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  2. I'm ok with the match making the way it is now, but it would be nice to still see their rating at the tables, at least that way you can try to determine what you‘re going to gain or lose point wise a bit better. Obviously even 10 to 15 points can be a big deal with the current points system.
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  4. How can you even tell anymore . Unless gold silver or something. I was 1154 against all gold players won12 points for a 1st place. Then latter was 1185 and went out 6th again against all gold players and LOST 38 points the math just doesn't work out. Like someone else has said I can't pick who I play against . I can't back out after the game has started. I don't really care anymore I still play and shake my head when my points pop up. But you are right if you just win every game you'll be just fine.
  5. I'm still receiving duplicate gith boxs.
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  7. My mistake... This place is like bizzaro-land for accountability of chosen words.
  8. UMMMMMMM Lets start over here. Isn't the title to this thread THE ONE PROBLEM I HAVE WITH RANKED GAMES? So maybe you just a hypothetical POS who likes to bash others. Either you have a problem with it or you don't. I'm kinda LOST here.
  9. No. You must be confusing me for somebody else.
  10. Nowhere did I say I don't like the ranging system. Perhaps try some reading comprehension, even if it might be difficult for you.
  11. If you believe you were agreeing with me i apologize, i didn't know English was likely not your first language. To help: most agreements don't begin with an immediate descent : " Consider though " Please old man, revisit base logic and thoughtful conversation with your equals.
  12. Dear Wuss. I was agreeing with you!!!!!!!!!! Why must we accept you taking issue with someone else's explanation, yet you demand that everyone agree with yours? Please young man, chill out.
  14. Ok. Consider though, many people who purchase Xbox Live don't have an XB console. And PP doesn't work on older PS platforms. Pipeworks supports and maintains 3 different PP games. 1 on PS4, 1 on XB1, and 1 on Stream. Each platform is a separate and distinct game. Looking at the Ranked Tournament Leaderboard shows 4,000 on XB who are Bronze or higher, while on Stream there are 442 players total. I suspect that there are more players playing Casual Games than Ranked. The odds of you playing within your ranking in Ranked Tournaments are pretty dismal on Stream.
  15. Just to be clear... Xbox live - 55 million active users. Playstation users across all platforms - 60 million Steam - 126 million active users.
  16. I took issue with the explanation because it is re-explaining to me what a multitude of my posts have been about. I completely understand that the PC community is anemic. So it is not a concept lost on me as I have mentioned it often. Having that explained to me in a manner as if i didn't understand it was offensive. Telling me how i should choose to enjoy a game put out on my platform was annoying. Suggesting i buy a console to enjoy a free game is inane and unwarranted. I felt that those points needed to be highlighted because the post in it's entirety was a waste of breath and offensive. To that end i can complain about the lack of players on PC because the company chose to port it to the PC but not to promote it. Having been a member of STEAM for 13 years it isn't a new technology to me nor is it new to it's 126 million user base that allows it to exist in a way to negotiate games at the price points and discounts that they do. Arguably many PC gamers have STEAM specifically if it is their primary source of gaming. My issue is Prominence lack of pushing to fill, advertise or promote that community. Even when they announced a tournament game hosted by them across all platforms none of them bothered to show up for the PC. That's crappy. and that is basically my issue.
  17. Didn't you call me a jerk for a similar response?
  18. I should assume tho the board isn't flushed then of course we have all seen that i assume you mean everyone has two cards to the flush.. distributing all the flush cards. 5/2/2/2/2
  19. I have not but if i did i wouldn't believe i was suddenly in a simulator. I would believe i have seen some extraordinary odds. I've seen a live grenade not go off, I've seen glass shatter for a length of 11 feet, that was ridiculous, i got hit by a bus exceeding 40 miles an hour that ran completely over me the officer on the scene assumed i'd died, i didn't even sprain anything.. So ya as life continues your going to see some pretty long odds. You follow a game driven by odds and watch hundreds of thousands of hands.. you are going to see some long odds. Its just that they are odds not guarantees of happening.
  20. Playing live poker, I chopped three pots in a row with the person next to me because we each had the same cards three times in a row. If it CAN happen, eventually it WILL happen.
  21. I just played a game Ideal match all gold players I won and was awarded 12 points the player I beat was awarded 18 points. I asked. Yeah the ranking system is just wonderful . I was around 1150 so no one was more then 50 ranks away 2 hrs 12 points for a win. Thankfully I didn't place 2nd and lose points.
  22. Quality of Life Update (Steam)

    If the match-making process goes to "any" with only 1 player (you), the odds that your platinum ranking is going to be playing with at least one bronze donkey loving bingo player is increased. Good luck.
  23. So let me try to understand you because English is a fourth language for me. You like the ranking system right up to the time you don't when it goes against you hmmm. I think I'm starting to understand you now. Thanks ha
  24. Don't get beaten by weaker players. It's simple.
  25. I can find you on youtube not one, but two different instance of real-life poker where a player got quad aces and another a royal flush. The probability of that is approximately one in 163 million. Are you saying it's impossible because it's so unlikely?
  26. Maybe English is difficult for you to understand, and thus therefore you can't understand what the sentence "I think the ranking system is ok" means. If that's the case, I could try using simpler English and try to explain it to you.
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