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  2. Nintendo Switch status

    Unfortunate I assure you that someone will port their Poker gaming ecosystem to the Switch someday soon and collect maximum early user adoption and market penetration and was hoping it would be you!
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  4. Nintendo Switch status

    Your paying user assumptions are extremely optimistic.
  5. Nintendo Switch status

    It doesn't make sense not to port to Switch with currently 15 million devices sold today and still growing strong Business case - If it cost $1 million to redevelop 'existing code' for Switch and if only 5 million subscribers (33%) and 1.5 million (33%) of those paying an average of $10/device annually for chips and stuff, that's a potential of $14+ million annually in profit. I personally think it would be a huge hit on the Switch - please take these numbers to 'the man' and get yourself a promotion
  6. Populating Tiers

    I'm beginning to think that donks have somehow invaded the Diamond and Platinum tiers, I hope I'm dead wrong on this, I'm just trying to come up with some kind of theory as to why this is happening.
  7. oh yes that's right I did hear about some sites not paying out what they owed players. Fortunately I played exclusively at Pokerstars in regards to real money so I was able to get my whopping 27 dollars back. After depositing 20 dollars in the site the whole time I played online there I obviously never planned to cash out, I was just a micro player trying to grow my bankroll and just keep playing with it.
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  9. Booting Disconnects

    I don’t think that is unreasonable and ought to be enough to reconnect in most circumstances. Thanks for the quick response Mike.
  10. Booting Disconnects

    Your normal sit out time is 5 minutes plus one minute per player > 2. So the times described above are your normal sit out time that you would get by choosing to sit out in the pause menu, plus 30 seconds extra. I can make it 5 minutes extra instead of 30 seconds, giving you 10 minutes in heads up play and 14 minutes at a full table.
  11. Booting Disconnects

    I think at the very least, you should have the same amount of time as if you had actually gone to sit out. 20 minutes might be excessive, but I’d probably change my mind if it took me more than 20 minutes to reconnect.
  12. Booting Disconnects

    The server will notice that you're gone sometime between zero and 40 seconds after the actual network problem starts. It depends on the nature of the network problem. It's typically closer to zero than 40. Right now you get 5-1/2 minutes plus one minute per player at the table > 2. Eg. if the table is full, you'll have 9-1/2 minutes. If it's heads up, you'll have 5-1/2 minutes. The idea is that the fewer players there are, the greater the affect your disconnection has on the remaining players. I can see allowing 10 minutes in heads up, and 15-20 with 6 players.
  13. Booting Disconnects

    I’m not 100% sure. I wish I had timed it last night. I will say that you guys have done a great job improving the connection stability and it has become much better. I suppose part of how much time you should have depends on when the clock starts. I’ve had times where it seemed I was disconnected, but it was just lagging. Other times, I have not gotten the disconnect message but was afraid to wait longer. I’m not sure where it’s at now. All I know is that last night, it wasn’t enough.
  14. Booting Disconnects

    I can adjust the time if it's not enough. How much do you think is reasonable?
  15. Populating Tiers

    I know that all too well.
  16. Populating Tiers

    I'll trade places with you ! Their is no waiting in the silver or gold tiers.
  17. When people disconnect, they need more time to get back into the game. The amount given can simply not be enough sometimes. First off, it can sometimes take a minute to confirm your worst fear: no, it’s not just lagging. You’ve disconnected. No message comes up saying so, or sometimes it takes a while to come up, so you’ve already wasted a minute. So you restart Prominence. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it takes a while to load only to eventually tell you it can’t connect. Meanwhile, at least another minute is gone. Maybe two. So you get your XBox to test the connection. Another minute passes until you’re told the solution is to restart your router. Maybe you have to reboot your XBox too. By the time you can get back into Prominence, it is way too late. I know some people find playing against disconnects irritating, but believe me, it is far more irritating to get tossed from a game when you have a big chip lead in a ranked game and you’ve been running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to reconnect only to find out you’re too late.
  18. I’ll try this again, expecting the answer “no”, but maybe Mike can explain the rationale. Once again, after three unlucky months, I’ve managed to make it up to Platinum. And once again, I’m having a hell of a time trying to rustle up a ranked game full of Platinum players. I think I’ve only had three, maybe four after I made it 4 days into the season. This has always been the case and the reason has always been the same: a lack of tier population. It is worse at Diamond where not only are there population issues, but the risk/reward issues are a disincentive to playing at all. I have maintained that the solution is simply to eliminate the seasonal resets. The populations will fill up, people will be able to find games at the appropriate level and players wouldn’t be forced to put their controllers down or into ring games to satisfy their poker itch. The only rationale I’ve heard is that people will get to a tier and just sit there getting their monthly rewards and that would ruin the game’s economy. I would argue two things: 1) Most of the people playing ranked games don’t care about chips as much as ranked points. They play for the points and for the love of the game. Sure chips matter, and I like the idea of tiered buy-ins coming back, but I really don’t think that’s why we play ranked tournaments. 2) If the people aren’t playing, how can amassing chips hurt the economy? For their chips to have any impact, they have to circulate in the economy. Not playing? No circulation. Regardless, that issue could be solved very easily either by eliminating chip rewards for the tiers (with tier buy-ins coming back, there’ll be plenty to win) or by having to play a certain number of games to earn reward. It is no fun waiting 30 minutes waiting for a table to fill, having to bail every few minutes because it keeps dropping from trying to find ideal matches, to good matches.
  19. Refill Gift

    The messaging has been made much more subtle in the next update, which should be released on March 19 on XB1 and PS4 (already live on Steam).
  20. Playstation Plus

  21. Your disagreement is respectively noted. The judgement came from the US Courts.
  22. not sure where this came from, to avoid a potential argument here I will respectively disagree with it. I'm not sure how you came to this conclusion but even at the micro tables I came away with a modest profit, that's strange.
  23. Playstation Plus

    even the multiplayer part of the game?
  24. Mike, Would you please consider putting a limit on the number of refill gifts one player can request during a game?? None stop gift notifications from one player for 2 hours is a bit over the top.
  25. Online poker has never been like live poker. Visiting a casino in Nevada is preferred to playing in my apartment by myself. On Black Friday, the powers that be decided to stop allowing poker sites from ripping off people in the US by altering the odds via computer program. Bummer.
  26. It's all good Tor, my Playstation Plus subcription comes due in 2 days. I don't plan on renewing it so I hope I can still play PP online without it, if not then I guess I say farewell to it. Ever since Black Friday online poker has been a joke. Free to play, no matter where it is cannot be compared to real money poker even if it's online.
  27. Tor, Online selection of numbers will never be random, it is the result of a computer program. Even lotteries don't use computers. Think about this while you play video poker at a casino. The results of any hand played, in video poker, is dependent on the actions taken by the players receiving cards from the same source. The goal then, is to figure out how to not lose. Another point I'd like to suggest, is that video games played on PS4 or XB are to be considered as entertainment. Comparing PP with other online pokers sites, and I've played several, I enjoy PP the most. It has more interesting options, from the daily cut to tiers, ranked play, bonuses and items offered in the store. I've found no other poker site that continually strives to improve their product with updates that are suggested by we, the players. Not only that, but they provide a forum for people to trash PP. Finally, I finished last ranked season at the diamond level and am currently at the silver level, and yes, this morning will see me at the tables for my daily game.
  28. Been a while but reading "Combo's" complaints i can easely understand the frustration. I don't think I have talked to anyone playing prominence that see the poker algorithm as normal. And that make good players loose hands way too often. And it also hurt the player base...the amount of tottal players using Prominence Poker. Been thinking quiet a bit back and forth why the algorithm is the way they are...And I think it's not by accident. They want players to buy chips (the game is free remember) So by making sure players get say 2 pairs against trips on the flop... or give donkey players insane luck ...they ensure All in pots and players go broke and have to buy more chips. It's sad that with the few poker games there are on PS4 not one of them try to take the game serious. Four King Casino look like shait....Pure Holdem is more or less Dead (few players) and also have algorithm issues. And Prominence Poker have it's share of issues that don't seem to be sorted out either. In most cases where players go broke they just go to a private table and get chips from a friend. They do not buy chips. They do not respect the game as the game don't respect the players. I feel sory for all those newbies at Poker starting with Prominence and thinking that it's normal poker because it ain't. Things could have been sorted out a long time ago but probably will stay the same. I'm ranked Nr. 1 Master Tournament player at Pure Holdem so I should know my poker well and not write without knowing what I'm talking about
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