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Hello all!

I have been playing PP off and on for bit. Took a lull when my old rig crapped the bed and am now re-introducing myself to the game. I moved to New Orleans from Las Vegas and am a casino host at Harrah's New Orleans. I look forward to spirited discussions with you all and know that i will typically ignore most of the " im crying because i am a crybaby" posts. I will appreciate your honest candor and revel in cutting and snarky comebacks. I hope if any of you have played with me you enjoyed what i will loosely refer to as " the competition ". 

See you at the Tables.

Hey on a side note is there a thread where i can find what all the symbols and stuff mean next to my  bankroll amount on the choosing stuff to do screen?

Like right now i see a fist grabbing what looks like broken glass... i dont get it..




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