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  2. So far the Poker Stars PSN community is doing well. We have added almost 50 members in a couple of days. Additionally we have held 3 "Battle of the Poker Stars" 100K casual tourney events!!!
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    Well we're up to 33 members in the Poker Stars community. We recently had our 1st "Battle of the Poker Stars" 100K casual tourney game.
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  5. Hello Poker Stars!!! Obviously we don't have a lot of members at the moment, but if we're able to gain some traction we can further discuss setting up dates and times to play casual tourney games. If you have any suggestions please let your star shine bright!!! See you at the tables!
  6. Hello club members, First of all, thanks for joining! This club is the place to be for PS4 Poker Stars!!! Please feel free to share any suggestions regarding club activities and networking. Additionally, please share your thoughts and opinions regarding poker, in general. Happy Gaming!!!