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  6. PLEASE READ: Thanks for joining the TRT event!!! In order to ensure that our tournament is successful we need everyone to follow these basic instructions. Private tourneys no longer count towards the Monthly Bankroll Leaderboards. Event Hosts will be using Public matches for the event. It is mandatory that all participants join the 'event party'. After all participants join the 'event party' the Event Host will send 'game invites' to their participants (or use the Play Together feature) so that everyone can join the table at the same time. So all you have to do is join the 'event party', this will help your Event Host greatly. After the match starts participants can leave the 'event party' (if that's preferable). If we follow this simple process the tournament will run smoothly. Lastly, please be patient during the process. Thanks and GL!!!
  7. Triple Round Tournament Round 3: 1M Table, 1 Event Host, 6 competitors Table 1: Doucerelle, Mark1989rfc, Phantom-Dlamonds, Fuller2229, arbncwgrl, gtr45thy Round 2: 500K Table, 2 Event Hosts, 12 competitors Table 1: brm-2k12, gtr45thy, arbncwgrl, Mark1989rfc, gator99, HystericalAngel Table 2: Doucerelle, Fuller2229, Bjcroz, BRUMMYBADMAN1, Phantom-Dlamonds, My2ThumbsRNumb Round 1: 200K Table, 4 Event Hosts, 24 competitors Table 1: DaWiz, My2ThumbsRNumb, BuzzbeeKat, gtr45thy, arcadewiz77, Bjcroz Table 2: kimbbii, Gator99, Doucerelle, ChiefSlappaho105, Mark1989rfc, Reeder1972 Table 3: brm-2k12, smokingbudduh, mrcache4, Phantom-Dlamonds, jpw311, Fuller2229 Table 4: LN-MLB, T-DoG_55-, BRUMMYBADMAN1, HystericalAngel, arbncwgrl, Uagain Top 3 competitors from each table advances. Buy-in is 200K with the potential of winning up to 6M chips.
  8. 'Potential' reserves list: benace99, AxelFoleyJr, madstopher, cheat2win81, SQU1DKID81, lilMAGICIAN blackhawk13813, will-0465, Diezel2010, tokerted, Acfleck, ix-mcdermott-xi jbhvoc317, Mark1989rfc, Saving-Grace33, STACZMCGEE, Watcher3156, wolverine299 little_browneye, ALLs7ns, Anomandaris_74, blackpearl117, brettman20740, cacaopot JAWZ66, jbarfield5, lilloopy, MeMyselfAndI_Two, OG_Gamer999, scalar0815, sparky616, SuperDave_2014, iggtime, John-Rambo-187, Fuller2229, warmdrift, lefty_mom, MrsKrunck, sniffi_420, Zzz_RIP_zzZ, Indigentx, Amendone222, muffin-warrior1, Loki201349, fanfan03140666, CNH320, defender1981, moogli19, TBRoberts, Xx-Atomix_-xX, KLJ88, ApexPredator735, BigE_1_6_8, Crydy1980, beyond-the-edge, will-0465, makac006, Krunck, JahFlo59, Willie-Dewit, CLASSA1970, MOLEYMICHAEL, orangert, Snippet_59, j9megatron, loo5loo, MMA__fighter777, Johnny_Tee69.
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    Information for the next MTT. This event will take place every month on Tuesday (Rd.1 & Rd.2) and Wednesday (Rd.3). This information will always remain the same, excluding the dates:
  10. Hello, I'm currently moderating for the Positively Poker PS community. We don't have a set schedule for casual tourneys, but we host several casual tourneys throughout the week. Our community has shifted to MTTs (Multi Table Tournaments). Join the community to stay up to date. I will also post information to this club. Additionally, I also use this club to coordinate our MTT events, so you all might notice me editing my posts. Thanks! See you at the tables!!! FYI - The language setting states 'English (United Kingdom)', but this is a North American based community which has players from all across the world.