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  2. It has been this way as well for me this season, I thought quitting ranked H2H and focus more on ranked 6 player would really help me out but it hasn't. I'm taking a break from it for awhile, maybe in March I will dive back into ranked play, we’ll see I guess.
  3. Finally!

    Congratulations! It’s a tough haul.
  4. 616 Ranked Tournaments played with 373 wins of 3rd or better and I just made Diamond for the first time! I may change my nickname to The Grinder
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  6. Hollywooding? There are too many terms. Just going to play poker and be labeled whatever.
  7. It would be very difficult to slow roll someone in PP or most online games for that matter; there's a very limited, auto-programmed amount of time to make decisions and someone could be delayed for a variety of different reasons. That's definitely a good thing though! If online players had as much time as live players to make their decisions, most tournaments would carry on for an eternity! Some players may unintentionally "slow roll" and not even be aware of what is happening. Have a look at this video for instance: T.J. Cloutier is a long-time professional player and is not the type to slow roll someone, but he overlooked the fact that he had a spade, which gave him a flush on the river. He actually thought Phil Hellmuth had him beat after the call and of course, Hellmuth goes off the deep end and makes a scene. That's just Hellmuth being Hellmuth though; if anyone isn't familiar with his antics, you can find more than enough material on YouTube! Here is another example of a supposed "slow roll" against Hellmuth: It was definitely not a slow roll though; once again, Hellmuth just cannot fathom losing - especially against someone who doesn't have as much experience as himself. DaWiz_, in the video you posted, the first segment is a very shameful example of slow rolling someone intentionally - if karma hadn't stepped in and knocked the slow roller out of the tournament on the river, the remainder of his experience there would have been quite miserable to say the least. As for the Deeb versus Matusow situation - Deeb was just trying to be funny and as mentioned, probably wanted to see Matusow's reaction given his reputation at the table. Still, that doesn't excuse Deeb's behaviour in the matter. Matusow wasn't taunting him or being a bully; he did it all purely for the reaction and it soiled the vibe and ended the game entirely. Slow playing, trapping, and playing dumb against chip spewers, bullies, and the like is perfectly acceptable and is something every player should learn to do. You should always strive to get the best value out of your hand - especially if it cannot be beaten. If someone is willing to bet for you, by all means, let them do it and enjoy the end results! Going back to etiquette though, you will no doubt run into players who try to get under your skin and who will often display a bad sense of sportsmanship in the process. Yes, poker can be a battle and it is every person for themselves, but it's important to at least be moderately respectful of fellow players at the table and imagine how you would feel or react yourself if you were them and on the wrong end of a crucial or difficult hand. There's nothing wrong with showing a little emotion if you take down a huge pot, but a bit of modesty can go a long way - rubbing your win in the face of someone who has just lost is poor form - intentionally slow rolling them is basically just adding insult to injury.
  8. The slow role in the video was him taking time to call Mikes All In when he had the nuts. He should have insta-called. The ONLY reason he could have used to say it wasn't a slow roll would be if he thought Mike could draw to the nuts (ie if he thought mike had a set of 10's and he thought a 10 would come on the river (a 1 outer, very low probability). But that was not the case. He deliberately slow rolled in this instance as he didn't put Mike on a set of 10's. And yes, turning the nuts 1 card at a time at any point of the hand is also slow rolling (but that's not what happened in this vid). On a side note, something similar happened to me 2 nights ago but I didn't slow roll; I'm in the SB, for $50,000 with 2s2c. When it gets to me, I raise to $300,000 total. I get the BB calling me and a player 2 from the button (lets call him 2-B) calls. Flop comes Kh2h2d. I insta-check. BB checks. 2-B bets $250,000. I think for 10 secs then call, and BB calls. Turn comes something else. I check, BB checks, 2-B bets $350,000. I think for 10 secs then call (not raise obviously to keep the BB in), but BB folds and smirks. (after that 2nd check call he instantly put me on at least a 2 in my hand and thought 2-B had the other 2). River comes something but the only double on the board is 22 so I have the nuts and there's no flush possibility*. Now I usually don't check on the river with the nuts because I will often lose money because the player will usually check back, but this time I knew that if I check, he would bet big (we have history). So I insta-check *hopefully making him think I had a busted flush. I didn't think for a while this time. As expected. He bets $500,000. Now I do some Hollywood and think for 30 seconds then say All In. He thinks for 5 secs then calls my all in and instantly turns over a pair of 4's!!!! (like I said we had history, so I think he put me on a *busted flush draw or a bluff at the end). I immediately turn over both cards so not to slow roll him. I slow played him during the hand, but I didn't at anytime slow roll him.
  9. Ranked Lobby Redesign

    I didn't consider that part.
  10. And more venting. Short stacked and all in w/ suited AJ v A7. Villain hits his seven on the river could it be the 7 of spades along with the other two spades that were on the board? Of course not That would be what the kids would call “good” luck. All in on the turn w/ a straight to the 6 vs chip lead with two pair, queens and deuces. Four outs assuming nobody else has a Q or a deuce. Hits the Queen for the boat. I have 10x with 10Jxx on the board. I’m not playing aggressively because of that Jack and having lately what the kids call “bad” luck. 10 hits on the river giving me the set. If ANY other card comes out, I’m folding to a raise because I’m afraid of that Jack. But with a set of tens, I should be safe, right? Even if he has just one Jack, I’m solid gold. If course he raises, I re-raise all in only to find when I finally have some good cards, he’s been slow playing pocket Jacks to whole time. This has been super frustrating because I am typically a top 150-100 player, but sweet fancy Moses, it seems the cards and the luck have deserted me, even when I’m playing well.
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  12. Yeah, slow playing is totally legit. I think what you were doing is considered "hollywooding". Now if your opponent(s) has shoved and you're slow to call (when you undeniably have the winning hand) then you're slow rolling. This is a good example for when slow rolling is acceptable. Hollywooding is another new term for me. I did not see these terms in my online poker dictionary. Yeah, he had just lost 13K. So being slow rolled when he lost his last 6K set him off. I would've been irate too. I was actually looking for a music video before stumbling across the video above. So I didn't listen to what was being said at first. YouTube is always recommending videos for me to watch, it's easy to get distracted. Here's a funny slow rolling compilation I came across:
  13. knowing how angry Mike gets when he loses chips had a lot to do with it I'm sure. That was a lot of money right there.
  14. I once slow rolled a clown who had been shoving all in post flop almost every hand when I flopped quad kings. I was tired of his crap and slow rolling him was the best way to let him know. Generally though, after the river or if the other player has shoved, it is a bit of a douche move that wastes the time of everyone on the table and shows disrespect to all players at the table. Before the river on the other hand or if there are still others in the hand, taking some time when you have the nuts is simply Hollywooding and is totally acceptable.
  15. I'll "play dumb" and slow play depending on the table I am at and who I am playing with in PP. I don't play poker in real life and would never do that at a live table. However, in PP, I'll do this if the table is full of all-in dweebs. I'll play dumb and let them push their whole stack in and I'll happily take their chips after taking forever to figure out what I'm going to do with my Full House, 4 of a Kind, or Straight Flush.
  16. Yeah, what he did was a jackass move. I didn't catch it at first. I'm about to watch this slow roll compilation video on YouTube. I'm sure it's going to be hilarious. It's almost 30 mins long. Personally, I have no interest in teasing my opponents in such a way. I just want your chips, not a knife in my back lol Slow rolling is for the trolls. Thanks for the clarification.
  17. After watching the video again Deeb did take his time to call on the turn lol He even whispered that he was slow rolling to the player next to him. I can see how that would irritate a player during live poker. It didn't seem like a long time during the first watch. I don't think his first hesitation on the flop should be considered slow rolling, unless it's undeniably excessive. In regards to online poker, I guess slow rolling would be when a player knowingly has won the hand and let's the timer tick before calling. I never see players doing this in PP. Slow rolling could also refer to players who undeniably have the nuts during play and takes their time to make a decision. I've come across these scenarios in PP. Slow rolling, as seen on the turn in the video, is most definitely unnecessary. I didn't know slow rolling was a thing. It has never crossed my mind to make my opponent(s) wait after I've already trapped them or hit my hand. I learn something new all the time with this game.
  18. Slow rolling definitely isn't the same as slow playing your hand. In the case of the video, Mike Matusow went all in and his opponent had only two options - call or fold. When you have the best possible hand (as he did), you would instantly call, not act as though you were facing a difficult decision and lead your opponent into thinking they had a chance. Yes, also it can be considered slow rolling when you turn over the best possible hand one card at a time at the end - especially so if you insist that your opponent show his or her cards first. It's considered horrible, disrespectful poker etiquette - much like gloating endless over a win.
  19. I'm always watching live tourney videos and I came across this video regarding slow rolling. I've never heard of this term prior to watching this video. So I googled "slow rolling" and it seems as if people have their own definition about what it is. One definition I read stated that slow rolling is when a player knows "undoubtedly" that they have the nuts and take a long time to make a decision. Another definition I read stated it's when a player lays down their winning hand one card at a time after the river. Also, some players think that slow playing and slow rolling are the same thing. Regardless, it seems as if veteran poker players hate this technique. Slow playing a great hand doesn't seem illegal, so I'm perplexed why this strategy would upset anyone; in regards to the video above. Was Deeb "supposed" to raise to signal to his opponent that he had the nuts? I thought the purpose of playing poker is to deceive your opponents in order to take their chips. I don't know.... I would be more upset if my opponent bluffed and then show me their hand, which happens a lot in PP. IMO, slow rolling, as it pertains to the video above, doesn't seem like an awful thing. If Deeb would've raised his opponent probably would have folded. Is a player expected to just grab the small pot in that situation? If it's ever a time to disguise your hand and play for the big pot, hitting quads on the flop is a great hand to do so with. TBH, I would've done the same thing. There's no team in poker, so don't be mad at me if I hit quads on the flop and opt to keep it to myself. Almost everyone at the table took a break after that hand.
  20. Avatar Action Tell

    I have to admit that I'm puzzled by the preset action poll. I never gave poker etiquette too much thought until it was discussed thoroughly in the Tell Sign Functionality topic. I don't think anyone who supports the current setup has a logical reason in doing so. There are plenty of video examples online that show why poker etiquette is extremely important.
  21. Casual Lobby Redesign

    This is a common house rule. The blinds increase whenever one or more players are knocked out of the tournament, or at the specified time interval, whichever comes first. This is still TBD, but probably 3 each - Slow, Normal, Fast. There are currently no such plans. Venues are expensive. The bean counters have to be convinced that it's worth the cost.
  22. Ranked Lobby Redesign

    The leaderboards need some work done to support this, but yes, it's planned. No ETA yet. I'd like to include it with the other ranked changes, but there's only so much time in the update cycle, so it may get pushed. I think adding tiered buy-ins back to ranked play will incentivize some people to keep playing in the meantime. I added an ETA. I think the only technical issue would be the dealer - there would be a mismatch in the underlying game simulation between venues that have one and those that don't. That's probably not hard to solve though. From a design standpoint, it would detract from the immersive shared experience. If you're in the bar now, you know everyone else is in the bar. You're all sharing the same experience. If you choose your venue separately from everyone else, it separates you from the other players subconsciously. It lessens the impact of the 3D immersive nature of Prominence Poker. I don't know how important that is really, but it's something to consider.
  23. You used to get the same points for winning a H2H as you do for winning a tournament. H2H games take about 1/3 as much time to play as tournaments, so the effort required to achieve the same rating and rewards in H2H, as measured by play time, is about 1/3 that of tournaments. The points have been reduced to compensate.
  24. Casual Lobby Redesign

    How many configurable options will there be for the turn timers and blind timers? IMO, more than two options would be excessive. I would like to see a normal (current) timer and fast timer for both features: 6-8 minute blind timers for fast play (either or) 25-50 percent cut off current turn timer (either or) Additionally, do y'all have plans to add another venue(s)? Just curious. Thanks for the transparency!!!
  25. Matchmaking

    I hadn’t seen that. Thanks for the tip. It does look like some good changes may be on the way.
  26. yes I think they did, this made my decision to quit playing H2H even easier.
  27. Ranked Lobby Redesign

    I'm assuming this will not be part of the March ranked season update am I right?
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