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  2. Just discovered this game, it's on.

    Welcome to the community.
  3. Just discovered this game, it's on.

    Just discovered this game, it's on. Yup, about to fuck shit up!
  4. Indeed, the icons do show up on the bottom right on the main menu, but I believe Mazza was asking what each icon means.
  5. After playing several more ranked games I've become more acclimated to the changes. I like the change to 10k buy-in's. I must admit that I did enjoy the previous ranked buy-in's, but at least I don't have to worry about losing a lot of chips. I guess I'll have to play more casual ring and tourney games for higher stakes. Thus far I have played in mostly "any" match games, a couple of "good" match games, and no "ideal" match games. Since lower tier matchups are occuring more frequently I hope matchmaking gets faster. I think the devs should go further and ensure that games start in 5 mins or less based on the best players in queue. Maybe add a timer or something. Also, it would be nice to, at least, be able to navigate other in-game screens while waiting. The worst thing about matchmaking is the fluctuating number sequences. Hopefully, that will be simplified for the layman. I still worry about tier sitting being an issue. Also, unless the point system has been tweaked, playing lower tier players can make progressing more difficult (maybe that's the point). I hope that in the future the devs can give us more details regarding significant changes to the game. Good Luck out there!!!
  6. Actually it's just enough to go to the game menu (just press the options button). The boost symbols are on the bottom right corner of the screen. From the menu you can also switch your table item (go to the shop/stash submenu).
  7. I didn't know about the rake either until reading this post. Considering the rake is around 1k per 50k, i've probably lost about 4 million chips throughout my total won hands in Ring games. That's almost my whole bank roll. That doesn't sit well with me. Get rid of the rake PP team! It serves no purpose!
  8. Am wondering if some people are superstitious and think refills improve your luck with the cards Otherwise, my bet is that since refill prices were dropped, people are spamming them for the rep to level more quickly and earn the loot cases. (Is "earn" an oxymoron there?) I'm still noob and still kinda broke, so I don't do it often, but the most rep I've gotten for a table refill was 4k, so far, which was a pretty nice chunk for $3k (if I'm remembering correctly)
  9. If you go to HELP & OPTIONS, then to HOW TO PLAY, you'll see EVENTS at the bottom. That's where you'll find the legend for daily boosts. Happy pokering
  10. Game-added boosts info - HELP While playing (PS4) sometimes I'll log in and get to a table and see active boosts (like drink/smoke) they are obvious but my question is regarding the others (e.g. a fist, trophies etc.) What if i miss the message saying what i active? How am i supposed to know what it is for as there seems to be no 'legend' that shows what those active icons mean. Please help thanks
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  12. Bonjour amigos!

    Yes, indeed enjoying it, and thanks for the welcome
  13. Glad you brought this up. I've had so many refills lately too and didn't know why people were suddenly so generous in the game. lol
  14. So what you're telling me is that people have found a way to buy rep for themselves? Egotistical gratification.
  15. I ran into this yesterday too. One guy gave the table close to 40 refills. I've seen people do it and sometimes myself, but that's just once or twice a day.
  16. For some reason there have been lately several people in the habit of "spamming" the game with table refills. As in, they might do it 20 or 30 times during a single game. Not that I'm complaining. It's free rep. It just gives some hilariously ridiculous numbers like this:
  17. Winning points

    Lol dont get it I just finished 3rd and got 11 points. 5 for first 11 for 3rd go figure. It s not like we can pick who we play against. And i think its harder to play against lower ranked player really. You know the ones who never fold a hand go all in with nothing just to catch a river. And thats fine if they want to play that way. But id rather play against 5 player who at least kinda have a clue. But to be penalized for having to play whoever we are put against. Isnt right come on 5 POINTS FOR FIRST.
  18. How about aa basement Man Cave? Friends playing video games, sitting at the bar. Maybe ping pong or bumper pool in the background. Air hockey maybe?
  19. Match Making

    Getting a game isn't the problem. It is who you're matched with that is. I'm Platinum and played a game Saturday morning with one other Platinum player, two high Golds and two Bronze player who both had under 900 points. There was no notice of down tiering, and of course, by the time I'm in the game, it's too late - I'm playing with donkeys and have a ton of points at risk for little reward. I'd much rather have a bit of a wait for a game than be matched with player more than 300 points below my rank any day of the week. As I've said, the whole reason I play the ranked tourneys is so I can avoid those donkeys.....
  20. Winning points I know ive seen this somewhere. But dam i just spent over a hr playing in a tournament. A won it got a whole 5 points wtf. Im sliver and all but 1 or maybe 2 were too. I dont understand how i can go out in 4th place lose 25 points but only get 5 for winning. I dont care who it is against.
  21. Match Making

    What this proves is that there's more Silver players attempting to play. As nore players join the Gold ranking it'll become easier to form a game.
  22. Also in the new loot boxes you might get that 100% boost as a reward. I opened up a regular box and got the boost for another 3 days. One of my buddies said he got it for 7 days or maybe 14 (forgot). So yeah seems like this season the loot boxes could possibly give you the 100% boost as a reward, which is cool.
  23. This was uploaded last August when the game first came out. When I downloaded the game when it first came out, I got a 100% rep bonus for three days. This would probably explain that players boost over 100%. Not sure about anything recent, as of today and beyond. With the addition of the Diamonds affiliation, we all got another 100% rep bonus for three days.
  24. Match Making

    Matchmaking is very fast since this new update. However, I'm still in silver and working my way up to gold. I play at all kind of odd hours. One day will be like 9am CST, then another game at 1pm CST, maybe a few more around 9pm CST. All the games start within a few minutes. I know when I made it to platinum a couple of seasons again, it took about 20-30 minutes to find players for a game. Be patient! If it's taking awhile to find a game, I do a couple of little chores until it's game time.
  25. Mine says the same thing, I'm going to assume all wins in tourneys (not overall stats but new achievement stats) was reset back to zero with the most recent update, so need to finish in 3rd or better in all 4 previous locations and the new Diamond suite.
  26. Well-Versed Achievement Question Can there be some issues/bugs with the achievement trophies? Because according to my stats on PP, I have 150 wins in 6 player ranked tournaments. It's difficult to believe that I haven't placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in every venue with that many wins. Can someone list all of the venues for me? I'm just confused how I possibly haven't unlocked this achievement. Edit: Yes, I have won in the new Diamonds suite. Also, it says I have only 60% of the achievement. Wth lol.
  27. Match Making

    Xbox one. I've literally stumbled on to a solution, I went to a friends wedding yesterday and got drunk, came home late and played some drunken poker, played like a tool and dropped down to gold tier. Played a tourney in gold and matched up in about 15 seconds lol.
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