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  2. I won’t play a poker game with faster blinds than PP already has. I would go another step and add levels, because the blinds are already going up too fast. They do it by increasing the blinds twice as much, or more, for each level. If compound that by lowering the time for each level, you destroy the integrity of the game. You are getting pushback on the blinds going up because it exposes you are being clueless about how Poker works. All you want are prizes, not good gameplay. No one is going to support that. I am thankful that P.O. is smart enough to have nice long levels, even if they go up too much each time. It gives you time to play before getting shortstacked and having to shove. And truth be told, players at the higher levels suck, too. Over and over I see matches where 5 folks are left and 4 of them have M’s below 10. No one is playing nearly aggressive enough and are just letting themselves get blinded out. They are almost worse to play than the bingo players. And you want to make that worse? Nope. Nope, nope, nope.
  3. I agree that matchmaking should be a melting pot in regards to various styles of play, but I also prefer tier-based buy-ins. The issue is that we can't have both. Furthermore, it's not fun playing reckless competition for a low reward. I play this game to acquire as many chips as I can so that I can purchase digital content and play higher stakes. This was most definitely the case when digital content cost more. I wasn't thrilled when the devs reduced the purchase amount for digital content earlier this year. Players should have to perform well to gain chips for digital content or spend real money. I know mentioning dc is off topic, but it's all one in the same to me. In regards to matchmaking for all play styles, I still think a quick play tourney option with a faster blind structure and timer would suit this game nicely, but I've already mentioned this extensively. I would be playing right now if this feature was available instead of staring at my tv and typing up this post. I just don't have the mental energy for a ranked tourney at this very moment, but I'll be on later. To sum up how I feel about my experience regarding tourneys, it doesn't give me that "one more game" type of feeling. When a game gives you that feeling... it's a winner. Ironically, when I play Rocket League the crowd chants "one more game" after each match.
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  5. Suspicious hands and irregular shuffling

    I'd be curious as to what occured pre-flop. Did he raise with the KK? How much? What position were you in with the deuces? What position was he in with the kings? I guess I have a bit difficulty thinking of this as a bad beat because he at least had you pre-flop and it was completely reasonable for him to assume his kings were good on that board. (This would be easier to establish if we knew what action had occurred up to the river.)
  6. I like the ratings being hidden, too. I had taken a break from the game for awhile (just playing other stuff, nothing against PP, which I still really enjoy), so coming back to the new changes has been interesting. I think I would go one step further. I think we should be playing randoms in every match. I don't think it is realistic or fair to restrict each level to playing itself. When we play players above us, we get more chances to move up. The system should work as it does, making it harder and harder to level up as you get closer to the highest ranking. That's not a bug, but a feature. I don't see why higher ranked players should get an advantage of never having to face lower players to protect their ranking. The reality is, playing poker is about dealing with different types of players in different positions. Newbies can be hard to deal with, but it'd part of what a poker player has to deal with to become a better player. At the very least, I think matchmaking should start with grouping players within a tier of each other. instead of just among your own tier. The best tables are a mixture. Regardless, it seems like the tiers are really working well now, as there seems to be a nice distribution of players. And I mostly end up in a mix anyway.
  7. Challenges reset

    Mike, How many ranks are there for each affiliation?
  8. Yeah I figured it out lol just never noticed it before. Thanks
  9. Thanks Mike. I understand that and I approve it, but my main point was I wish the software could somehow know the difference between sitting out and losing connection and therefore not taking away 30 points for something out of my control. I know I had about 10 mins to get back but my internet was down for 15 Anyway, crisis averted. I played one more game in a state of rage, but did the opposite of what my rage felt like doing. I ended up busting 3 gold and 2 platinum players, getting the 'executioner' badge and 35 points, so am now back up to 1212 points
  10. I've posted several topics regarding features I think should be added in PP. Here's a list of my currently favorite features: Realistic avatars Customizations Realistic virtual gameplay Affiliations and rewards The digital content is superb (table items and especially the clothes, accessories, etc.) The venues, especially the diamond suite, the renegade, and the deck casino. Events Loot cases Ranked games. The UI Emotes Overall, this is a very unique game and offers an immersing experience compared to traditional online poker platforms. The devs have done a great job with the foundation, I just want them to finish the building. My hope is that the devs will continue to take a methodical approach with future additions to the game. This is one of my top 3 favorite games on PS4, so I am passionate about my experience with any game that I regularly play. I hope to see that beautiful building sometime soon. Happy Holidays!!! Have a Happy New Year!!!
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  12. You have around 10 minutes to get back to your game after being disconnected. There is a compromise between giving you time to get back and, from the other players' point of view, having to play with someone who is disconnected and check/folding every hand for the remainder of the game. At some point we have to eject you. We used to never eject disconnected players in tournaments, but then we had players who would intentionally disconnect so they could end up in 2nd or 3rd place without playing.
  13. I'd like the software to know the difference between not being at the table in a ranked game and being kicked off because of internet issues and taking my ranked points away when it's out of my control. I just busted my arse for 4 hours getting to platinum with 1209 points, then started another game when my internet died as soon as the game started. 20 minutes later when my internet came back, I logged back into PP and saw my points had dropped to 1175. WTF?? Now I gotta bust my arse again.
  14. The above suggestion is one of my favs. It shouldn't be hard to implement. IMO, the devs should add hourly gathering times for different buy-ins throughout each day. Notifications could be sent out before the beginning of each hour for designated events. Players who don't want to see hourly notifications could opt out.
  15. oh and provisional means that person hasn't played 3 ranked games yet so they haven't earned a badge (bronze, silver etc).
  16. What Froggy said, but I'll elaborate a bit further (so you can show your buddy). The badge is referring to how many points you've accumulated playing the ranked games (as you mentioned) as seen in the tier when you press Square while waiting for a ranked game: I just recently understood what was happening here and am currently grinding away at gold status just about to hit Platinum. The days left in the bottom right is how long you've got to go to reach Diamond. At the end of the time period you're awarded the prizes underneath your status that you finished. But the no. inside the badge (not the above pic but what you said) is as Froggy said.
  17. I had an idea for a new bounty or rep bonus for getting walks, where everyone folds to your big blind. Also, it’d be nice if you could filter the leaderboards by recently played players. One of the joys we’ve lost now that we don’t know people’s ranked points, is knowing you’ve sent someone down to a lower tier. If we could have a recent players filter on the leaderboards, we can get some of that joy back.
  18. This topic was created last spring and most of the suggestions made have not been implemented. What's the point of creating this topic? Players have provided feedback, but the devs haven't followed up with a yea or nay. It would be nice to know what to expect in the future.
  19. Or Maybe not. Well I'll be waiting patiently. I hope this game receives wonderful updates in the new year!!!
  20. Has anyone considered the possibility that the supposed non-randomness of the cards could be the work of 3rd parties? Seems like a great way to cheat under the radar. Ready-to-go scapegoat and everything, just blame it on the RNG. Granted I don't know the first thing about hacking/modding, nor the willingness to learn. But if I did, controlling the cards is how I'd do it.
  21. Welcome to our forum, River. At the risk of earning your wrath, let me say that no - it's not normal when compared to casino poker. This is a video game, programmed to simulate casino poker. Video games are not reality. But, and this is a big but! Compared to many other video poker games, PP has many advantages over a lot of other video games that simulate casino poker. Of the tens of thousands of people playing this simulated version of casino poker, you apparently are one of the few who are not happy. I really can't imagine how a program could be written to guarantee that you will never win. I'm playing ranked tourney's on XB around 9am PSD, see you at the tables.
  22. Overhead gamer badges

    The badge color is your current rank. The # inside the badge is the order of the chip leaders for your current game.
  23. However.... Y'all are missing out on a FORTUNE by not offering boosts in the shop. I can attest, from multiple occurrences, that going from having a boost to not having a boost is PAINFULLY grindy. So much so, that I went to the shop just now, credit card in hand, fully committed to buying a 3-day boost, only to find none available. I can't be the only one that's fallen through this gaping hole in your money net.
  24. So let me further explain - because y’all seem to misunderstand me. I’m not referring to skill and I’m not asking someone to fix the game where I always win. Im at a table now with 5 people over 300 and one guy level 9. In the hour I have been at this table he’s had pocket Aces 4x’s. Does this seen seen like normal game play? This isn’t about skill but a proper shuffle and fair card dealing. This is a common occurrence in this game that newer players get pocket pairs and such multiple times in a row, that is not how the game of poker should go..... this is as nice as I’m gonna be - keep being jerks and I’ll curse y’all out one at a time ! Buh bye
  25. My buddy and I are having a dispute on whom in right about the overhead badges that appear when right trigger is pressed i.e. "provisional" "silver" and so on. He says it has to do with the amount of money each person has at the table and that badge ranks them 1-6. I say its your over all ranking in the ranked match community. Please help us settle this argument and post down bellow.
  26. With 2 cards vs 2 cards you're rarely that far ahead or behind. Embrace the bad calls, even when you lose. Those calls build your cash in the long run. Make sure you're betting amounts that make it a bad call; there's bad calls and there's letting them get there. Two very different things but I've heard plenty of rage in this game from people who checked their way to the river with the previously winning hand. Can't complain if you give them the right price to keep chasing.
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