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Introducing Loot Cases & the Diamonds Affiliation! - Now Available on Steam!

Today, the long awaited Diamonds affiliation comes to Prominence Poker! This much-anticipated update is now available to download on Steam, with a console release coming sometime in July. This update brings a ton of new features to Prominence Poker, provides a lot of quality of life fixes, and squashes bugs. Many thanks go out to the community for all their support, patience, and feedback since launch; we couldn’t do it without you!

Big Updates

• The Diamonds Affiliation.
o New Venue: The Diamonds Executive Suite. 
o New Underground Content.
o New Rewards.
• Affiliation Rank 5 - 50 additional levels per affiliation. 
• Loot Cases ( Earn chips, boosts, shop items, and more through Loot Cases. Players will receive a loot case each time they level up.)
• Shop items are now classified by rarity. 
• New Achievements. 

Notable Changes

• Changes to Ranked Matchmaking which should do a better job of matching 
players against other opponents with similar skill levels.
• The level cap has been removed! Level up to your heart’s content
• Enjoy a free boost on us!
• UI: Lots of quality of life changes.
• New VOIP System.
• New Sit Out Timer System.

Fix Summary

• Many bug fixes have occurred throughout the game. Make sure to let us know if you come across any! 

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I haven't got any loot create I am level 22. are planning to give loot box for previous level up.  

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i didnt get a loot crate either and im level 29. and why cant i play on my pc as well come on guys pc at work xbox at home lol


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