things about Steam's player population. Hallelujah! We might agree on something!
  25. IF they care for their bankroll, yes. I dont. Every 1 who plays ranked does so because he cares for his rating. Not everyone who plays PP cares for bankroll. Its Mainly ringgamers who do, as freechips are given out enough to pay T buyins even if you mostly lose
  26. But for players who don't consider the rewards as important as their points, peak rewards would *still* be no incentive to them. I'm one of those guys and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Chips are easy to come by. Ranked points are tougher. And if I made it to Diamond, I'd probably stop playing too. Unless I could play at a full Diamond table. Even at 1300, if I could play at a table where I knew I could get a few more points for even a third place finish, I'd play. But if I had to play a game where the only way I could guarantee points was a win, why would I? The reward for the tier wouldn't even enter into it. Besides, what if I had already won that reward the previous season? I'd already have the title and the golden stogie. Peak reward wouldn't motivate me in that scenario.
  27. A very simple way to populate the hightiers more? Just making seasons (A bit) longer oO A bit harder? Moving the tiers based on data, so they will end up offering exactly the population you want them too, regardless of what the playerbase is (and its rather small, which causes problems). You could have dynamic tiers for example. Top 5 percent get diamond on payday, top 10 plat, 20 gold and so on. That way people wont sit either. Not only can they lose rstanding by losing, but also by the guy behind them winning. If they wanna prevent it, they need to keep winning too. The devs are/were experimenting with both which brought a 2 month season and different tiers
  28. BTW, one flaw in your bankroll argument: even without buying chips, long time players will always have the advantage if for no other reason that they can play higher stakes. Winning even a mid-size pot at a 200k table would still be more than winning a 6 way shove-fest at a 10k table.
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