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  2. I have never seen this and the only google result that turns anything up links to here. No one else seems to be saying this. A search of hack sites doesn't say this is an exploitable method of your game and no one is claiming as far as i can see that they can reproduce this.
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  4. Did this happen once? Has anyone else heard of this happening? Obviously if this exists it's something we would like to patch immediately, however we'll need more information.
  5. I didnt get to see the video.. Could this have been Lag in a check down situation ?
  6. Could we possibly receive incentives for completing the daily and weekly challenges for consecutive days/weeks? Example: If we complete our daily challenges 7 days in a row, we receive a rare loot case. If we complete the daily challenges 14 days in a row, we receive an epic loot case, 28 days in a row we receive a legendary loot case. If we complete all weekly challenges in a month, we could receive a legendary loot case for that as well. (My bad if I got the order of loot cases out of order... lol)
  7. I've never seen anything like that before. I play on PS4 though.
  8. That's pretty amazing, since the cards for each betting round aren't chosen on the server until the beginning of the betting round. In your video, the server didn't choose the river card (5h) until the moment that you called all-in. At least that's how it's supposed to work. I will investigate immediately.
  9. I don't know if Pazzie has the right take on the dealing the winner out of the gate but I understand exactly what he is seeing. It is pretty obvious when the same one or two people pair up or better practically every hand. Yet some of us sit there and struggle to make bottom pair on the board. I can go 20 or more hands and never pair up anything, this is not an usual occurrence. I played a 6 person tourney recently, there were 5 of us left and a hand comes up with everyone at the table all in except me. I was not in the hand. The player who had been consistently winning hands, not by bluffing, needed a heart on the river to get a flush or he'd lose. Of course he hit the flush. The game wasn't that old so the blinds weren't very high. That left just me and him I lasted maybe 10 minutes more and never won a hand. He didn't play aggressive so I had plenty of chances to make a hand or two. I couldn't. I didn't expect to win with his chip lead but I thought I could make a couple of hands work. My previous post still stands in my mind. It's just a grind t play this game for some of us.
  10. I'm kind of surprised this didn't get more replies... I figured a lot of others would have seen this same glitch. No one else?
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  12. Play Against the Devs!


    download the event and be there
  13. Casual Tourney Games

    Community Event Hosts (Mods): North America: 9pm U.S. EST (2am U.K. BST) Sunday & Monday: LV_Jag Tues., Thurs., Fri. & Sat.: DaWiz_ Wednesday: brm-2k12 Europe: 9pm U.K. BST (4pm U.S. EST) Tuesday: michaelchar1988 Thursday: Mark1989rfc
  14. Spam Gifting

    I like the auto refuse gift option the best, this allows the players that want to continue gifting do it and those of us that don't want gifts just opt out. Simple and practical.
  15. Reflections usually use environment mapping (which is a technique for "cheap" reflections that has existed for almost as long as 3D computer graphics rendering has), and it's a relatively imprecise technique. (There are newer and better, and of course heavier, algorithms for better reflections, but from what I see, I estimate that PP is using a simple environment mapping technique.) OTOH, even environment mapping wouldn't cause eg. the top of a table being red to make reflections under the table to be likewise (unless the underside of the table is red as well). Of course this is just for mirror-type reflections. Lighting is different, and the oldest and cheapest way is by using lightmaps. These are usually generated with a radiosity algorithm (which causes light to be realistically bounced from walls. While light maps are extremely efficient and light to render, their downside is that they only work for static lights and scenery.) Perhaps they pumped up the radiosity in Unreal Engine way too high.
  16. Sorry. I selected the wrong topic.
  17. You all should really consider adding in-game networks to this game. Direct message me for details. I won't be sharing my thoughts, experiences, or suggestions on the forum anymore. It's not worth my time.
  18. connecting to game Used to work fine on PS4 now when trying to play just get cards spinning in connecting to game box no searching for players or # of players fun or looking for best match or anything. Hit circle for back and game says disconnecting but does not respond have to shut down devise or quit the app via PS button.
  19. connecting to game Used to work fine on PS4 now when trying to play just get cards spinning in connecting to game box no searching for players or # of players fun or looking for best match or anything. Hit circle for back and game says disconnecting but does not respond have to shut down devise or quit the app via PS button.
  20. This was on Xbox One... I did share a video capture to my activity feed if you guys want to check it out. Not sure how to post it on here. Unfortunately I waited too long to record it from the beginning when they all showed pre-flop, but the video will show you the turn & the river before they are dealt.
  21. I want to like that room but it’s my least favorite which surprises me as it fits my personal ascetic. I think you’ve hit it - the lighting is off. Also some objects reflect lighting sources that don’t seem to exist. I haven’t noticed this in other rooms.
  22. But an option to turn the notification off or to auto refuse gifts might be nice
  23. I’ve learned to ignore it. I just think “thank you” and move on - let them level up and I benefit too
  24. It was a great way and level to get loot cases. Ignore the pop ups - no big in my opinion. Looks like the rep has been nerfed for gifting anyway.
  25. In these situations you should always save a video capture. On the PS4 you do it with the "share" button. To my understanding, the Xbox One has a similar feature. (In other words, both consoles constantly keep the last n minutes in a video capture stream that can be saved to a separate file. IIRC on the PS4 side it keeps up to the 10 last minutes, or since the last save or screen capture. I don't know how much the XB1 keeps.) On the PC side this doesn't happen automatically. If you are using an Nvidia card, you can turn on this exact feature by using the GeForce Experience app (with Nvidia cards it will have a very minimal, essentially almost zero, impact on performance. This especially so with light games like PP.) I'm sure AMD cards have a similar feature. On the consoles you don't have to do anything to have this feature; it's always on. On the PC side you have to actively turn it on, and it's understandable if you don't, but it would of course be nice to capture such happenstances.
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