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    Triple Round Elimination Tournament Round 3: 1M Table, 1 Event Host, 6 competitors 1st place: 3.6M chips, 2nd place: 1.5M chips, 3rd place: 900K chips Table 1: LN-MLB, acfleck, Gator99, cheat2win, Doucerelle, T-DoG_55- Round 2: 500K Table, 2 Event Hosts, 12 competitors 1st place: 1.8M chips, 2nd place: 750K chips, 3rd place: 450K chips Table 1: LN-MLB, madstopher, smokingbudduh, blackhawk13813, ChiefSllappho105, Acfleck Table 2: Kimbbii, Reeder1972, Doucerelle, Gator99, skerzojallday, UAgain Round 1: 200K Table, 4 Event Hosts, 24 competitors 1st place: 720K chips, 2nd place: 300K chips, 3rd place: 180K chips Table 1: Kimbbii, DLXNYC, smokingbudduh, Diezel2010, tokerted, Phantom-Dlamonds Table 2: LN-MLB, cheat2win81, SQU1DKID81, blackhawk13813, will-0465, Reeder1972 Table 3: brm-2k12, Doucerelle, UAgain, T-DoG_55-, madstopher, BATCHERLINO, Table 4: DaWiz_, Gator99, benace99, skerzojallday, ChiefSlappaho105, AxelFoleyJr Top 3 competitors from each table advances. Buy-in is 200K with the potential of winning up to 6M chips.
  3. Hello Poker Legends!!! You're welcomed to join the "Prominence Poker Legends" PS community to play higher stakes casual tourneys. See you at the tables!