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  4. Is there any chance we might get new character models. ie new hair, head shape etc height/ weight ..?? things like that would be cool. Just for variation.. also backwards caps would be highly appreciated 🤜

    Avatar Action Tell

    So no one will miss pre setting to fold when you’re holding the nuts, with players in front of you calling silly overbets. Lol I will 😞
  6. Farmer John40

    Forums Updated

    Indeed. I once did a payroll revision for a hospital that had 5 different unions each with a different benefit package. On the home page, the community selection hides in the "more" selection, making the transition to the forums more hidden. This is a change that may cause confusion. 🙂
  7. Did you try my suggestions? Can you play other games/apps on Xbox. Here's a little known number for Xbox Support 800-469-9269.
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  9. You can play against players near your rank by making sure your game hits “starting” when you only have “ideal match” players. When you drop to “good match” just back out and restart your search.
  10. I have submitted a ticket and been told there is nothing they can do to help. Guess I just don't play anymore, oh well.
  11. Join us on Prominence Poker Legends on PS4. You can find us under the Community section. Or, feel free to add me LV_Jag and I can add you to our community. We are an active community with tournaments happening pretty much every single day/night of the week. A majority of us have mics and we are all adults.
  12. It sounds like something happened when you were in the middle of playing PP when XB live went down. Before investigating other possibilities, unplug your XB controller wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. This will establish a new connection with XB Live. If PP still won't work, uninstall PP from your XB and reinstall PP. If it still won't work select "MORE" at the top of this page and then select "SUPPOR T" and open a ticket with 505games.
  13. TelecasterTwang

    I quit Prominence Poker

    Bottom line: it’s a game. You don’t like it move on for awhile. Save your angst for the real McCoy.
  14. The xbox live issues have apparently been resolved, but I still cant get into a match. Also get the same error constantly even just trying to start a solo practice match.
  15. I was in ranked tourney game on Xbox one and had my game crash this morning. When I tried to log back into the game it all works fine until I try to start a new casual or ranked game. It either says 'Connecting' for a long time or it starts matching me with players, then a notification pops up saying the game can't connect to the server and boots me back to the log in screen. I have attempted all the standard trouble shooting steps but none of that helped. I also tried logging in with a different account and have the same problems, so maybe it is an issue server side? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Edit: Have just noticed Xbox live is currently undergoing some issues affecting core services, could be that.
  16. Here's a brief overview of the new features & changes on the forum. Let me know if you come across any weirdness, transitions between significant updates can be fun. 🤣
  17. ClearConscious

    ps4 with mic looking for few 21+ friends

    Check out one of the clubs:
  18. Tor Ivar Sæternes

    I quit Prominence Poker

    I know most that react to my post "Defend" Prominence Poker...One way or another, like the game and probably see it as all right. After all it's just play money. Then they dont grasp that I always play to win. And expect any computer type poker game to be too or be gone. If I loose I want to loose normal. Not beaten by Runner...Runner or 5% river luck time after time. I still play Fresh Deck Poker when on the move but bother with Prominence..even if it was an App,No Thank You. Any player with respect for the game of poker and he's own skill should keep away from this game.
  19. Farmer John40

    I quit Prominence Poker

    This is the classic example of a troll! Multiple negative post on the same topic, trying to incite responses. Tor has created 6 threads and 33 post with the same wording! "I've won 26 million chips playing PP and I'm sick and tired of PP letting me do this". It's time for the rest of us to move on.
  20. P0K3R

    I quit Prominence Poker

    Ohhhhh someone needs a hug.
  21. And you felt the need to make a post about it. Normally when people get bored of a particular game, they just stop playing it and move to something else. They seldom feel the need to announce it to the world. Feels a bit of a drama queen thing to do.
  22. Some people have a cognitive misconception about probabilities and how they work. For example, with 5 best cards being chosen from a group of 7 cards, the probability of a flush is about 1 in 32. Meaning that, on average, there will be a flush approximately once every 32 rounds. Many people, thus, get the misconception that if they see an unusually high amount of flushes, like for example 3 flushes during 10 rounds, or 5 flushes in 20 rounds, or something like that, then there's something wrong. Clearly if the odds are 1 in 32, having 3 in 10 rounds is an indication of the randomness being completely skewed! That's like 1 in 3, not 1 in 32! But this is nothing but a variant of the gambler's fallacy. Just because on average (over thousands and thousands of rounds) the probability is 1 in 32, that doesn't mean that it's impossible to get some streaks of flushes, where in a relatively short amount of rounds you get tons of flushes. Every round is its own event, and doesn't care what has happened in previous rounds. Just because tossing a coin gives you a 50% chance of getting heads, that doesn't mean that getting 10 heads in a row is indicative of something being wrong. (It's not even hard to get 10 heads in a row, if you keep tossing for long enough. There are even genuine videos of this, of people doing that. They keep tossing a coin for a couple of hundred times, videoing themselves, and when they get the 10-toss streak, they show that segment.) Sometimes it, likewise, happens in the other direction: You might go for 200 rounds with only one or two flushes appearing. That's also completely normal. Yet nobody pays attention to that. We only pay attention when it happens unusually often.
  23. After trying for a long time to handle Prominence Poker's erratic ways and been "Prominenced" too often,i just give up on this game. Having 26mill chips give me no joy when poker skill don't mather and the game is made in a way.. and does stuff that simply is not normal or good to experience for any poker player. What i will do is to play for real money. That way i at least can trust the game and relaxe. My poker skill have always been there and I don't need this game Prominence Poker, to make my poker experience miserable. Maybe I see you guys at another computer based Poker game but not at this one. I've had enough.
  24. hey im xero140 on ps4 looking for a few 21+ friends im 40 i will play with anybody if you can act like an adult. interest daily objectives , tournaments, ring games , head to head. play the 100$ tables a lot. i play afternoons and evenings east coast time. send friend request on ps4 i play every day. other games i play gta5 , ghost recon , i haven't been playing enough till recently so i dont have many active friends but i play more now. no replies here not sure if ill come back to this site.
  25. I think increasing the overall size of the buy-ins and amounts of chips played, is an evolutionary thing. When PP was first introduced, everyone had less than 1 mil in chips, and there wasn't the player base to justify high stake games. As PP has matured there has been a progression of increases in these higher stake games. I'm sure that PP is monitoring the participation at the various levels and will adjust the levels of play when it is justified.
  26. Once people get to play deep stack they'll see how much more exciting and skillful it is. I really don't know why it hasn't been added already. I don't know if its hard to code the ability to allow players to buy in deep and rebuy deep. The only values being changed is the buy in. But then again I'm not a programmer, for all I know it can be more complicated than we think. Anyhow one post said maybe end of the year, so we'll see if they add it then. I hope so, as 100bb poker is stale at times.
  27. Everybody is getting flushes on the river - except me. It's defiantly the fault of the RNG. Except when I get a flush then its because of my superior play. I normally do Ranked Tournaments on XB, were everyone checks each hand thru the river, waiting for the magical flush or quad so they can over bet. The other night I joined a 200k ring game on my PC, and there were no flushes or quads! Players 2 and 3 bet pre-flop, They 2 bet after the flop. I've never seen so may hands won on a pair. These people seemed to play for the fun and challenge of the game, I must go back.. Welcome to the forum.
  28. I was playing solo and as u can see by the pics I should of lost when I won is this a glitch or am I missing something?
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